In places of boutinal glory

Brave researchers of night Paris, who will have to protect and strength and wallets, is dedicated.

Unlike Amsterdam, sex tours and sex excursions in Paris are not spent, and in search of carnal pleasures a tourist is granted to himself. Where to go thirsty to taste the forbidden fruit?

From curiosity, we, the company of young people, turned to a familiar French. That question was not surprised: "Watch promotional newspapers. They always have full ads on massage salons and private clubs. This is slightly disguised public houses". And gave a simple advice: to ask addresses "Night butterflies" At the receptionist in the hotel. Porter – helpful months of forty years – developed extraordinary energy. He immediately offered a choice of several addresses of interest to us "institutions", Having promised (for a small remuneration, of course) about the SMM to agree on "mistress".

"In the womb of Paris"

Institution where we arrived, located on Saint-Denis Street in Bobur Quarter. After the conditional knock (as in this detective!) The door has opened an elocture. With a calm species, she asked: "That gentlemen in such a late hour?". Despite the conspiracy, it was noticeable that she sees the prospona to the porter not the first time. Making sure that our intentions are quite serious, she suggested "View goods".

On the cry of the hostess "Anita! Natalie! Janet!" four from the side door floated four "Grace". Two thin brunettes, painted blonde with magnificent shapes and one black woman – standard set of middle hand brothel. On the faces of the girls read undisguised boredom. The mistress included the tape recorder. Under the sounds of french chanson "Gathering", Pulling seductive smiles on the face, prusually swayed with bumps and pound shoulders. One of us has chosen on dark brunette, showing her finger. The hostess immediately turned off the tape recorder and reported that it was necessary to pay immediately. Dachshund turned out to be Middle in Paris – 300 francs for half an hour "Services". Our colleague paid out and proceeded to a separate room.

From Avenue to Park

While our brave friend "with all proletarian hatred" Fucked with a defect on the starchy sheets of the Parisian brothel, we, not to be bored, decided to walk through the streets. On them day and night are expecting customers numerous priestesses of love. How we were convinced the most annoying "hang out" Around Pigal Square. With the onset of twilight, they literally pounce on tourists. You can get rid of them in one way – showing empty pockets.

On shrocracks "Night butterflies" We stumbled upon the area of ​​the star, on Saint-Denis Street, in the Madeleine Quarter. But most of them have a view. In one word, not beautiful. Prices – from 200 to 1000 francs.

Suddenly on Avenue FOSH We found real goddesses. Beautiful, high, well-groomed! Language will not even turn to call such women prostitutes. Only very rich tourists can afford to have fun with these Madamami. For those who are looking for cheaper, there is a Boulogsky forest – a huge park in the east of Paris.

After dangerous "expeditions" We again were on Pigal Square, where at every step they bump into strip clubs, striptease bars, variety. Usually they contain people from the countries of the Middle East or Africans from the former French colonies. The striptease bars attract the attention of night passersby? Bright lights, music and necessarily – loud nodes at the entrance. "Top Parisian beauties, real French striptease and other joys of life!" Write zata. Tourists, of course, do not "Catch". But at that moment, when the victim already eludes, the chief trump card comes after: "Sun, absolutely all for free! Just go inside – look at the idea, and you can not order food". And tourist, key to "Halyava", Already descends on the screw staircase.

Reality is much prosaic. Half-empty room, two or three shabby girls – a pathetic parody of striptease. At the same time, a waiter will pester every three minutes to you: "Does anyone be able to order something?". Fifteen minutes of staying in a similar institution (and earlier the sun will not go away) with more than enough to be happy with the night Parisian life and asking for out. Here is the huge monsiest, as they say, "Negro Nationality" And will announce: "Sorry, but you did not pay the bill". If the account is 50 francs for a glass of champagne (which you have not seen in the eyes), consider that you are still big lucky. Complain about the police is useless. Guards of the order believed that the tourist himself is to blame, Kohl swallowed the bait. And ruin by 50-100 francs, by their standards – not a reason to raise boach.

In places of boutinal glory

Ah, cabaret, cabaret, cabaret.

We also burned the desire to visit the present French cabaret. Almost a hundred years celebrates visitors with unfavorable French Caucan famous cabaret "Moulin rouge" On the square Blanche. V "Red mill" – Beautiful dancers, a superbly delivered show and a decent public, so prices are very high: about 350 francs only for performance. In the cabaret it is possible and dinner with champagne.

Cabaret "Lido" Located in the most prestigious place of Paris, on the Champs Elysees. Presentation with songs and cannomes participate Topless girls. Here you can not only see the enchanting show and dine, but also to dance. Input ticket to the cabaret gives the right to take part in the drawing of gifts from "Lido". Its price depends on the day of the week, ordered dinner and selection of entertainment (from 385 to 1015 francs).

Stylish "Crazy horses" (cabaret "Crazy Horsa Salon") await visitors to Avenue George V. Spectators are offered a piquant sight: sophisticated, you can even say, Aesthetic erotica. If there is extra 300 francs, be sure to go – you will not regret.

Those who are not burdened by the severity of currency in his pocket, you will have to look for cabaret cheaper. For example, in Pigal Square there is a place "Misha", where the view is only 200 francs. True, you will have to admire the transsexuals.

For the evening the cabaret can give two performances. Recently, the morals in them are very strung. Dancers under the fear of dismissal is forbidden to join "Strong" Relationships with visitors. So even the hottest fans will not be able to approach the lovers, having fun walking legs on stage. But at two o’clock in the morning (namely, the show is usually ends) near the exit you will already be waiting for taxi drivers, ready to take the transferred viewers for the appropriate case addresses. In Paris, many taxi drivers work with puments. They all understand without words. Having met with you a glance, the Paris driver is smilefully smile and questioningly tucked "Girls?". And if it coincides with your desires, just nod your head.

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