In Hungary by car – is it all scary as they say?

When planning travel By car to Europe It is very important to take into account all the nuances of countries through which you will pass. Non-compliance with the rules of the road or the lack of vignette can play with you a cruel joke, or rather, get a big fine and a bunch of negative emotions. We drove almost all countries of Eastern Europe by car and can share useful knowledge on this. We have already written detailed manuals by Poland and Czech Republic, And today we will tell about how to travel by car in Hungary. What you need to know when traveling by car in Hungary? Where to buy vignette and what will happen if it is not? What are the rules of entry from Serbia and Ukraine? Is the Magyar police officers and in what language talk to them? All this and a lot of useful information on traffic rules, fines and features of Hungarian roads in today’s article.

By car in Hungary

Requirements for the car at the entrance to Hungary

In order to travel without any problems by Hungary by car, it is important not only to observe on traffic rules (about which a little later), but also prepare a car so that it does not cause complaints from the road police. Especially relevant for those who travel in winter, because most European countries prohibit entry to their territory on studded rubber.

Winter tires in Hungary

Unlike many countries, in Hungary, it is not necessary to use winter tires in Hungary, so if you go to the "bald" wheels in January, then in, general, it is your personal problems and your safety. However, during the snowfall it is recommended to have in the trunk of the chain of anti-skid. Finish for their absence you, of course, will not become, but at the entrance to the country can ask (especially if you enter Ukraine or Romania). It should be remembered that entry into the country on studded rubber is prohibited, so for the trip the best option: winter tires without spikes and chains.

By car in Hungary

Optional equipment

Additional equipment to have in a car for traveling in Hungary can be divided into two list: mandatory and desirable. It is quite universal, almost the same set is prepared for any other European country. So, what is included in the "mandatory" list?

  • Road first aid kit. In this case, all its components must have an actual validity period.
  • Reflective vest (preferably for all passengers and driver). Movement on the sideline in conditions of poor visibility or at night is allowed in Hungary only in the presence of such a vest, since leaving the car, you automatically become a pedestrian, then this rule is required to observe. Non-compliance will cost quite expensive – almost a hundred euros.
  • Warning triangle. For those who ride with the sign of signs should be two.
  • The same list usually belongs to the presence of a spare wheel.

Additional list rather short:

  • Spare lights. For machines registered outside Hungary, this item refers to desirable, but for Hungarian – must have lamps with themselves.
  • Spare fuses.

Radar detectors and antiradars in Hungary

Unlike many European countries, in Hungary, you can own and use radar detectors – the fine is not punishable. It’s about radar detectors, and not antiradarants, the latter are not allowed, probably everywhere.

By car in Hungary

Vignette in Hungary – where to buy and how much

For travel on the paid roads of Hungary, it is necessary to use vignette, and if you enter the Hungarian road from Slovenia or Austria, then it should already be with you. In the Czech Republic, for example, it is possible to get to the first point of sale, and in Hungary this option will not ride. In July 2013, the Rules for the roads of the highways of Hungary changed: cars over 3.5 tons (except for buses and auto houses) are paid road collecting in proportion to the distance traveled and with the help of a new electronic system. Yet the rest (most cars fall into this category) still need to buy vignette.

The cost of vignette in Hungary

The price of the Hungarian vignette depends on the category of vehicle prescribed in the certificate of registration of the machine. Most of the passenger cars fall under the category D1, the cars over 7 seats fall into the category D2, Avtomom (up to 3.5 tons) and vans also belong to the second group. The minimum time to which you can buy vignette – 10 days. Once we drove through Hungary with transit and spent less than a day for it, but the road collection had to pay full. So, the cost of vignette for 10 days for a regular passenger car is 2975 forints, which is approximately € 9.6. For those who want to stay in Hungary for a month, the price will be – € 15.4. You can buy and annoying, if necessary, its price € 140. There is still such a category of vignettes as regional, but rather for residents of the border areas of Ukraine than for tourists. The term of such a vignette year, so buy it makes sense only if you, for example, every weekend go to Hungary for a walk.

In January 2016, some parts of Hungary roads Steel free And on them you can ride without vignette. In principle, with a special desire, you can generally do without it and ride only on free roads, but if you suddenly be randomly caught on a paid track, then the fine will be more than € 50. Personally, it seems to us that it is better to give € 9.6 for a 10-day vignette and not take advantage of it than to save these ten euros and are afraid to accidentally go to the paid plot for € 50.

Where to buy vignette and what to do if you immediately enter Slovenia or Austria on a paid track?

One of the advantages of Hungarian vignettes that they can be bought over the Internet in advance, but the option and offline purchase remains at refueling, stores and special terminals located near the Hungarian border. Actually, the map of sales points is very extensive, you can always find a convenient option through which country you did not enter.

In Hungary on the car - vignette, paid roads, rules and penalties

Break a rule of entry without vignette on a paid road when you enter Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia, almost impossible, because they are asked on the border. But if the entrance is carried out through the countries of the European Union (Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia), then you can accidentally and violate this rule. It is best to buy vignette on the territory of these countries (on the map above there are points of sale) or electronic, for example, here, After registering, or here without registering. But remember that you need to pay attention to the currency rate by which the write-off. For example, with one of the purchases, the vignette did not cost 10 euros, but almost 13, but it was not necessary to spend time to stop and search for the point of sale.

Vignette in Hungary

Passage of the border of Serbia – Hungary by car

It is said that the Hungarian border is one of the most unpleasant and problematic in the European Union. Actually, Hungarians can understand – from Serbia there is a permanent flow of legal and illegal refugees, which by all truths and inconsistencies seek to get a Schengen zone. We passed the border only on the site of Serbia – Hungary, from Croatia and Romania did not try, but most likely the process itself is not very different. Everything is pretty standard, present documents on the car and people, you are inscribed and go on. In our case, it was that way, but there are problems, and if you read the reviews of people on the Internet, it becomes scary.

For example, there is a story, as people with an Italian visa unfolded and not allowed, because Italy is not completely along the way, but there are stories that suite full inspection with the addiction. What it is connected to say difficult. We traveled three times and never had any problems, while we had a French visa in two out of three times that it was completely far from Hungary. Maybe a huge number of different stamps in the passport did not cause suspicion, and maybe we are just luck. The only difficulty in the passage of the border is very bad knowledge of English by staff. They communicate mainly in Hungarian and in gestures.

Basic Road Roads in Hungary

Of course, no trip by car in Hungary can do without the knowledge of the basic rules of the road. First of all, it is worth paying attention to high-speed limitations. For passenger cars, when driving in the village, a restriction of 50 km / h is established outside the cities and villages – 90 km / h, and on the autobahn – 130 km / h. Traveling through Hungarian roads after a box of wine or mugs of beer either will not work – the maximum allowable blood alcohol level 0.00 ‰. As in many countries of the European Union, in Hungary, it is necessary to use near light around the clock around the clock. But for the use of fog lamps in the conditions of normal visibility you are fingered, as in Poland.

By car in Hungary

All children under three can travel in the car only in the presence of special means of holding, which correspond to growth and weight. In general, as we need a children’s seat or booster. You can install a children’s chair with a child up to 3 years on the front seat, but be sure to turn off the airbag. Necessarily the use of seat belts, and for all in the car, both for the driver and passengers, regardless of which places they occupy, front or rear. Well, according to tradition, you can not talk on the phone driving. But the tinting in Hungary is regulated and can even toned the front windows, however, the degree of light transmission is allowed at least 70%, but the rear – though the wallpaper. What threatens to tourists-motorists for non-compliance with Hungarian traffic rules?

Penalties for violation of traffic rules in Hungary

European fines are very high, Hungary in this regard is not an exception.

  • Riding without neighbor – HUF 10 000 (€ 32).
  • Riding with fog lights – HUF 5000 (€ 16).
  • Incorrect transportation of children – HUF 45 000 (€ 166).
  • Alcohol in the blood – from HUF 150 000 (€ 480) for 0.5, if the degree of intoxication is higher, for example, 0.8 ‰, then the pleasure will be twice as expensive – HUF 300 000 (€ 960).
  • For not fastened seat belts in the city will have to pay HUF 15 000 (€ 48), and on the highway already HUF 40 000 (€ 128).
  • Conversation with relatives by phone, when you drive, costs from HUF 10 000 (€ 32).
  • The most difficult to remember the table of fines for speeding, because its size depends on what permitted speed on this site and how long did you exceed. The minimum penalty is HUF 30 000 (€ 96), this is when your excess no more than 15 km / h.

Parking in Hungary

Another important point that must be remembered during a trip to Hungary by car is parking. The most difficult things are in the capital. In many areas of Budapest, there is a zone of paid parking, the price in the very center of the city will cost € 0.4 to € 1.3 depending on the zone. But it is necessary to remember that paid parking is only from 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 08: 00-12: 00 on Saturday. But on Sunday, the car can be left in parking for free. Unfortunately, in many parking areas there is a rule of maximum parking lot, for example, no more than 2-3 hours. Needless to carefully watch information on signs, because the wrong parking is fine in the amount of HUF 30 000 or € 96. Personally, we, in order not to risk, left the car near the metro long stations, and then on the subway went to the center, as a result, parking day rarely managed to us in Budapest more than € 2-3. But the most convenient way is, of course, the hotel with free parking.

Parking in Hungary

Gasoline in Hungary

Most Hungarian refills offer non-ettenited 95 gasoline and diesel fuel. The last few years the price of it is quite stable: about € 1.08 per liter 95th and € 1.02 for diesel fuel. In the canister with you, you can import no more than 10 liters of gasoline.

By car in Hungary

Our feedback on a trip to Hungary by car

Until we gathered for a targeted journey through Hungary by car (although there are plans it is), all our trips to this country on cars were limited to 2-3 days of transit. But, nevertheless, we can say that the Hungarian roads in their quality seemed to us among the best in Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Despite the rather difficult language, traveling around Hungary is very comfortable, if not to break the rules, then no one will stop you and "torture".

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

All three times we went to the country on VW Polo Sedan, so when we were still stopped, then only to watch the car, because in Hungary there is no such body. Especially funny was the first time on the border of Serbia – Hungary, the guys even forgot to watch the car, so it was interesting to look at the car, and not our belongings. In general, despite the fact that Hungary is considered one of the most "uncomfortable" for motorists of countries, we plan to visit her with a big travel, so that in all nuances to try out not only excellent highways and the roads of Budapest, but also small rural and free. Enjoy your travels!

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