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Write about Paris after Hemingway, Hugo, Balzak, Ehrenburg and many other things *************: It is better to write it impossible, but not worse. Therefore, look for yourself.

– You were in Paris for affairs? – asked me.

– Only in cases of being in Paris is impossible! – I replied.

Having been in Paris, I felt risen to a new life and new love.

In Paris, it is impossible not to fall in love. When he returned to his native Petersburg, a feeling arose as if I woke up. Everything seemed in Paris seemed beautiful sleep, so experienced was unrealistic beautifully, excitingly sensually, incomprehensibly elegantly.

Paris is a gloss, it is chic. Paris is a dream. And both in any dream, only a small part – reality, the rest – the game of imagination, the labor fantasy, image. Paris is a dream in reality!

They say, during the visit to Jerusalem, many "ill" in Jerusalem syndrome (I also assigned this "disease"). But the same can be said about Paris. I felt that I was falling in love with Paris only when I returned to Petersburg, and fell in love unrequited, hopelessly, recklessly. Began to notice in the news, on the Internet, in films, in advertising mention of Paris, for which he had not paid attention before.

Yesterday, for example, I read that the most lazy nation is the French.

Yes, the French are able to live and enjoy life, and they need to learn from them.

Life is not for work, and work for life!- these are their slogan. – Life for fun!

With the whole feverish pace of the Paris Murant, the French live well: eat well, they are sitting well, lie well, talking nele, go well.

They have joyful, full of happiness face.

A sense of self-esteem (and even complacency) can be seen in the face of each Frenchman, which is explained and understandable.

Who is more like the French: Russians or Americans? The French most like themselves!

It seems that the French communism has already built for themselves, and they live.

Therefore, everyone strives to France – this land of prosperity, where only four hundred grades. And varieties of wines no less.

Sit in the Parisian cafe and taste Parisian delicacies anyway, what to be in paradise.

Each year Paris visits 20 million tourists, which is almost ten times higher than the number of its permanent residents.

Obviously, the wedding trip must be held in Paris – this city is designed for love!

Without love Paris not Paris. Paris is impregnated by the aroma of love, he fragrant with love. The feeling that you are in the aura of love – love sensual, love pleasure, love pleasure, but not only the love of the suffering inherent in Russian.

F.M.Dostoevsky arrived in Paris to his mistress Apollinaria Suslova, escaped from the dying wife Mary Dmitrievna Isaaya. "You’re late," Apollinaria told him. – "Too late". She unrequitedly loved the other – Medica Student, Spaniard Salvador.

Maybe so Dostoevsky wrote that Paris is a city in which you can be unhappy, but not suffer.

I would say otherwise: you can suffer in Paris, but it does not feel unhappy.

In Paris, you can hear Russian speech everywhere. Half of all Russians making purchases in Paris are Muscovites, fifteen percent – Petersburgers.

Honestly confess, I drove to Paris for inspiration – and I found it.

Paris not only the source of inspiration, but also the undisputed standard of refinement and beauty. Beauty here everywhere; Beauty not only gardens and architecture, but above all people.

So many beautiful people in one place I have not seen anywhere. Being in Paris, it seems that I got on casting – so many beautiful girls and women, but especially many beautiful men – well-groomed, in love with Macho.

From each person you can write a novel. Around you go universes – unique, bottomless and incomprehensible beautiful.

In Paris for love! Paris, France Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Paris on the tourist

I did not feel prose of life even in the pose of French beggars.

This does not mean that I noticed running rats and klosharov in the Paris metro (about this separate conversation). But in no way that Paris is a song!

It seems that Parisians do not say, but sing, – so soft and singeuric French. There are even stones here, it seems to sing French chanson. The unique sound of the French accordion is heard everywhere.

Now I better understand Ernest Hemingway, Ilya Ehrenburg and many others who could not leave Paris. Because Paris is the soul of the world!

If Petersburg in the expression of Dostoevsky "The most delightful city on Earth", then Paris is the most unexpected and the most free city.

Paris is one big feeling, and therefore it is impossible to describe him with words.

Yes, Paris is a holiday, but which is impossible to take!

I returned to my native Petersburg, but I still feel myself in Paris. I look at what is happening as if from the world – from the world capital of beauty and love!

Honestly, I wanted to die from such beauty – but only in Paris!

And even better – in Paris live.

Although I personally do not trade Petersburg to Paris.

Paris is not intended and not a gloomy city like St. Petersburg. Paris is a fairy tale told the day that never ends. Paris is a poem that will be written until this is the most loved city.

In Paris, everyone should be visible to go there. Sit on the famous embankment of the Seine opposite the Cathedral of Notre Dame – the ritual place of all lovers – to experience the delicate taste of beauty and the foxing fragrance of love. In Paris, beauty is special – sensual, sophisticated, graceful.

Every person in his life should plant a tree, grow a child and … see Paris.

The famous phrase "see Paris and die" should be understood as: Paris needs to be seen before dying.

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