In Los Angeles without a car

The next day I decided to take advantage of public transport. "Daede-ka to ocean!"I boldly declared myself. And having studied the issue of movements on the Internet, Snikla and upset. Before Santa Monica – 2.5 hours on buses with four transplants. (By half an hour – for comparison). And it is necessary to take into account the waiting time at stops, because buses are rare – once every 20-30 minutes. Ticket for one trip – 1.50 dollars. Free transplants are not provided. In addition, all this can still be dangerous. For example, it is not recommended to stay in the evening in the area of ​​the main bus terminal Downtauna. There are wandering straggings with weapons, deserted ladies motivate men into actions of varying degrees of sinfulness, and all that, well, you understand. Once, we even encountered the world of Night Los Angeles: Black Bandit Many Quarters pursued us, insulting girls and missing money in men, gradually moving to threats. In short, what is me. Everything is bad. I am not a superhero or desperate backpacker. And before the ocean I decided not to ride.

Here pay attention to the grandmother with a backpack.

On the third day, spending everyone to work, I realized something about the series "Desperate Housewives". Gardener or relative who wanted to kill, before my eyes were not. So I opened the map and began to intently study all the interesting places within a radius of 15 miles (approximately 24 km). Fortunately, Universal Studios Hollywood Entertainment Park was an hour’s bus ride from my home, and there was no transfers to do.

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Then I was waiting for a whole day of adventure and entertainment in one of the most interesting amusement parks in the world. I visited the most famous shooting sites, I saw the scenery of many films, including the series "Desperate Housewives", whose heroines I felt all morning, survived an amplitude earthquake 8.3 points and shark attack from the film "Jaws", estimated the power of special effects of different Hollywood moviestin, ride with some elderly French couple on different slides, flee from a dude dressed in a shrek costume. I spent normal time, in general.

These grandmothers are American. And we met with them in the Griffith Park. Their dogs – James and Joyce – I loved instantly.

In Los Angeles without a car

But instead, I got up and went to walk on – along the fence, an increasing golf course. I heard screams – already in English. Two golfists on the electric car, apparently, drove to me. I disassembled little from their thick and dense speech, escaped from their beautiful American mouths so emotionally and so easy. I stopped, their electric vehicle drove up to the fence, which we now shared us. I slowly and clearly informed them that my English is not your American. They giggled. Asked a couple of duty issues about my homeland and my health. I answered them that all okay. Guys pointed to my camera: "If you have a little hurry, you still have time to take pictures of Robinson Smokey". Someone? Who is this? Golfers began to be surprised to explain that this is such a cool musician, he still has a group of The Miracles, and right now he plays Golf Voi there. I looked in the direction of nervous American hands, so thirsty to share with me your find. "Okay," I say, "I google". Guys in despair started the last method – they started singing. They so wanted me to remember the beautiful Smoke Robinson. But I unfortunately did not work.
Actually, I just thought that I was still one and a half hours to go home.
(At home I introduced the name of Robinson Smokey in the search engine, and he truth turned out to be a famous guy. I even listened to his sweet songs – "Ooo Baby Baby" and "The Tracks of Me Tears").

On this, my independent ribs ended. I was still thinking about Hollywood, who was from me at a distance of 15 miles. You could get to it first by bus, and then on the subway for an hour and a half. But my fear to perish in this city became more acute when I turned out to be in Hollywood Boulevard. So I just waited for the evening when friends and husband came from work. We settled in the car and went on travel. Especially cool was on weekends – then we allowed yourself trips for longer distances.

If the next time I will find in LA, I will travel exclusively by car. For this I have already passed on rights. Or better go to San Francisco.

In Los Angeles without a car

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