In Kemer yourself – what to see in the city and around

From this guide you will learn how to go to Kemer yourself, what to see in the city and around him, where to go from Kemer. I will tell about the sea and the beaches of Kemer, advise good restaurants and nightclubs.

Kemer – a small town in Antalya Province in the south of Turkey.

This resort is well-known to Russian tourists. It is convenient to ride the tickets here: they will meet at the airport, take the hotel, organize excursions, food included in the price of the tour. Pluses a lot. An independent trip to Kemer is connected only with a little big "number of television". We will discuss them in this article.

In Kemer, there is everything for a good rest: pebble beaches with gentle entrance to the sea, a large hotel chain from five star hotels to modest home boarding houses.

Although Kemer small city, There is a good selection of restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment institutions. Not far from the city there are famous historical places, visit which it is necessary and to organize it is quite simple.

How to get to Kemer

Get to Kemer is easy.

First you need to fly to Antalya Airport. From there to Kemer about 50 km.

In Antalya from Moscow fly:

  • From Domodedovo – Red Wings, "S7",
  • From Vnukovo – Victory and Hahn Air,
  • from Sheremetyevo – Aeroflot.

Flight duration – 3 hours. 45 min. Prices – from 4560 rubles.

From the airport to Kemer can be reached in several ways. Read about them below.

By taxi

At the airport to take a taxi expensive. I advise you to order a transfer in advance.

You can order a taxi here: kiwitaxi.Ru

Benefits of this option: You order at a specific time a car that meets you at the airport. The driver will help with luggage and quickly takes to the hotel in Kemer.

Taxi cost from Antalya Airport to Kemer – from 3000 rubles. You can pay online on the site when ordering or cash to the driver.


This is the most economical, but not the easiest option.

First of all, you need to get to the city on the bus station. From the airport goes there Bus number 600. The ticket costs 6.5 Turkish lir. To pay for travel in public transport Antalya, you need to buy a transport card at the airport Antalyakart for 6.5 lire and replenish the balance.

There is information that in public transport you can pay by bank cards with contactless payment, but I did not check it.

Bus runs every 20 min. Before the bus station, he gets about 1 hour, because it makes frequent stops.

Bus station is called Otogar. There you need to find parking bus expressings ; Express Yol – Kemer ; or long-distance bus.

Express rides Kemer 50 min.

A long-distance bus often stops in the city, so there is much longer on the way. Ticket price – from 10 Turkish lire, the price depends on the carrier company. You can pay for the driver.

Buses go to Kemer from 6:00 to 23:00.

Route taxi (Dolmush)

Dolmushi (white minibuses) go to Kemer from shopping center "Migros".

From the airport to Migrosa you will take Bus number 800 or Havas (this bus costs 12 lir, you can pay for the driver). At the merchant center itself, you need to look carefully on the plates indicating the end item of the route.

Do dolmushi every 20-30 min. The fare is from 8 Turkish lire. On the way – 30 minutes.

Do dolmushi from 7:00 to 22:00

On the maritime tram

This option is suitable for those who do not rush anywhere and prefers romance speed and convenience.

From the airport you need to get to the area Caleach (center) where you come to Old port. At the ticket office you buy a ticket to the sea boat (within 20 Turkish lira) and when the ship will be filed, climb on board.

Boats go to Kemer for a clear schedule: 7:00, 8:30, 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00.

Tourist bus

Tourists arriving in Turkey on the tickets meet buses serving their travel agencies. You can ask for this bus if there are free places.

Need to negotiate not with the driver, but with a guide that meets tourists.

The cost of such a trip will grow to $ 20-25. But you will get to Kemer without winding around the city and numerous stops on the way.

Attractions Keemer

The population of Kemer is a little more than 20 thousand people.

In the tourist season, the people in the city becomes more than more. At the same time, the town is very comfortable and mil, there is in it and attractions.

Port of Keemer

One of the largest yachts ports in Turkey.

The pier is designed for 180 seats. Here is always full of various sailboats, one thing attracts many tourists to the port. From the port of Kemer, you can ride by sea to the rocks, beaches, historical places. In the port there are several fish restaurants.

Clock tower

Snow-white island tower rises at Ataturk Boulevard – Kemer’s main street. The tower has long become a symbol of the city.

Especially beautiful it looks in the evenings in the rays of the backlight. On Tuesdays next to the tower of the Eastern Bazaar. Around it is the bus station, from where you can leave to Antalya and to the most different attractions.

Water park in Kemer

Dolus is one of the most important entertainment sites in Kemer for the whole family.

It is said that this is the most extreme water park in Turkey.

On the territory of the park more than 30 water rides, including children, designed for kids up to 7 years. Slides, Aquatrubs, Springs, Capsules with opening bottom, Pools, Recreation areas with shelter from the scorching sun, cafes and restaurants – everything so that you felt all the faces of the southern holiday.

  • Opening hours: Daily from 11:00 to 17:00, on Saturdays and Sundays until 18:00.
  • entrance: 140 Turkish Lear.
  • Address: Kemer, Kiris Mahallesi, Sahil CD. No. 15. From the time tower to the water park walks free shuttle.
  • Site:DolusUpark.Com.

Park Moonlight

A wonderful park complex stretches on the Kemerian coast and covers an area of ​​55 thousand. kv. M.

He took his name from the Bay of the same name, along which it is located. There are a lot of greenery, recreation areas for sunbathing, a lot of entertainment for outdoor lovers: diving, windsurfing, tennis, golf, water skiing. From the park you can go on a sea walk or fishing from the yacht.


Located in the park "Moonlight".

In the hall at 800 people are gathering people for which 2 times a day – at 15:00 and 17:00 (except weekends) marine animals give presentations.

Before the presentation, you will see different marine inhabitants who live in a huge aquarium. The ticket is within $ 30. After the presentation for a fee, you can take a picture with dolphins and swim with them in one pool.

Museum Olivok

Conditionally, the museum of olives in Kemer refers to the Ethnographic Park "Jook".

It is located quite close to the Moonlight Park, on a small peninsula, surrounded by pines. Here the village of Yoruchok tribe is recreated here, which for the winter left the nomadic lifestyle and settled in these places.

You will get acquainted with the life of nomadic tribe, national costumes and cuisine. You will show carpets and braided leather products.

Attractions of the surroundings of Keemer

Kemer himself can be examined for 1 day. But around the city there are quite a few interesting sights.


15 km from Kemer stands the ancient city of Fazelis, founded back in VII in. to N.NS.

This city knew the influence of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines. Alexander Macedonian walked on his streets. Aqueducts, Agora, Ruins of walls and temples, theater built by the Greeks – All this you will see in ancient city, if you buy a ticket for 10 Turkish lira (do not accept dollars).

After inspecting the ruins you can soak under the sun on the beautiful beaches of the Fazelis or climb Olympos, at the foot of which Fazelis has grown.

Fazelis open from 8:00 to 19:00.

How to get to Fazelis

You can get to Fazelisa by bus:

  • Stop at the "Clock Tower",
  • On the way – 20 minutes,
  • Ticket – 5 Turkish lire.

You can define a bus on a name plate ; Phaselis ;.

You can rent a car or bike. Vehicle rental points in Kemer a lot. You can order a full-fledged tour with the inspection of the ruins, lunch and beach rest. Travel agencies in Kemer – at every turn.

City Olympos and Mount Takhtaly

Olympos National Reserve includes an ancient city and Mount Takhtaly (Olympos).

Under the name Olympos Mount Homer appears in Iliad. In the depths of it was dropped by a monstrous chimera.

And to the present day you can observe a unique phenomenon: flames from under the ground. In fact, natural gas is broken to the surface in these places. But the spectacle still fascins and makes remembering mythic times.

In the city you will see the ruins of walls, temples, Term, theater. The entrance to the archaeological zone is 5 Turkish lira.

How to get

You can get from Kemer to Olympos by bus "Kemer – Chiraly".

Can be reached by Dolmushe (route taxi).

In both cases, you need to go to the D400 track, find a stop and stop the bus or dolmush with a sign ; Olympos ;. In the cabin you need to tell the driver where you are traveling.

You can arrange a transfer in any travel agency of Kemer. It will be more expensive, but faster and more comfortable.

Olympos is open:

  • from 9:00 to 19:00 in the summer.
  • from 8:00 to 17:00 in winter.

You can go up onto a cable car.

The cost of lifting and descent:

  • Adults – € 25,
  • Children (7-12 years old) – € 12.5,
  • Children under 6 years old – free.

Only descent (or lifting): € 17 / € 8.5.

Pancay station is called ; Olympos Teleferik ;.

You can get here from Kemer on the highway D400 in the direction of Tekirova. The reference point will be a pointer ; Olympos Teleferik ;. It is best to book a transfer in travel agency or rent a car.

Cable car running By a complex schedule, depending on the season:

  • January – March – from 10:00 to 17:00,
  • April – from 9:30 to 17:00,
  • May – from 09:30 to 18:00,
  • June – September – from 09:00 to 19:00,
  • October – from 9:00 to 18:00,
  • November – December – from 9:00 to 16:30, on weekends until 17:00.

Canyon Gainuk

The picturesque canyon of the gameuk with waterfalls is a gorge of 14 km and a width of 6 m with walls-rocks height of 350 m.

Part of the path passes in shallow water, so I recommend to wear shoes that you can wet. Do not interfere and bathing. The path to the rocks of the canyon is not of the lungs, so it is best to lay on to visit this place 2-2.5 hours.

You can get to Canyon on Dolmusche, which leaves the square at the hour tower.

Be sure to tell the driver that we are going to the canyon, and not in the village. He falls out you on the track before turning to the village. From the place of landing up the mountain another 3 km, but the rise is not cool, on a flat road.

Return better early in the morning, otherwise it will be very hot.

entrance in canyon – 9.5 Turkish lira.

Special equipment will be offered for rent: hardware, rubber shoes, vest. Without them to waterfalls are not allowed.

Price – 70 lir per person. The price includes: Equipment, transfer by car to water descent.

Gainuk Park (for children)

Children’s park is difficult to call, here and adult will be interested.

This is a day – dinosaur park.

Huge moving figures of prehistoric lizards come out among the pines, in the glades. Around them are organized attractions, game zones and playgrounds. There is an oceanarium, zoo, trampolines and swimming pools. An animators who organize quests and other entertainment with children. For example, find the pterodactile or excavation.


  • € 25 in the summer,
  • € 20 Winter,
  • Children under 6 years old.
  • In Kemer yourself - what to see in the city and around

You can buy tickets online: VIATOR.Com

The price includes attractions and visits to the cinema 7D.

Dinopark is located in the village of Gainuk 9 km from Kemer. You can get to the same transport as in the canyon Gainuk. According to the figures of dinosaurs who rise above the trees, you will understand when you need to go.

Park is working from 9:00 to 20:00.

Cave Beldibi

This cave is simple, it is right at the highway.

If you go to Dolmoshe from Kemer in Beldie, ask to stay at the cave. The target will be the third tunnel after the observation deck. Entrance to the cave is free.

Be extremely careful. After a few steps, you will find a breakdown in 5 m. Get down neatly on the protrusions, holding the stones. Be sure to have a flashlight.

In this cave were found rock paintings. Now there are no. Slices of walls with drawings are cut and transferred to the Antalya Museum.

But the beauty of the arches, intricate patterns of stalactites and stalagmites will leave a lot of impressions.

Tourist village Temirova

This place is located quite close to Kemer.

Here are beautiful beaches (sand and pebbles). One of the beaches crosses the Tekirova mountain river, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Near Historical Places: Fazelis, Olympos, Mount Takhtaly. In Tekirov itself – silence, peace, greens and the sea.

Next to the village not so long ago, an ecopark was worked with a botanical garden and a park of reptiles that are under threat of disappearance.

Mount Yanartash

The name of the mountain is translated from Turkish as "Fire Mountain".

The nature of this fire is the same as the mountain Takhtaly. Only here fire burns constantly. And supports the legend about the defeated chimera.

On the signs you will meet this name. View of Mount Yanartash is especially beautiful at sunset, at dusk and at night. Tourists are often taking torches with them to light them from a mountain fire.

Entrance to the mountain – 8 Turkish lire.

Lifting to lights near a kilometer.

Go to Yanartash in the evening or at night – not so hot and the spectacle is much more beautiful and mysterious. Be sure to be lantern. It can be rented before climbing. Do not forget to take a jacket. Even in the summer evenings and at night there may be cool.

How to get

You can get to the mountain of Yanartash Himer so: you need to take a bus or dolmoshe to the village Chirali (Cirali). From there to the mountain 7 km.

Many are walking, someone transplants to local dolmush. It is difficult to get lost, lockers everywhere ; Yanartas – Chimera ;. If you are traveling on a rented car, then the path on the D400 highway with the same landmarks.

Parking near Mountain Free.

Where to go from Kemer

If you get tired of the beach, and the surroundings of Keemer you are thoroughly studied, you can arrange a trip to other places and cities of Turkey. Interesting in this country a lot.

How to independently get from Kemer to Antalya

Antalya attracts tourists with remnants of ancient buildings, old city with a port, aquarium, a Dudy waterfall and, of course, shopping.

Turkey or Crimea: where to go and where it is better to rest

Options to get to Antalya several.

As part of the excursion group: Through any travel agency, you can order an excursion to Antalya.

By bus or dolmosh: Stop at the hour tower. Passengers and route taxi are collected here, following Kirisha (next to Kemer Resort) in Antalya. Carefully see the plates indicating the points. On buses and dolmosha in Antalya may be such a set: ; Antalya Migros Otogar Aquarium ; or ; Express ;.

How to get from Kemer to Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest and most ancient city of Turkey, full of secrets, historical attractions belonging to the most different epochs and states. One of the brightest and most beautiful cities in the world.

To visit Istanbul – the dream of many tourists. If you are already in Turkey, then God ordered the ancient capital of Byzantia. Note that it is less than 2 days, no sense.

Our site has a good guide to Istanbul for 3 days – there you will learn what to see here.

Options to get to Istanbul below.

Excursion tour from Kemer

In Kemer’s travel agencies, you buy a sightseeing tour. It will cost you in the amount of € 250 to € 400 (depending on the program and duration).

The amount includes travel (11-12 hours by bus or hour by plane), transfer from the hotel to the airport (in case you are flying), insurance, accommodation, meals, excursion program.

Do not refer to street travel agents. This is fraught with trouble.

By plane from Antalya

The flight from Antalya to Istanbul will take 1 hour with a tail.

You need to order accommodation in Istanbul in advance during stay. You can up to buy plane tickets. Airline Turkish Airlines flies from Antalya to Istanbul several times a day.

Ticket price – 1800 rubles.

Bus from Kemer or Antalya

Road transporters in Turkey a lot. Flights to Istanbul from Kemer and Antalya also a lot.

Ticket price: about 150 Turkish lir. On the way: from 9 to 13 hours.

Get acquainted with the schedule and you can see the ticket here:

When preparing such a trip in advance, think over the end point of the route (at the buses in Istanbul a lot of stops).

From Kemer in Side

Side – a small resort town near Antalya with beautiful beaches.

You can only get there by motor transport.

The easiest way to get from Kemer to Antalya (Autopulovalo Sogar), there to transfer to the bus going in Side. Buses walk with an interval of 30 minutes.

The bus route passes through the town Manavgat, that 2 km from Side. You can go in manavgate, watch the local big mosque and the waterfall, the name of which is called the city. Then sit on the minibus and get to Side.

The road from Antalya to Manavgata will take 1.5-2 hours (depends on the carrier and road traffic).

Minibuses go to Side and from Antalya. Time in the way a little less than the bus. Stops only on demand.

Price: 30-45 Turkish Lear.

You can order an excursion from Kemer in Side. Often, sightseeing bureaus and agencies unite several cities into one tour, so there are different prices everywhere.

From Kemer in Caleach

Caleach – one of the most picturesque areas of Old Antalya.

We are simply necessary here to feel the whole flavor of the Eastern City. Parks, Roman Tower, Adrian Gate, Old Port, Strecks, Coloring houses, Cafes and Restaurants with oriental cuisine, Souvenir shops – All this you will find in Caleach.

Reaching Antalya from Kemer on the bus or dolmoshe, go out at the stop at the Migros shopping center. There you need to transfer to Bus KL08, where you get to the shopping center Mark Antalya. Through one quarter, you will find yourself in the Caleach area.

Another option – from the port of Kemer on a flight boat to arrive directly to the port of Antalya.

Get down from the side of the shore, and you already in Caleach. Boat schedule can be found in the port itself. On the way from Kemer to Antalya – 1 hour. Ticket – About € 15.

How to go to Pamukkale from Kemer

Being Turkey, you need to go to Pamukkale. Such places in the world you are unlikely to find.

Ancient city of Jerapolis and thermal sources of Pamukkale – one of the most magical places in Turkey.

From Kemer Pamukkale is distant. Therefore, plan an independent trip for 2-3 days.

There are 2 options: buy a sightseeing tour or get on your own, which is stuck. About the tour everything is clear, I will tell you how to get there yourself.

Direct communication between Antalya and Pamukkale. First of all, you need to get to the city of Denizli.

From Kemer 2 times a day bus walks in Denizli. Departure from the clocky tower. On the way: 3-4 hours. Ticket price: About € 11.

Or you arrive to Antalya bus station, sit on the bus to Denizli. The road will take about 3-5 hours.

For example, a long-distance bus company ; Metrosuit ; Going in Denizli 3.5 hours. Ticket: from 50 Turkish lir. He leaves from Antalya at 23:59. Climb buses go more often and in the way there are longer.

From Denizli to Pamukkale go bus. In the way – half an hour. Ticket – About € 1.5.

Over the overnight stay in advance or in Pamukkale or Denizli.

Where to eat in Kemer delicious and cheap

East is not only secrets and fairy tales, deep history and age wisdom. This is primarily sophisticated and hearty cuisine. Restaurants and cafes Kemer Polon, like a jewel box. I offer you some of the most famous restaurants.

Restaurant My Eden

This is one of the most famous Kemer restaurants.

  • Turkish kitchen prevails here.
  • You are waiting for the most saturated evening program.
  • This restaurant is famous for its choice of famous oriental sweets.

It is located in the city center.

  • Open daily – from 9:00 to 00:00.
  • Middle check for two – € 25-30.
  • Restaurant page for Facebook.

Restaurant Nasrettin Hoca

Located on Ataturk Boulevard.

In the menu, European and Turkish cuisine. There is an open terrace for family dinkers and tables for a cozy and romantic dinner together.

  • Works daily from 11:00 to 22:00.
  • Address: Ataturk Boulevard, 9010.

Restaurant Monte Kemer

Will please fans of fish dishes and seaside cuisine.

Selection of seafood dishes – the richest in the city. Be sure to try shrimp baked in a ceramic pot.

  • Address: Merkez Mah. 125 Sok. No: 58.
  • Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 02:00.
  • Prices are high.

Night clubs Kemer

Kemer is a resort town, here is very well developed club life. Night clubs and discos are in a considerable amount.

Below 3 of the most famous nightclub Kemer.

Club Aura

He holds dance programs and the most incerent parties on Antalya coast. Well-known DJs Peace come here.

  • The club is open daily from 22:30 to 04:00.
  • Site:AuraClub.Com.

Kristall Club

The club is very popular with Russian tourists and stars of the national show business.

In the program: Russian and Turkish hits, commercial house. The club is a wonderful dance floor with excellent sound and light, summer terrace, karaoke hall, disco bar, restaurant.

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