In Poland for health and beauty. Polish resorts

Rest in Polish resorts can be unforgettable thanks to picturesque landscapes, microclimate and natural wealth.

Treatment, recovery and prevention are the main goals of Polish resorts. 45 facilities, as well as dungeons listed as a UNESCO Salt Mine in Village, have the official status of the Ministry of Health. It is a guarantee that, thanks to the climatic conditions and properties of the available mineral waters and therapeutic mud, the resorts can provide medical services.

Another direction of Polish recreation tourism is numerous hotels in Wellness & SPA. They offer procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine and programs aimed at restoring well-being and maintaining beauty. MEDICAL SPA objects are a special group, that is, centers specializing in treatment, but accessing various health traditions and systems: in particular, based on the principles of traditional medicine of the Far East, Ayurveda, herbal, water and light baths, lithotherapy and thalassotherapy. These are comfortable complexes with equipped with modern equipment with Wellness centers and procedural offices, highly qualified employees, as well as stylish hotels and restaurants.

Busko-Zdroj – almost 200 years of tradition

Therapeutic water, salt-mud baths with a rich and rare composition, as well as picturesque nature – for this it is worth come here.

The most beautiful object in Busko-Zdroj is the Marconi Sanatorium, created in the XIX century on the project of the Italian architect. Arranged according to the ancient Roman buildings, he concludes a pavilion of mineral waters and a concert hall. Sanatorium is surrounded by a park, the old trees of which remember the appearance of the resort. Tennis courts, concert sink, playground, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants are drowning in greenery. Healthcaps specializes in the treatment of neurological, rheumatological, skin, orthopedic diseases and injuries, as well as brucellosis and osteoporosis. Local mineral waters are used to prevent sclerosis, and salt baths rich with iodine and selenium strengthen the heart, increase immunity and warn the development of cancer. Picturesque surroundings are pleasantly walking, riding a bike or horse riding.

Czechosineek – Pearl of Polish Resorts

In the microclimate of salt sources, among unique plants and many colors, you can relax with soul and body.

Since the time of the Middle Ages, a cook salt is produced here, which is for medical purposes – in the form of salt solutions – use 170 years. In total, more than 70 types of procedures are held in Czechocinek; The main ones are salt inhalations, salt and mud baths, as well as massages. They help with the treatment of orthopedic diseases and injuries, diseases of the nervous system, rheumatological, cardiological and gynecological diseases, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. The business card of the resort are cooling towers with a unique microclimate. The park surrounding them causes admiration for the richness of rare plants, for the growth of which salted soil is necessary. On the eve of the summer, the composition of the composition of the largest flower carpet, composed of 8 thousand types of colors.

Zellensk-Zdroj – the oldest Polish resort

The main wealth of this place is the thermal sources used in therapeutic purposes from the XIII century.

The temperature of the water in local sources reaches 90º C! They beat here many centuries, and their water contain sulfur compounds, silicon and fluorine. In Zellensk-Zdroj, the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and eye, rheumatic diseases, the problems of urinary tract and kidneys.

The resort offers swimming in mineral water in swimming pools and baths, pearls and vortex baths, underwater and classic massages, shower Charco, kinesiotherapy, mud baths and compresses, including eyeballs and gums. Another advantage of the resort is climate, because health resort is surrounded by mountains. Mountain trails and an unusual landscape of the Elendogur Basin attract guests from numerous sanatoriums, and at the resort theater there are performances and concerts.

Kolobrzeg – Polish capital Spa

The largest seaside resort in Poland with a rich selection of holiday homes and sanatoriums.

More than 20 hotels are located in this resort Primorsky district, and the Pink’s poster is full of various events. The interiors of hotels and sanatoriums created by projects of outstanding designers admire the form and functionality. The combination of microclimate, sandy beaches, mineral waters, salt sources and therapeutic dirt creates ideal conditions for recreation and health amendment. In physiotherapy offices, procedures are conducted to treat injuries and orthopedic diseases, endocrinological, rheumatological, dermatological and cardiological diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, hypertension, neurosis, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. There are also several saline grottoes. Inhalation with sea air, saturated iodine, iron and manganese, help in the treatment process, and also save from depression and overwork.

Krysion-Zdroj – Polish Davos

Cradle of Polish Balneology, place of meetings of political figures and businessmen, an important sports and cultural center.

The prince-Zdroj belongs to the resorts with old traditions and are in the region that the most rich in mineral waters. The most beautiful villas and resort buildings are located along the main boulevard. Among the sowing forests of the mountains, in numerous old pensions and modern hotels opened comfortable spa centers. V "Romanow", Built in the XIX century, a museum of the artist-primitivist Nikifora, whose works are the images of the covenant on matchboxes and cardboard packaging elements – today are raritets. In Kryonitsa-Zdroj, treat diseases of the circulatory system, digestion and urinary tract. In the main pavilion, water from 7 sources available. Nearby are no less wonderful resorts: Mushina, Pivnichna and Verkhlogl.

Lönek-Zdroj and Dlugopol-Zdroj – Healthcare in Claudsca

These resorts have a different microclimate and mineral composition of water, due to their therapeutic profiles are also different from each other.

Lönek is located among meadows and forests, at the foot of the picturesque golden mountains. Although gentle mountain ranges protect it from strong winds, it reigns rather sharp, typically mountain climate. The main wealth of the resort is rare radon and hydrogen sides. Here are treated dermatological and gynecological diseases, diseases of the nervous system and osteoporosis. Remote 30 km Dulgopol-Zdroj is located among forests, in a very sunny valley. Here specialize in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, blood and blood system, as well as diabetes. At both resorts, rehabilitation after injuries and orthopedic diseases, rheumatological diseases and diseases of peripheral vessels. These health resorts are an excellent base for rods for mountain routes or in a fascinating cave fascinating.

Mendisdroy – Summer Capital of Poland

On the beaches with golden sand, you can not only relax, but also meet the stars of Polish cinema.

In Poland for health and beauty. Polish resorts

Mendzyzdroye is excellent holiday homes and resort facilities, a Pierce, speaking at sea at 395 m, forests and rocks, Volinsky National Park and resort Park them. Frederick Chopin. Here is a soft marine climate and a record number of sunny days a year. Clean, devoid of allergens, saturated with iodine air contributes to improving. Mendzyzdroy specialize in the treatment of respiratory and skin allergies, migraine, obesity, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, diseases of the respiratory system, blood circulation systems and nervous system. In addition, it is not necessary to come here for treatment, but only on biological update procedures. Every year, the festival of stars is held here, the program of which includes concerts, theater performances and film.

Nalenchow – Spa and Resort

Landscapes of the city-garden of the XIX century soothe nerves and contribute to the restoration of forces.

The charm of this place did not leave indifferent even the largest Polish writers, in particular, the Nobel laureate of Heinrich Senkevich. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Nalenchow is mentioned in Polish literature. Resort facilities are surrounded by a large park for which winding river flows. An unusual atmosphere create numerous ravines and hills. Ancient villas are tested here, and the pearl among the monuments of the antiquity is the palace of the late XVIII century. In Nalenchu, air balloons and fireworks are organized. The chemical composition of local water and clean air contribute to the treatment of cardiac diseases and hypertension. Well-known Cardiology Hospital, Eye Surgery Center, Salt Cave and Luxury Spa Center with a pool, filled with white clay, brought from Greece.

Shangty – an unusual resort at the foot of Penin

Healthcaps, located in one of the most beautiful corners of Poland, from the famous thresholds of Danube.

It was here that the custom appeared to melt on the gouraral rafts on the rapid Danube through the picturesque penins. This region is also famous for beautiful rocky gorges, one of which – Homol – is called miniature penin. In sranquacy for treatment, acidic mineral water from 12 sources, as well as therapeutic dirt. Soft microclimate helps to improve the state of the upper respiratory tract, remission of chronic inflammation, allergies and asthma. In addition, the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatological diseases are treated here. There are many vintage resort facilities in the spruce, and over the entrances to private houses hang, like 150 years ago, original coat of arms.

Ustka – seaside resort in a pine forest

The beaches of the Ustov are considered the most beautiful, and the microclimate is the most soft on the Polish Baltic.

The main wealth of Ustov is pine forests. Essential oils highlighted by trees soften sharp, saturated with iodine air. In addition, the Ustka is endless beaches and reaching 30 m to the height of the rocks. In the port, in one of the many centuries of granaries, the Baltic Art Gallery is located. Nearby is a mineralogical museum in which you can see the largest Polish crystal. The side streets of the town lead to sanatoriums and a physiotherapy hospital, where medical and rehabilitation procedures are held. Climate and natural resources contribute to prevention and rehabilitation after injuries and orthopedic diseases, diseases of the nervous system, upper and lower respiratory tract, endocrinological, cardiac and rheumatological diseases, as well as hypertension. Ustka is proud of the blue flag, which is assigned to water resorts with crystal clear water.

Great and Bochnia – for health deep into the earth

In underground mines you can breathe in the world’s clean air, devoid of pollution and allergens.

Deep underground can be held an unforgettable night. Special salt chambers will provide a quiet sleep in the air rates of the air, in silence and away from the noise of cities. The beneficial microclimate of the mines can also be felt in the hotels on the surface of the Earth. In these unique centers on a global scale, treatment with subterraneerate therapy – impact on the human body of microclimate of hydrochloris. Here are the diseases of the respiratory tract, especially bronchial asthma and other chronic bronchial diseases and lungs, nose, sinuses, throat and larynx, including the ailment, which are the result of allergies. Therapy in Bochnia is also recommended in case of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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