In Milan, opened the terraces of the Cathedral

Guests of Milan will again be offered a completely unique opportunity – admire the city with the terraces of the Main City Cathedral. Restoration work started in 2012 continue, but access to panoramic terraces is already open, although only two days a week.

In the Cathedral of Milan, the initiative "Stay in the Cathedral!»This appeal, addressed to all milants and guests of the city, represents the cathedral not only as a sacred structure and historical landmark, but also as an integral part of the city landscape.

Cathedral – an important element of the architecture of Milan and a real symbol of the city, similar to the Colosseum in Rome or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fjore in Florence.

In the framework of the initiative in the Cathedral of Milan, panoramic terraces opened again, from where you can admire the city from the height. The ticket to the terraces will cost 12 euros if the visitor intends to take advantage of the elevator, and 7 euros for those who are ready to overcome 201 steps along the screw staircase.

But beautiful view of the historic center is worth spending money or effort. They say it is best to climb the roof of the cathedral at sunset.

Panoramic terraces are available on Fridays and Saturdays until September 13, work time – from 09.00 to 22. 00.

A huge observation deck on the roof of the cathedral is covered with marble plates, which recently renovated. In the course of work in March of this year, an interesting find was made: there was a silver LIRA of the time of Mary Teresia Austrian (Milan’s coin in Milan in 1779).

It is possible that the coin was dropped by the builders of the XVIII century, and she lay on the roof of more than two centuries, becoming a witness to such important events in the history of Milan, as an arrival in the city of the French (1796), Napoleon’s coronation as King Italy (1805), the return of Austrians (1814 ), Risor’s reinstances – the era of the reunification of Italy and "five days of Milan" (1848), the accession of Milan to Piedmont and the formation of Italy as a single state (1859-61), city shelling during the First World War (1915-18), the bombing of the allies During World War II (1943-45), the subsequent reconstruction of the cathedral.

As a note on the Duomo site, this coin is a symbol of historical memory, a sign of communication eras, as if one worker specially left it in this place, and the other found it that the message, hundreds of years.

Now in the Cathedral of Milan, restoration work continues, the beginning of which was laid back in 2012. Currently, an analysis of the marble state, which is covered by the facade, the sides and apse of the cathedral. Who knows what other discoveries are waiting for restorers of this monumental building?

In Milan, opened the terraces of the Cathedral

Construction of the Cathedral of Milan began in 1386, however, long a few centuries lasted. Only at the beginning of the XIX century, Napoleon ordered to complete the design of the facade. Cathedral made in the style of late Gothic – the only Gothic Church of Europe, built of white marble.

Facade Duomo is decorated with 3,400 sculptures, and spiers numbered 135, including the highest, which marches the statue of Madonna from gold-plated bronze.

Place in the center of Milan, where a huge cathedral dedicated to Christmas Mary Mary has always had a sacred value. Once there was a Celtic sanctuary, then – the Temple of the Roman Goddess Minerva, and later – the Christian Church of Santa Maria-Maggiore, who gave way to the White Grand Giant, which became one of the largest churches in Europe and in the world.

The rich history of Duomo makes it a special place not only for believers, but also for everyone who is interested in the life of Milan and all of Italy throughout the centuries.

You do not need to be a Catholic to admire the unique architectural Milan Cathedral and admire with his terraces with a panorama of an ancient city, which was founded even before the start of our era, and now it is the second country in the country, the center of the economy, finance and fashion.

In Milan, opened the terraces of the Cathedral

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