Day 1: Road from Moscow to Krakow or 1300km per day

On the first day we had Napoleonic plans! First, get to Brest and go through the border of Belarus-Poland, secondly, in the town of Biala-Podlaska, visit the Palace of Expulsion, and then get to Warsaw, stroll through the old town and then in circumstances: either staying sleeping, or go to Krakow. What did it manage to implement, and from what to refuse – read in this note. Exactly 12 hours later (8:45 am) After departure from the house, we were in Brest and are ready to pass all the necessary customs formalities. By the way, if you have never traveled to Europe (and in particular, to Poland) by car, then here We laid out a small manual according to the requirements for the documentation, the state of the car and traffic rules for Poland.

We drove: 1300km

Passed on foot: About 3km

Despite the fact that before the weekend is far away, the traffic jam on the border was very big, and we spent about 4 hours in it. After passing all the necessary procedures, we went to the town of Byala Podlaska (the first relatively large city in Poland) to change the money into Polish zloty, dine (in our case, have breakfast) and buy a SIM card in order to organize Internet in the car.

In general, from 12:30 to 14:00 we spent in this small Polish town. As you remember, there were plans to see the palace and the Park of Razdivilles, but because of the lost time at the time of time, this item was excluded from the program.

From Biala Podlaska we went to Warsaw, there was a plan to walk on the old town, but the traffic jams again made their own adjustments to our schedule, and the capital of Poland we looked from the car window.

Warsaw car window

Warsaw car window

Thermos coffee for time saving

At 19:00, we finally escaped from Warsaw and went towards Krakow, watching the paths of stunning sunsets.

Refueling and snacking at gas station

From Warsaw to Krakow we got pretty quickly (about 300km) and already at 23:00 were in place. Hotel in advance we did not book, so with Booking.Com began to look for the appropriate option in the city center. But after three hotels viewed from this ideas, I had to refuse, since all budget options did not have their own parking, and throwing the car in the zone of paid parking lots. As a result, we drove off the center a couple of kilometers and stopped in Hotel Demel Total for € 35 a day for two with parking and breakfast.

Hotel Demel in Krakow

If you think that after the day on the road and 1600km (from Moscow to Krakow) behind the wheel without sleep we moved to sleep, then you are mistaken. &# 128578; In the middle of the night we went to search for food, because for all the time we just stopped to eat. It was necessary to eat hot dogs from the nearest refueling, since all decent places have long been closed.

We go to the night free

Only after the harmful night meal we went to bed, to start exploring the new city the next day with new forces.

In Krakow on the car - Krakow hotels

Conclusions of the first day

We expected that we will pass the border of Belarus-Poland to the maximum in a couple of hours, and therefore should have time to look at the Palace of Radziwilles in Byala Podlaska, and stroll through the old town in Warsaw, and if you like it very much, I will spend the night in the capital of Poland. But, as they say, you want to laugh God, tell him about your plans. We lost more than 4 hours at the border and more than 2 hours on a traffic jam when entering Warsaw.

As a result, our route had to shorten, throwing out of it several "extra" sights. Practically without stopping we drove a little more than 1600km (Moscow-Krakow), while we had only one driver who was riding without rest (but he was Iron Man, he is not this, you will be convinced if you read our reports to end). For most normal people, it is practically impossible, so we recommend that you stop at the night in Warsaw (if you go to night).

Hotels in Warsaw

You can stay in Brest, if you had a dayway or reach the Biala Poglaska, at times hotels are cheaper here than in Belarus, and in the morning you will not need to get up and pass the border.

Hotels in Brest

Hotels in Biala Podlaska

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