Macedonia from the car window

Macedonia has become one of the last countries that we visited during our trip By car to Europe. Unfortunately, we could not see Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Macedonia too. Three weeks of vacation flew as one day, impressions and stories turned out so much. The last report on our big trip will be a story about Macedonia, more precisely, what we saw it from the car window. The border from Greece we passed very quickly – for citizens of the Russian Federation from March 16, 2013. On March 15, 2015. For entry into Macedonia, the visa is not needed, however, as citizens of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. If you are traveling from Greece to Hungary through the territory of Macedonia and Serbia with transit, then carefully follow all stamps in your passport. For example, for example, the Greeks forgot to put an exit stamp, and it’s good that it was discovered right away, and not at the entrance to Hungary, but there would be problems. The most unusual after Greece is to read the names in the Macedonian. It seems to be read in Russian, but there are letters that are not in our alphabet. &# 128578; But even more Macedonian looks like Bulgarian.

The Republic of Macedonia is considered one of the poorest countries in the Balkans. According to what we have seen, it is approximately one level with Albania, if not to take into account the seaside cities. Macedonia was lucky less than the albanis neighbors – they have no.

Cars on the roads are very old and in bad condition. Parking on the side of the oncoming strip – a normal phenomenon. In general, moving around Macedonia by car sufficiently comfortable, road canvas in a normal state, and the inner feeling that you are going on the CIS – pretty calm.

Along the route there are refueling where you can have a snack and go to the toilet, in this regard, it is better than, for example, in Eastern Ukraine, where the refueling with the toilet is not easy to find.

People on the streets resemble Albanians – the same dark and unshaven, and also surprised when Russian numbers see by car. A couple of times on traffic lights even photographed drivers of adjacent cars. Probably, we are now the stars of Macedonian Instagram or YouTube. &# 128578;

Architecture in the cities of Macedonia does not differ in diversity. If you do not know what is for the country, you can easily decide that it is an area in one of the provincial Russian or Ukrainian cities.

We did not see large shopping centers or large supermarket chains – mostly, these are small shops and markets, and the very edge of the carriageway. But we were not driving around tourist sites, and perhaps our opinion is deceptive.

We were surprised that there are a lot of gypsies on the streets – even more than during the trip By car in Albania, And on the border with Serbia, their number is not calculating. Our neighbor for the customs queuity was negligent to give one of the tops of the coin, and it became really terrible for him – everyone else rushed to rock his car, demanding to give them a little.

In Macedonia by car

Of course, it is impossible to judge the country, looking at her only from the window of the car, as you can not draw conclusions and about people, without talking to them. But the impression that Macedonia left, very ambiguous: dirty, poor and uncomfortable. Surely in the country there are wonderful places that you should visit and see the cities that you have to see, but they did not meet on the way.

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We will definitely return to explore the Balkan Peninsula in more detail: we still have yet Attractions Montenegro, which we would like to visit, and in Croatia, except Plitvian lakes and Old Town in Dubrovnik We have not really seen anything. So the Balkans do not miss – we will soon arrive to enjoy you to fully! Do not switch, because ahead of you will be waiting for another entertaining series of articles on travel by car to Poland.

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