In Prague to the Czech Republic to the brother

As you know, the Czech Republic attracts tourists with its medieval infancy. I never belonged to the number of tourists. Undoubtedly, beautiful, but they would not go there for rest. However, we still had the opportunity and more than once. I will not paint blood connections who are with whom and why, I will say easier: I come to visit to my brother.

I myself live in the Far East, in the city of Khabarovsk. Airlines helpfully delivers me to Prague, where the brother takes and takes into a suburb by car. Although the suburb is in their understanding, for me the same part of the city, to get to which it is possible in 10 minutes. In fact, many people live in these villages, and to the city, as a rule, go to work, or shopping.

The first arrival came for the winter period. I like a man hardened by a frosty climate, scored warm things, but as it turned out, winter there is relatively gentle. The maximum temperature came to -7 Celsius. Snow envelops the roofs of houses and creates a kind of winter, warm comfort. However, the next day is quite possible droplets. Perspective in the Czech Republic, having a simple jacket in the wardrobe, very real.

Of course, it is impossible to keep silent about home decorations. On holidays, we were more in the suburbs, but and there everything mercilely and light up with the onset of darkness. Residential buildings and trees in the courtyards are traditionally decorated with garlands and slandering balls. Beautifully, you can’t argue. People are trying to create a feeling of the holiday not only inside their house, but also to dip in it passersby, that in Russia it was not often brought to see.

The main event in Prague, personally for me, was visiting the observatory. Such a modest, but insanely important gift, organized brother. Observatory is named after Stuffan, has three dome and open access for cosmic secrets. Exhibitions of various photos of the solar system are also held. Sell ​​small metal pebbles, giving them for pieces of meteorite, that of course I did not cause much confidence. However, to deny yourself the pleasure of buying them, I could not.

Prague is remembered as "ultra-set museums". Thoughts that there is nothing to look, dropped after the first trip to the Museum of Ancient Toiletz. Here is a really original institution. Very many different pots, VAZ (which also served toilet), painted under storm toilet bowls and handles for flushing. In the center, under the glass, there is a pot who served toilet for Napoleon. True or not, I do not judge.

In Prague to the Czech Republic to the brother

Another memorable place – Museum of magic. This is a very old house, which is surrounded by an unprecedented force, which allows him to this day stand. It is in this house that the basement is hidden behind the mechanical rack of books. Different records, jars with chemical "elixirs", bear skins, old paintings, fill this place. The atmosphere is right for you, uncomfortable. Twilight, sperm, staircase in the basement is very cool, and the chandelier with horned heads, causes a sense of discomfort. For lovers to rinse the nerves for sure is suitable.

I would also like to tell about one excellent restaurant. If my memory does not change, then the name is Ferdinand. Although this name is not particularly and important, as such establishments are two or three to the whole city. A special difference is that there are meetings of football fans. On the big TV always show important meetings of teams, or various reviews. During matches are quite noisy, but for football lovers, atmosphere. Feed in this place really tasty. Pork Schnitzel, and even with baked cheese, fantasy without drops of lies. Greknika with garlic, hermelin marinated, goulash in Czech – not the whole list of delicious dishes, mandatory to tasting.

Well, you can not keep silent about the mentality of people. I was heard about the ill-quality in relation to Russian tourists, but in fact I did not encounter. People are quite adequate, and if not laughing at a kind of language, then you can quite make friends with them. Impressions remained the brightest and good, despite the unwillingness there to rest.

In Prague to the Czech Republic to the brother

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