In Namibia – on the wings of Air Namibia

If you still do not want to visit Namibia, then this is just because you don’t know anything about it. For example, I fell in love with Namibia at the same second as I saw them for the first time. It was three years ago, and since then I just waited for a suitable case to turn out there. But until the very last moment, I, nevertheless, did not know that this beautiful African country has its own quite decent airline – Air Namibia.

From Russia to Namibia – through Frankfurt

In addition to numerous African areas, AIR NAMIBIA flies to Frankfurt, thus creating a great flight option to Namibia for Europeans and back. Flights are planned in such a way that the 9-hour flight passes stunningly.

  • Airport Air Namibia Liner at Hosea Kutako International Airport
  • A340 Air Namibia Airlines
  • Livray Air Namibia

From Frankfurt Airport, the plane flies at 9 pm. Passengers feed dinner, after which the main lighting on board is quenched – and everyone slept. At dawn – breakfast; While the flight attendants deal food, you can admire the sunrise through the portholes on the left. At 7 in the morning – you are at the platform of Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhuke: I have slept and ready for new adventure.

With a rear flight, the situation is exactly the same. The plane crashes after sunset, and at 7 am – you are in Germany.

  • Sunrise over the sky of Namibia
  • Queue on passport control, windhuk
  • Hosea Kutako International Airport

Night flight really passes completely painless for the body, as Namibia lives in Central European time. So – you just sleep the night in the plane (yes, not in a comfortable bed, but still sleep), and in the morning – quite fresh and ready for full existence.

Of course, in Namibia, you can get different in other ways. But the flight through Frankfurt and then the flight AIR NAMIBIA in Windhuk has a number of indisputable advantages.

    In Namibia - on the wings of Air Namibia
  • Landing at Windhuk Airport
  • AIR NAMIBIA team
  • Airport Territory in Windhuke

First, it is really fast and convenient. For residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg there are no problems to get to Frankfurt. Flights are quite a lot, so if you wish, you can fly back, so and lay yourself a whole day for walks in Frankfurt. If you fly with a minimum time of time, then from Russia to Frankfurt better to fly "Aeroflot" or "Russia" – They arrive at the same terminal of the 2 airport of Frankfurt, from which Air Namibia will fly. For example, Lufthansa land will land in Terminal 1.

Secondly, flight from Russia to Namibia through Frankfurt can be carried out without visas. In the Moscow office of Air Namibia, they can write down the entire route on the same Blanca. Flight Moscow – Frankfurt will in this case "Aeroflot", And St. Petersburg – Frankfurt – GTK "Russia". Next, you just go through the transit zone to the Geta of your flight to Windhoek. And in Namibia, the Russians also do not need a visa.

For example, many fall into Namibia through South Africa. Someone wants to combine both countries, since they flew so far. Someone prefers to save on airline tickets – South Africa flies more airlines, and there is a chance to pick up any profitable special offer. But to visit South Russian tourists need a visa, even if you fly through this country with transit. And get it – this is not a simple formality.

Thirdly, using the Air Namibia flight, you will begin to get acquainted with Namibia a few hours before you find yourself at Windhuke Airport. And, on the other hand, manifest yourself with a responsible tourist, using the services of a local airline and thus providing support for the Namibian economy.

Service classes on board Air Namibia

Because "there" we flew the economic class, and back – the business class, then I can appreciate them both.

Economic class

Economic class literally shook me with passengers. No African wildness – even close. All – very decent people. Many Europeans. You understand what I mean, if ever flew by airplanes in not very rich Asian countries. But here – nothing like this was.

  • Economic class in the aircraft A340
  • Economic class on Frankfurt Windhuk

Salon layout – 2-4-2. Me with my one and a half meters of growth, the economic class chair seemed comfortable, the places were enough for me, and for my things that I kept with you – a book, computer, scarf, inflatable pillow. Plus, you still give out headphones and blanket. But here, sitting with me a two-meter skinny Swede, and he accurately restrained his knees in a chair in front of him. People with long legs are better to move to the business class salon – this is where the places are full!

Feed quite demolly. If a nutritional issue is fundamental for you, then do not be lazy to order a special service – it is at the Air Namibia. Among the drinks offer all sorts of exotic juices of the type of lychee and guava. There are free alcoholic beverages – mostly from South Africa.

Business Class

The main advantage of the business class is in a large number of personal space. The distance between the chairs is really huge – you can safely pass between the rows of chairs, even if the chairs are decomposed. The chairs themselves do not say very new and super-modern, but, nevertheless, you can regulate everything you need – from the tilt back to the length of the legs. In general, at night you can get quite comfortable.

  • Food in business class
  • Business Class Dessert
  • Vegetarian dish in business class

As for the level of service, it is clear that Namibians are trying. Not everything goes smoothly. For example, flight attendants all the flight again before the nose in the first row passengers in the central row. Of course, there was more space than in their comor. Next to the pilot’s cabin, but it looked very strange. In addition, Namibians do not know how to be just cute. Educated and correct – yes, but cute – in very rare cases.

  • Comfortable sleep in business class
  • Business class chairs laid out almost completely
  • Dawn over Europe

The indisputable plus of a business class is the ability to expect departure from Windhook in a separate lounge. Hosea Kutako International Airport meets all basic requirements, but it is not particularly comfortable. Passengers of all flights are waiting for departure in one huge hall, and there may be a lot of people there well. In the lounge, too, can not be said that it is very spacious, but there is a stay, and free snacks and drinks are offered.

In any case – an economic or business class, but you need to fly to Namibia! This is an unforgettable beautiful and interesting country. And you definitely do not regret if you go on a trip to the wings of Air Namibia.

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