In Lithuania by train: borders

The trains (in particular the N183, I drove) Fit from Lithuania to Russia pass through a piece of Latvia (from. Rezekne and Daugavpils). The last O / P in Russia and Customs – Pintagovo (takes a 74-minute delay in the movement of the train, on schedule). Immigration officer and customs officer go for each other. The immigration officer, as elsewhere in Russia, puts the implanetary stamp for any free citizen "AVREST" (and at the entrance "Inrest").

PS Of course, at the entrance / leaving / from Lithuania, Lithuanian citizen Lithuanian border guards such humiliating stamps do not put!

Although the Pratovskaya Customs struck me with his democraticness – for the first time in history, when leaving Russia – Oh, Miracle. – I have not checked the entry visa of the state of destination. Apparently, Gabism begins to take.

Next, the train rushes to freedom – in Latvia. The border is not demarked and not entangled with wire. Thus, it is no doubt that it is easy to go to illegal.

The train moves in Latvia, sometimes stopping at the stations. Latvians (border guards) do not go through the train – but at any station 3-4 soldiers stand around the perrone and watch the illegals do not run into the country. And in the center of the platform, an improvised immigration control rack is constructed.

However, all these measures seem to be a funny person who at least once watched the Sovetsky Gabism with his own eyes. Wearing eg. G. Sortavala (now rep. Karelia). To Gorbachev thaw (came here in 1990.) The city was in Soviet borderzone. Despite the fact that it was totally launched at the entrance to the border junction (for example. on Art. Blacksmith, Leningrad region.), the whole platform. Sortavala was enveloped by several rows of barbed wire, and was guarded by 2 machine guns. Exit from the platform was possible only through the turnstile, where the Gabist Pyrogan checked the gabist documents.

However, in free Latvia – everything is wrong. You can jump out from the toilet window on the distillation, if he wants hard. But it’s not all. HA Art. Daugavpils, where parking is 20 minutes, I got out of the car, breathe fresh air. Every car gathered a small crowd of such people like me – the day was hot – and there was nothing surprising. On the edge of Peron, meters at 8 there was a soldier and watched nobody escaped. Suddenly I noticed that meters 20 from me, the station has a stall and sells ice cream. I wanted to buy it. However, an adhesive boost of the Communist Empire crushed into our souls that at first it seemed to me absolutely impossible to even approach the soldier about asking to run to the stall. T.To. too well brought up with all sorts of paranoid "customs territories" and other Soviet # $ days. And yet the dignity of the free man won. I spoke in my pocket $ 1 and departing from the crowd, approached the soldier. – Hello, could you allow me to buy ice cream here. And I showed hand in the direction of the stall. (Here he is a test for democracy in Latvia!)

In Lithuania by train border

– Of course expensive! What do not look go further and do not be late for your train

OK. I thought so. Latvia is not the USSR. And the human approach here takes the top over any "Instructions"

Having atheging the Latvian ice cream, I returned to the train, which was touched in the direction of Lithuania.

Latvia Lithuania’s border is also not noticeable, although I tried quite closely to notice her. The first gesture in Lithuania, the train stops and undergoes the control of Lithuanian border guards and customs officers. I put on a Lithuanian Lithuanian visa "Inrest", However, those passengers that follow from Russia in. Belarus with an internal passport only show internal passports, not receiving any stamps in them. Upon arrival in Vilnius, all the concedes pass through a small rack of immigration control, or rather through 2 racks – citizens of Lithuania through a separate, t.To., I repeat, in any civilized state my own "Inrest" does not put. We, not citizens of Lithuania, are patiently waiting for their turn, and after 5-6 minutes after 5-6 in Lithuania.

In Lithuania by train border

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