In Munich on the weekend: what to do and where to go

Suppose you are brought to Munich for a couple of days. Consider what you’re lucky, because it is enough to leave the city with a persistent wishes to return. In this article, tell me where to go to spend these two days with benefit.

Trade fairs

To get on delicious and beautiful fairs, it is not necessary to come to the city for Christmas. In the days of Easter and in the fall (watch the dates in advance) also stand a tent with hot drinks, delicious sausages and sweet strobs. Just at the fairs you can eat delicious, and it will be cheaper than in a restaurant.

The same castle

In Munich, often for the castle of Neuschwanstein. Light huge building in the mountains attracts tourists stronger than any fairs and free museums. If you get ride to the castle, lay the all day immediately – the road will take two at a small hour one way.

First, sit down to Fussen (on the way about two o’clock), and there is a bus to the Castle itself (go for about 10 minutes). Plus the time to go around there and look inside. On the car, too, not much faster, because between the sausage mecca and the lock 130 km.

Old city

Half a day without any problems can be mounted within the old city. New Town Hall Building Here is an extravagant in neo-neo-style. And even more interesting to look at it from above. To do this, go to the viewing platform of St. Peter’s Cathedral. It costs only 3 euros, but there will be a long lift along the steps. But the species stands all the efforts spent, and the physical education has not harmed anyone.

In general, walking on the old town, look around – beautiful everywhere! If you get on the viewing platform, you will definitely notice two towers – this is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the people are simply – Frauenkirche). To her, too, work closer, very beautiful building.


If Adore art galleries, Be sure to go to the old Pinoakotek. Almost the largest picture gallery in Europe. Inside several exhibitions, therefore prices are different. Look at the one that soul Right on the site (there is a version in Russian).

Love cars? Then a straight road to the BMW Museum. There you can get acquainted with all the exhibits of the Bavarian Auto industry. For the entrance will take 10 euros, but the Multifunctional Exhibition Center "World BMW" will take you free. But this is the usual Showroom, where cars are worth and passing various lectures. Look for details on the site.

Since Munich is the capital of beer festivals, it makes sense to look into Museum of Beer and Oktoberfest. Here you will find out where the beer came from and who came up with him, as well as the history of the appearance of Oktoberfest (Spoiler: Initially, it was a big celebration in honor of the wedding of the King Louis). For information on tickets, see on the site.

And you want to know that the kings brought to Bavaria from other continents? This will be told exposure Museum of five continents. Indian clothing objects, a huge statue of Buddha, ancient scrolls, household items and original products of peoples that are already in history – all here.

In Munich on the weekend something to do and where to go

Place for walking

In Munich, there is where to escape from the stone jungle. The city has a huge English garden. Here seems to get the whole city – so much. On bicycles and scooters ride, picnics are arranged, playing sports games, charging outdoors make. In general, entertainment can be found.

There is a waterfall in the garden, a memorial, a mountain overlooking the city tower, horse rides, and in local reservoirs, you can even singer!


If you want adrenaline or you love good football, then go to Alliance arena. Stadium Pillow changes color depending on who playing on the field. If red, then the other day (or on this day) the game of local Bavaria, if blue, then on the field runs "Munich 1860", and if white, then everything is serious – in the stadium the German national team!

Here are some entertainment options for a couple of days in the Bavarian capital. Miss definitely not

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In Munich on the weekend something to do and where to go

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