In Kazan for the weekend

Oh, the closer winter, the more I want to actively spend the weekend, has not yet become very cold for long walks. Warm in the coffee shops cool, we do not argue, but they do not want to have money for such snacks, and it darkens fast – less time to see everything planned. The time of the down jackets has not yet come, we fly to a walk in Kazan, because there so much!

Where to walk

So, you only have two days, and interesting places – a bunch. Therefore, we do not spend time by the night, we will not lie in the hotel for two hours tired by the flight. Throw things, insulating and go to Street Bauman . This is something like Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg or Arbat in Moscow – that is, one of the main streets of the city. Only pedestrian.

But go on it carefully, because at every step distracting literally everything: music, animators, climbing, cool shops and so on – you can grow for a long time. On Bauman Street there is still Epiphany Cathedral , And in it, it is necessary to visit the observation deck on the bell tower. Standing on her, you can outline further points of the route.

And then we go aside Kazan Kremlin , there is also near the famous mosque Kul Sharif – Novostroy on the territory of UNESCO. Without a photo from this place, it is impossible to go in any way, do not go inside – too. Girls at the entrance give scarves on the head, but it is better to have their own. This is our first stop on "getting freezing", and there is a solid joy in the mosque! The embankment is also beautiful, but you can go back closer to twilight.

If you want a little modern art, then welcome to CSK "Change" (Football is there anyway, CSK – center of modern culture). Fans of floors and sevkabel in St. Petersburg and the bottle in Moscow here will accurately like. On the territory there is a cafe, coworking, bookstore, gallery and even a lecture. Completely there are interesting exhibitions, do not miss and see the schedule on the site before traveling. From the same opera – Alafuz Loft . But there is already much more fun at least because there is a club where they often put techno. There are still many art objects and often hold urban events and festivals.

Especially beautiful in the parks, because in recent years, the city authorities paid attention to them and began to make from them comfortable space. If we talk about the city center, then this is the park Black Lake or Millennium Park Kazan. Far and more – CPKIO named after. Gorky.

For religious guests in the city there Temple of all religions. A unique building in which 16 religions were collected, including even those that no longer exist.

We have already mentioned modern buildings above, here’s another one – Family Center "Kazan". This is the most building similar to a casket or huge cauldron. In fact, this is a regular registry office – a place where families are born. When there is no ceremony, you can even walk inside.

Bread and spectacle

As an option – spend the evening in one of the edible institutions of art centers, but there is one street where almost every door is in the bar. it Profsoyuznaya street. There is still a bar-club "Salt" – almost the most part of the city. There and DJs play, and chamber concerts arrange, and poetic evenings even have. In general, every day something new and interesting.

In Kazan for the weekend

If you want to try national meals, look at "Alan Ash". Do not want to sit in a cafe? Then for home cooking go to "Behetle" – This is a home meal supermarket. And do not pass by the baking department! Famous echpobles are waiting for your attention.

After a good dinner, I want a good idea. Thank God theaters in Kazan a lot and all of them are beautiful, choose any! Or go right away to the theater dolls Ekii – there are definitely not giving up with the program.


Transport in Kazan Cheap – travel costs 27 rubles, and Aeroexpress from the airport is only 40 rubles. Taxi is also within reasonable, so riding around the city will not entail big spectr. There is still a special transport card. About tariffs and cost read here >>>

This is only a minimum of places for a couple of days, but in Kazan there is still a dozen notable places! Be sure to return. To make every corner.

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In Kazan for the weekend

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