In India with its own way or why go to Jaipur?

Jaipur or Pink Megapolis India. Pink it is called because all the buildings of the old quarter of the city are painted in pink or terracotta colors. Cozy streets, small shops, vintage buildings, and after-all Jaipur – almost 4,000,000 people live for a minute of the capital of Rajastan and lives here.

It is not difficult to guess that the streets of Jaipur are always loaded! There are no sidewalks, stray dogs run on roads, flies a huge number of mopeds, ricks, buses and even go elephants. So moving here is better or on a tuk-tuka or in extreme cases on the local bus, but certainly not on foot!

Taking advantage of a city bus, we will get to the main attraction of the pink city of Palace-Fortress – Amber. Amber’s Fortress is departed from the central square of the city. Landmark – Wind Palace. Travel costs 20 rupees or 1/3 $. Catch a better bus.

The Amber Palace of Raja is one of the most visited attractions of India, and in 2013 it was listed in the UNESCO World Taste list. The fortress is located on the hill and there are 3 ways to rise to it: on foot, on an elephant, on jeep.

Raise in the fort on elephants only from 8 to 11 am and from 15:30 to 17:30, the rest of the time the elephants are resting. Elephants will carry all tourists through the main – solar doors.

The construction of an amber palace began in 1592, so he is now almost 430 years old. Fort Amber is a huge Palace Complex with a man-made lake, numerous mosques, gardens, fountains and confusing labyrinths of moves. The most beautiful part of the palace is the rest of Raja himself or a mirror pavilion. It is decorated with numerous mirrors, skillful wall painting and the finest carving on mramor. Here is the cozy inner garden, in which the roses were previously blooming.

I had Raja and your personal marble hammam, in which he loved to relax, relax, drink tea and eat fruit. As for wives, each Maharaja had them from 30 to 100. And for each of them in the palace there was their own room, the doors of which went to the central square. On this area of ​​his wife walked, smoked hookah, rested, communicated and discussed the latest news.

Above on the hill over the Amber Palace there is another fortress of Jaigarch. If the lower fortress performed entertainment functions: Maharaja lived with his harem, there were parades, and all sorts of entertainment about which we have already said, then here’s the upper fortress made the role of a protective bunker, where, in case of danger, Maharaja could run away with his retinue. The upper fortress is not as beautiful as the bottom, but it is clear because it performed purely defensive functions and was the center of production of artillery. But it’s worth climbing here, even just for the sake of a stunning type.

In India with its own way or why go to Jaipur

The morning of the next day in a pink city will begin with a completely pacifying place in all the senses of this word place – with the royal tomb of the piano Gaitor. Such tips were built in memory of the deceased, the body of which was buried in any other place. There are birds singing here, there are almost no tourists and the atmosphere of absolute calm.

Enjoyed calm and forward to study the city palace! Palace was built over 220 years ago in 1792. Solemn ceremonies and military parades took place in the palace. Currently, part of the Palace is a museum where the Armory and Art Galleries are located, but most of the palace is still the current royal residence. Special attention in the city palace deserve two huge, made of pure silver jug ​​with a total capacity of 8,182 liters. For their sizes, they even entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Two days in Jaipur fly imperceptibly. What is he pink city. It is special … it is noisy and loud megalopolis, but with small oases full of peace and silence. People and monkeys live in him, and on the streets you can meet the walking elephants returning after work in the Purple Palace.

Pink whether it is so much as everyone says.. No … rather warm-beige.. There are no shops in it, nowhere cannot buy a bottle of water and all the more chocolate, but so many preserved temples, museums and palaces that you will not go around 2 days.

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