In Kaliningrad on the plane – solid advantages and no ; but ;

It is most convenient to get to Kaliningrad on the plane. It’s not just a significant time saving. This is an internal flight to which only a ticket and a Russian passport is needed.

Plane tickets are most convenient to buy on Avials – All flights can be seen and cheaper.

  • tickets can only be bought by passport;
  • need a simplified transit document (ITP);
  • Twice will have to go around the border.

Kaliningrad is separated from the main territory of Russia Belarus and Lithuania, the railway route passes through these states.

For a trip, the car needs a Schengen visa, and during the Pandemic period COVID-19 is almost not possible by car. Ferry is not an option.

But on the plane nothing needs, Only passport. Flying to the former Koenigsberg no different from traveling to any other Russian city.

What documents are needed

Need only Russian passport. It is necessary when placing a ticket and when registering for flight. If you fly with your child, then he must have his document – birth certificate.

If you fly to Kaliningrad without a passport, then you can return only by the plane. Without passport you will not be able to buy a train ticket.

Airports and Flights to Kaliningrad

Airplanes in Kaliningrad fly from:

  • Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Yekaterinburg;
  • Perm;
  • Murmansk;
  • Voronezh;
  • Sochi.

Most of all airlines is based in the capital, therefore flights from Moscow much more than from other cities. About 30 direct flights from 4 airports are departed per day:

  • Domodedovo;
  • Sheremetyevo;
  • Vnukovo;
  • Zhukovsky.

From Saint-Petersburg Flights are less than 10 in the knocks, usually 5-6.

Flight From St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad On the plane lasts 1 h 40 min, from Moscow1 h 50 min – 2 h 10 min.

Airlines and prices

In Kaliningrad on the plane - solid pluses and no; but.

If you fly from Moscow, then the appropriate ticket is easier to find.

Before the coronavirus era, the cheapest tickets to Kaliningrad on the plane were at the Victory Airlines. Cost – from 3400 rubles. Slightly more expensive were tickets from the "Ural Airlines".

But now the prices are completely different and constantly changing. See Prices for Avials (link was higher). There they are always relevant.

The Baltic Coast is a large resort area, so the cost of the plane tickets rises in the "high season" (June-July) and decreases in the cold season.

The most profitable period for flights – November-December.

Some desired numbers

If you buy a ticket immediately there and back, you can save.

For example, the company Utair will take you from Moscow to Kaliningrad and return back for 5780 rubles. From St. Petrburg, the cheapest one-party ticket will cost 4500 rubles.

There is another option – Subsidied tickets by plane to Kaliningrad, available to some categories of citizens:

  • Youth up to 23 years old,
  • Women older than 55 years,
  • Men older than 60 years,
  • Veterans of the Great,
  • Members of large families.

"Ural Airlines" Sell ​​tickets for this preferential program from Kaliningrad to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg (and back). Prices vary from 2000 to 6800 rubles.

W Aeroflot Such a discount tickets from Kaliningrad to Moscow and St. Petersburg go for 7800 rubles.

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets to Kaliningrad:

  • in ticket office;
  • on specialized sites;
  • In online cash register.

Better buy online.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

This is the most convenient way that saves time and allows you to choose a suitable flight at the most favorable price. The process of registration of the document and payment is fast, takes only a few minutes. If you want to buy tickets to Kaliningrad to the plane cheaper, then you should subscribe to the discount. Sometimes you can catch attractive options.

On the airline website you can also (and if you fly a "victory", then it is necessary) to pass Electronic registration.

If you did not have time to do this in advance, then you can perform all the formalities at the airport.

Now all metropolitan airports are equipped with self-service terminals that allow you to print a purchased e-ticket and register for flight online. This is especially convenient for passengers traveling without bulk baggage.


Airport in Kaliningrad one. It is located 25 km from the city, in the village of Khrubornovo. He is called – Airport "Khrabrovo".

3 ways to get from the airport to Kaliningrad


From the airport to the southern station (and back) runs the flight Bus 244-E, Which is sent every 40 minutes.


The fastest, but not the cheapest option is a taxi. You can call the car in advance from the house.

In 2016, in Cainingrad appeared and Yandex Taxi.


At the airport you can rent a car.

On the website "Khrabrovo" there is a list of Rental Companies. Minimum economy class machine price – 900 rub / day.

Lack of transport problems – the most important moment of any trip. I hope that this story will help you avoid unpleasant and unexpected surprises if you decide to go to Kaliningrad on the plane.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

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