In Istanbul for 3 days

In this article, I tell me what to see in Istanbul for 3 days. Below you will find a travel plan, a route for your own walking distance, cafes and tips, where to stay.

Istanbul is the largest megalopolis with a thousand-year history and an extraordinary flavor, spread out at once on two continents, deserves in advance to foresee the route and make a plan.

The main thing is that you need to know, planning the route – there are a lot of people in Istanbul and terrible traffic jams.

In addition, the city is very stretched along the shores of the Bosphorus, and the network of public transport is scattered. Therefore, a few points should be taken into account:

  • On a day, see one district of the city, the maximum add another nearby;
  • Get up early to have time to get ahead of the main flow of tourists;
  • Move on the subway or ferries where it is possible, so the risk to spend a few hours in traffic jams will be minimal;
  • do not hurry, even if you knock out of the schedule, it is better to miss something from the list, but enjoy the surrounding environment.

What to see in Istanbul for 3 days to those who arrived in Istanbul for the first time

  • Day 1.Historical Center: Sultanahmet Square, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Blue Mosque, Basil Tank, Gulkhan Park and Topkapi Palace, Museums, Grand Bazaar and Walking along the embankment. On this day, it is worth fully enjoying the historical spirit of Istanbul, to touch the ancient monuments and live the city, to whose walls our ancestors sailed on wooden lands.
  • Day 2. Modern Istanbul: Walk on the historic tram on the street. Istiklal, Taksim Square, Miniature Park, Observation Playground in Ayupe. Complete the day you need to visit Hamama or Hookah.
  • Day 3. The last day is better to spend in pleasure. Visit places that are not included in the mandatory list of attractions, take a walk through the streets or shopping, ride on the Bosphorus. Enjoy, it is unlikely somewhere else you will meet such a combination of a modern noisy megalpolis and a measured ancient East.

I will tell you what to see in Istanbul for 3 days on the example of my own trip.

Day 1 – Historical Center

The historic center is located in the European part of the city, south of the Bay of Golden Rog. From the Asian part here is more convenient to reach by train Marmaris (Stop Sirkeggi), and from the North side – on the tram (Sultanahmet stop). Further public transport to enjoy. All the most interesting can be viewed in the process of walking.

Saltanahmet Square

On the first day we arrived at the heart of the city.

Here, in one place, the main monuments of the Turkish capital are collected. The heritage of Byzantium is intertwined with the beauties of Ottoman architecture. Like the eternal witnesses of the former grandeur and the ruthless collision of two empires stand opposite each other Cathedral of St. Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

If you want to catch the area without a crowd of tourists, you should leave early. This will help to avoid both huge queues on the entrance.

Saint Sophie Cathedral

I decided my acquaintance with Istanbul to start with Ayia Sofia, the largest Orthodox cathedral in the time of Byzantium. It is located near the Imperial Palace.

According to the "Tale of Bygone Years" in this cathedral in 956. The princess Olga was baptized.

In the XV century, after the conquest of Osmans, minarets rose over the cathedral, and he was converted into a mosque. Now this is a museum. From the walls remove the layers of plaster, opening Orthodox faces.

Entrance ticket For adults worth 60 lir (780 rubles). For those who want to have audio. For a live guide will have to pay more from 60 to 200 lir (780-2600 rubles). We did not overpay, although, probably, in vain. During the examination of the cathedral, I really lacked the story of a knowledgeable guide.

Blue Mosque

After Ayia Sofia, we went to the Blue Mosque.

The name "Blue Mosque" invented by tourists. If you ask for local, they are unlikely to understand what it is about. Sultanahmet – the name of the mosque sounds so correctly.

Entrance for tourists and Muslims going on prayer separate. The hall itself is also divided into 2 parts, to pass on the men’s half of the mosque can not.

Inside the mosque decorated with beautiful blue ceramics. It was from here that happened her name. The structure is really grandiose. You feel how we are tiny in comparison with these sacred crops.

the entrance is free. To get inside will only have to defend the turn and Be sure to remove shoes.

Basilica tank

After inspecting the ancient shrines, we went to the famous ancient reservoir. Basil tank is on the edge of the area. Go to her literally 2 minutes.

In a huge column, there is no water for a long time, but the feeling of something extraordinary and mystical does not leave throughout the excursion. There are many legends about this place. One of them says that if you destroy three central columns, Ayia Sofia will collapse.

The front ticket is worth 20 lir (260 rubles), Take an excursion optional, but worth a visit.

Passing left from the exit of the Basilica tank, we were at the entrance to Park Gulkhan. Calm and silence of this corner of nature has become a pleasant respite for us in the middle of the flooded people of a noisy city. Next we went to the Palace Topkapi.

Palace Topkamany

The oldest residence of the Sultanov of the Ottoman Empire for several centuries was the place of attraction of ambassadors from around the world. There are huge reception halls, a majestic harem, economic buildings.

It was in the walls of this palace who lived the beauty of Rocksolon, the Ukrainian girl who loved Sultan Suleiman and made his official and only wife.

In order to get around the entire palace, you will need a whole day. For first dating, highlight at least a couple of hours.

The price of the entrance ticket: 60 lir (780 rubles).

After the excursion, we decided to eat and stroll along the embankment. From here it can be seen Sea Marmara. Unhurriedly helped to restore forces.

Grand Bazar

To get to this famous market, you need to return to the center of Saltanahmet Square, and from there drive two stops on the tram. Grand Bazaar – a huge market, here trade to all that can be represented.

By the end of the day, we no longer left for shopping, but it was very interesting. Officially, the bazaar works until 19:00, But after closing, many unfold trading right on the streets.

Day 2 – Modern Istanbul

From the historical part go to modern.

Taksim Square

Istanbul is a modern city with many interesting places.

The center of the European part is considered Taksim Square. You can get to it from the Asian side from the Pier Cabatas, and from the district of Sultanahmet – on the green branch of the subway station to Taxim.

In the very center, the monument towers "Republic" With the sculptures of the heroes who made their contribution to the struggle for the independence of Turkey. There are both figures of our compatriots on it – to. Voroshilova and S. Aralova (Soviet Union provided military support by Turks).

Life on the square boils and day and night. Mitigi and Gulia have held here. Around a lot of brand stores, cafes and restaurants. From here it begins the famous Street Ostiklal, which is always crowded and noisy.

If you are not interested in shopping, bars and clubs, you should not linger here. Better go down the street on historical tram.

In Istanbul for 3 days

It stops just at the beginning of the area and travels to the metro station Shishkhan. Fare 2.5 Lyry (33 rubles), but many ride on the steps without a ticket. Rides the tram very slowly, so if you wish you can get away, without waiting for the stop.

Park Miniaturk

At the station Shishhan, we sat on Bus 38T, which goes before Park miniaturk. What I liked in Istanbul was the sincere desire of local residents to help. When we were looking from where the bus leaves, several people helped us. Almost everyone speaks in English, but even if there are not enough words, gestures are going.

The park was created specifically for tourists who came to the city for 2-3 days.

During this time, all the sights are unlikely to succeed, and here the main monuments are assembled not only Istanbul, but also all of Turkey, as well as the most important shrines of the Muslim world.

Or on the example of the miniature, decide what to see in Istanbul for 3 days, and then look for those these attractions in the city. Such parks are in many tourist cities.

There are more than 120 layouts on the square. They are beautifully decorated – in the form of a miniature city, where visitors walk along the tracks.

Macked layouts are very realistic, there are plates with a detailed description in English. All objects are equipped with a special device where you can choose a language and listen to the story about the history and architectural features of the building. To do this, it is enough to bring your ticket to the scanner.

Raisin Park – Minor Details: Railway rails and motorways are laid on lawns, which moves the cargo and passenger transport, ships walk along the water bodies, airplanes are at the airport, and balloons are soaked above the peaks of Cappadocia.

Entrance ticket costs everything 15 lir (195 rubles).

The only minus Park is its remoteness from the center, but it is worth highlighting 2-3 hours to see this place.

How we managed to fly to Turkey in March 2021 – Road

Bay Golden Horn and Mosque Eyuped Sultan

After the Park, you can not waste time travel by bus on traffic jams, and use water transport. To the right of the entrance there is a descent to Bay Golden Rog, and there is a small marina. For 35 lir, local boatmen will transfer you to another shore to Wharf Eyup Flashieces.

We really liked the waterstown: we sailed past the island of birds and the islands of the hares. Behind the bushes could really consider small inhabitants living on a small piece of sushi. On the shore, the majestic building of the Halic Congress Center.

Several decades ago because of the unclean bay offered to bury. Fortunately, local authorities found money on the maintenance of the canal, which now separates the historical part of the city.

From the pier we went to the site of landing on the funicular, which raises the elegant viewing platform. Travel in it, as in public transport, costs 3 lir (40 rubles). From above there is a stunning view of the city and the bay of the Golden Horn. Better if the day of your walk does not coincide with the weekend or Muslim holiday, otherwise there will be a lot of people here.

Descend from the hill will have to fly on old cemetery. The route will not be too complicated but interesting. The trail will lead you to Mosque Eyup Sultan.

Mosque Eyuped Sultan is the fourth largest shrine for Muslims. Her construction marked the final victory over Constantinople. In the courtyard of the mosque is growing old Platan. According to the legend, its roots will die the source of immortality, when people completely clear from sins.

After a long walk, it is necessary to relax and relax. The best place for this will be traditional hammam or hookah. We stopped in the first version and went to Bath Jagaloglu On Salad Sulatanovmet. A visit to the famous soap massage stands 170 lir (2200 rubles) for one person, but the pleasure of.

Day 3 – Walk in Istanbul

On the third day you can leave a couple of interesting places that did not hit the mandatory route to dating the city. To do this, fit perfectly Modern Art Museum On Baltalimanı Hisar Cad., 5 I Fortress Rumelichisar, Located 10 minutes from him.

You can get here on bus 42 from Kadaka district.

The advantage of these places is that they are located on the shore of the Bosphorus, so their inspection is easy to combine with a pleasant walk along the embankment.

The museum is open Only on Saturdays and Sundays – from 10:00 to 19:00.

On the other days, labor weekdays of employees of the company are held ; Borusan ;.

The entrance ticket to the museum will cost 15 lir (195 rubles). The price includes an English excursion. It is worth listening, because it is not always easy to guess what exactly the author of one or another installation was meaning. The game of light and shadows, artificial intelligence, an unusual look at the usual things – there are works at the exhibition that makes thinking.

Gradually, walking through the halls, we rose to the main goal of our visit – the roof of the building. From here a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

The combination of the marine canal, an endless city with red roofs, a grand bridge connecting Europe and Asia, and huge tankers floating through the center of the metropolis, it seems something unreal. In Istanbul, they were connected to a very harmonious landscape of things that seem completely incompatible.

But now I know how the perfect working office should look like. It has everything: expensive furniture, a view of the sea strait and a cat on the balcony.

After acquaintance with the art of the XXI century, we decided to touch the events of a centuries-old limitation again. Fortress Rumelichisar It was built in just 4.5 months at the siege of Ottomans of Constantinople. Erected her opposite the Anadolukhar citadel built earlier. With their help, it was planned to cut off the Byzantines from the Black Sea, after which to start the siege of the Grand City. As you know, the plan was successful: the empire fell. Fortress for a long time served as a customs point for new city rulers.

Today is a museum.

Working hours:

  • Daily – from 9:00 to 16:30
  • day off – environment
  • The front ticket is worth 10 lir (130 rubles)

From the foot of the towers the beautiful view of the most narrow part of the strait. In the courtyard there is a mosque, and the household buildings chose local cats.

On this, our trip ends and my story, what to see in Istanbul for 3 days too. Now your turn is to share impressions from this city in comments.

Istanbul is a city with which it is impossible to get acquainted in three days. Even for a quick sightseeing of this time is not enough. The main thing is that you need to have time to do for the weekend – see the true beauty of the city. Under the fuss and noise of a huge metropolis, an amazing world is hiding in which the memory of the four great empires is stored.

In Istanbul for 3 days

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