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Immediately warning: I will start, as usual from afar. Who is not interested, can read immediately from the middle of this part. Who is interested – welcome. What can you do, love the circumstance.

Following the principle: Capturing in winter, planning our summer holiday 2014 We started back in October of the past. I was personally with all my hands for a cruise on the ship on the Dnieper. The benefit of this experience with our wife was still from the distant 1997. Then we rolled nicely on the liner "Marshal Koshevoy" on the route Kiev-Odessa-Kiev. She passed 17 years. Children have grown and could already be dismissed with them in a tour, where for some time they will be limited in space.

At the end of October 2013 began to study the topic: compared the offers of different companies, prices and prevented the options. Immediately it became clear: tours, as before, there and back now. Either Kiev – Odessa or Odessa -Kiyev. Therefore, my route version was: by car (by tradition) to Kiev. There she is on the parking lot, on the ship and to Odessa. At the end of the tour from Odessa to Kiev by train and, accordingly, on a typewriter home.

Everything seems to be going to order a tour. As you know, the earlier – the cheaper. And it came out and so much – under 200 thousand. But here suddenly the wife was chosen. I was argued, but not much and agreed to consider another option. How she was right. Literally a few days later, the first unrest began in Kiev, who later knew what. And the wife in this situation was right about the oracle. And not for the first time. A year earlier with her submission we did not go to Rovaniemi to the Finnish Santa Claus. Then she also had some kind of premonition. And imagine they fully justified problems at work.

And then there was no more thought. About Montenegro we slept for a long time and a lot. There were no questions and in the way of movement. Only a car. Of the minuses, perhaps, only quite distant and unknown road. Everything else is only the advantages:

– Price is clearly lower than 70-80 thousand rubles for four flights on four rounds

– Full freedom of movement

– new impressions and new experience

– Pretty adult children 15 and 8 years old

– already committed trips to Crimea, Great Ustyug, twice in Sochi and to Krasnoyarsk.

First of all sat down for the search for the hotel in Cezozhria. He stretched almost a month. The task was not easy: finding apartments on four on the seashore, preferably in a light-headed place. With the latter it turned out the most difficult. The coastline in Montenegro is small and very peculiar. In the north – Kotor bay. Very picturesque, but completely unconventional in the familiar seaside understanding. Beaches as such no. Instead of them – a narrow stone strip or at all concrete pontoons. In addition, the quality of water in the bay was embarrassed.

The middle part of the coast of Montenegro – is traditional and something will succeed at the same time and the Crimea and the Caucasus. Rest there for every taste, prices for any wallet. But people, as they managed to find out the photo video and forums – Darkness. All famous places, type of Budva, Petrovac and others – our Sochi in the peak of the season, and then worse.

In the south – pebble beaches unexpectedly turn into a sandy great burda. 10 kilometers – up to the border with Albania – the unique gray sand make it possible not to feel like a herring in a barrel, but firstly, in recent years we have managed to fall away from the sand, secondly – the wind is almost like in Egypt in the fall. Well, intimacy with Albania did not please.

As a result, accidentally stumbled upon an interesting place – Bulianitsa located almost side by side with a promoted Petrovac. The uniqueness of the Boularity in her (while still) wildness. Hotel hotels, restaurants only three. Market residents come here mainly and mainly for the weekend. And Beach – Wai-Wai! What is the beach there. Two and a half kilometer. Of these, one and a half are wild. Therefore, there is enough places even in the August peak.

Shortly after the place was determined, there was a suitable accommodation. Villa "Maria" turned out to be named what is needed. Small – 5 apartments for a maximum of 6 people. Location – came out and you’re on the beach. And, of course, a mandatory balcony with a straight view of the sea. In fact, it turned out to be another one in the bedroom, with a side view, from where in the evenings were wonderful to contemplate mountains, lit by the moon.

Housing was chosen, pictures and reviews are studied, but it turned out to be bored as not easy. Already in January, almost all sites, including the most famous, reported that the villages in Villa "Maria" On August there is no and not foresee. How the case has helped. This most believed Vila has been discovered available to bronvine on one of the profile Chernogorsk sites under the view of the hotel’s reservation in a Nameless hotel. At the same time, each apartment was hidden on the fence of mysterious letters and numbers.

In general, January 17 (for half a year from vacation) to the Moscow representation of the company, which, as it turned out, completely redeems the place in the villa "Maria" 18 thousand rubles were translated (20% of the total). The same apartment on the third floor with a separate entrance, two balconies, a studio room and a separate bedroom cost us 105 euros on four. I agree, expensive. But all the search conditions were fully implemented. The remaining part for accommodation we paid on site directly to the owner. Total 58 thousand rubles.

In Montenegro by car - 2014. Part 1. Preparation - Petrovac, Montenegro Blogs and Travel Notes

The second stage was the compilation of the route. Due to the timing of vacation, we could afford a maximum of 5 days, well, six. The path from home to home – 2650 kilometers, plus passage of boundaries. Route Such: Russia – Belarus – Poland – Slovakia – Hungary – Serbia – Montenegro. The option of the route through Ukraine-Romania disappeared, you know. Also, instead of Serbia, it was possible to go through Croatia. They say roads there better. But it is not, allegedly, the Russians are not very. In addition, I personally experience sympathy for a long time ago, and I love sophisticated and beautiful roads. Therefore, the route was approved unanimously.

It was clear – no two nights could not do. The question is where? Relying on the previous experience and information about good roads in Belarus, decided that for the first day from 1000 to 1,300 kilometers for two Osilim, and therefore the first night in Poland. Then about 250 kilometers of Nevaznetsky roads of Slovakia and beautiful autobahn of Hungary and Serbia (to the mountainous part). So one more than a thousand km. That is, the second night in Serbia. Well, and there and to the Montenegro hand to file – 350 km. TOTAL Two and a half days on the road.

Well, it was necessary to arrange Schengen, and at least two-time. Since Belarus – Poland – entrance to the Schengen Zone, Hungary – Serbia – Departure. And then back. Accordingly, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro – countries for us visa-free.

As they say: when receiving a Schengen visa, there are two principles. 1. Country of the first entrance. 2. The country of the greatest stay. In fact, the second is more significant. In our case, both of these factors coincided. Entry through Poland and overnight gave us a complete basis to qualify for visas for the country. Confused two conditions of the Polish consulate. Confirmed and paid booking at the destination of the final stay and fully paid booking in Poland itself. And confirmed by fax. It’s in our age of computers and internet. Here’s with this I woke up for almost a month. At first, he hardly found a hostel in the city of Rzeszow, in which I agreed to send a fax. Then the post of a week tried through ************ Send them 90 euros for overnight stays on the way and back. Then a week waited for a fax. And received it almost on the flag – the next day, my wife and I went to the Polish visa center.

I love to do everything in advance. Therefore, we filed documents for visas for the maximum period – in May (the trip took place in August). With this, as they write on the forums, many also happen difficulties. Those who go on the car need to make a green card – they are asked in the consulate. But most insurance "Green Card" Only in the month. We have fortunately, there were no problems. Insurance was discharged in advance.

However, by collecting chubby folders of documents, on May 16, crossing the threshold of the visa center, and my wife and I were decently worried. First, literally a month before this, the Poles changed the visa operator. What to wait from the new – we did not know. Secondly, literally on the eve I read that the Poles also require a complete prepayment at the end point of the route. So it turned out. The girl who helped us defeat the duties of documents, immediately drew attention to it. On my cry "But this is nonsense!" Wrapped all who was at that moment indoors. "Well, try, may take", – She said girl. We risked, the documents accepted.

Five days later, SMS came to the mobile phone, your passports in the visa center. In four huge envelopes lay passports with visas. Monthly visas. Transit. With the right stay in the Schengen zone for 6 days. Two-time entrance. We cost us this pleasure of 8 and a half thousand rubles, including the consular gathering and payment of the services of the visa center.

In parallel with the decorated visas was the search for the hotel in Serbia for the night. Found him in the resort town of Zlatibor. The villa with the same name arranged in all respects and did not fail by arrival. Spent the night there and the underground, and on the way back. Detailed review See. v "My feedback". Paid for him already in place.

So, by finishing the development of the route, booking and preparation of documents, we started the harm himself – waiting for holidays. Departure was scheduled for 00.00 August 9.

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