In pursuit of a giant wave! Part 2. St. Petersburg – Helsinki. Passenger customs declaration.

Early in the morning of the fifth number of the first month of 2020, I unexpectedly fell out of the announcement of Morpheus. Literally, a second, I also slept, but I already understand what I woke up. With the usual movement stretched out his hand over the mobile phone, pressed the button. The screen, cutting the light in the eyes, showed 5:17 in the morning. It became before the alarm ringing still 3 minutes. 3 minutes, if you hardly close your eyes, you can try to sleep for a short time hours 3-4. In the usual, working morning I would do it, but not today. Today’s early alarm call called not at the factory, but in a new adventure – Julia and I went to Portugal to catch a giant wave. Yes, we, as in Norway, went to this trip together. Sasha, having heard, about possible mountains and long walks on them, riding us flatly refused. And stated that he and St. Petersburg will be quite good, visiting the Sveta, with which he has already agreed.

– Yul, it’s time to get up!
– Yes, I’m already ten minutes as I do not sleep!! All in anticipation of the upcoming!

On the ambulance hand there were breakfast, checked passports and insurance, money and our backpacks. It seems to be taken, I have not forgotten anything. Dried on the track. On the clock without five six, it’s time!

On the street it was dark, idlely and drizzled the rain, +3 degrees. That now winter, and not some other time of the year, reminded the New Year tree near the metro station and the desert post-vacant streets, sprinkled by the residues of confetti from fireworks.

This time we, for the first time, traveled to Vanta Airport by a regular bus from the station on the Obbar Channel.

The bus pleased with the level of comfort: the seats are comfortable and soft, on board there are coffee, tea, toilet, Wi-Fi, outlets and multimedia devices for each passenger. Chic, and only!

Staying in Morning Drame, we arrogantly drove up to the border. Whether we were lucky, whether on the border control for the regular transport there was its own dedicated line, but we arrived at the passport check by passing the queue. This is true, we did not save and the bus still stood at the customs longer than I would like to. First because of me and my passenger customs declaration on the camera and lenses.

On the border

Passenger customs declaration

After reading the horror strokes on the changes in the rules of the duty-free import of goods to Russia, and specifically the import of land transport:

Without payment of customs duties, it is possible to carry out objects worth up to 500 euros (for land transport) and 10,000 euros for air, while their total weight should not exceed 50 kg.

I decided not to risk and submit when leaving Russia a passenger customs declaration on its equipment. Since my technique did not fit into the designated 500 €. And despite the fact that the technique was mine and bought it was in St. Petersburg, Russian customs officers when returning to Russia had full right to ask to confirm the fact of buying a camera in the Russian Federation. Just confirming this is the Declaration. For good, it is necessary to declare everything that in the amount exceeds the established limits up to the brand clothing and shoes. It is clear that the customs will not check every time, you go to the coat and hours from home or bought them for 600 € in Europe, but this probability is.

Declaration itself is simply filled, we write on the title side who we, from where and where are we going, is there a product for declaring.

With a beautifully filled on the computer a declaration, I approached the bus driver with a question, how can I get into "red channel" At customs. He took me to the customs officers who showed his declaration and pulled out its technique for reconciliation of serial numbers. And it seems everything is filled correctly, but the devil, as you know, lies in the trifles. The date of filling is necessary to put the one when we cross the border, and not when fill it (hurried, I did not think). And in graphs with the technique you need to specify everywhere that it used. If the declaration is full correctly, the whole procedure takes 5 minutes and nothing terrible in it!Finally, having received your copy with stamps on hand, I returned to the bus.

– Yul, waited for me for a long time?

-Well no. 10 minutes Maximum.

– You imagine, I had to rewrite everything from the hands 🙁

While they approached the Finnish passport control, I told Yule about the reasons for the delay. At the Finnish border, everything went without chandeliers and delays. I first went to the window. Held out passport. Put a finger. Tried a border guard about the purpose of the trip and our route. Then presented all air tickets at his request. Having received a back passport with a cherished stamp, I warned the border guard that my spouse follows. Yuli Prograner asked nothing, put stamp and let go. Already at the exit from the green corridor, we were additionally checked for the presence of prohibited substances using a service dog. An employee in shape summed up a fluffy partner to us, he sniffed us and quickly lost interest. But one of the passengers of our bus for incomprehensible reasons decided to stroke a service dog. He stroked her, the dog, Baldyev, was delayed next to him the longest. And the passenger immediately became interested in the employee of the Finnish border service and invited with things, and the documents in the dark, the gloomy survey corner for inspection. This was the second reason for the delay of the bus on the border. Lovers of dogs checked themselves, forced to pull out of the luggage compartment and show all his suitcases to examine. While the comrade was checked, his wife wiped her tears in the corners of the eyes, and two children were satisfied. Their vacation hung on a thin hair. I see the hairs was not so thin, but maybe the customs officers fell good, but after 30 minutes they went uncle and our bus rolled down the Finnish land towards the capital.


– Yulia, to Helsinki We will go or around the airport? – I asked when the bus was already approaching the end point of the route. – Time is already almost 15 and will soon smume, is it worth going to the city to dangle on the dark? I propose a second option, and the center of Helsinki will somehow visit.

– I agree, somehow I want to get into the house, take a break from the bus and road. And we can walk from the airport to housing. How much there to go?

– Navigator writes that one and a half hours.

– Fine, then do it!

In Vantaa (Helsinki district), as in St. Petersburg, the snow was also not, but the temperature was clearly below zero and the sun shone! Promised by good weather, we went through the airport, noting that he had already become a relatives of St. Petersburg Pulkovo. And then overlooking the navigator, they took the course to our first dwelling on this trip. The surrounding landscapes around were industrial-rustic-lifeless. The sun, together with the air temperature, smoothly descended, something to the horizon, and something to the mark -10 ° C, we discussed the plans for the evening:

– Zhenyk, you need to find a store and make up for dinner, yes on the road.

– Yes, now I will ask the navigator, where nearby shops. BY THE WAY! Today is Sunday!! Shops do it work.

– Damn, Zhenka, again we forgot that they can be closed on weekends!

In pursuit of a giant wave! Part 2. St. Petersburg - Helsinki. Passenger customs declaration.

The shadow of the hungry death swept over our heads inspiring falnial thoughts and drawing in the head of the painting, one is more terrible. And we at this time convulsively tortured the Google navigator, where the closest store and what is his work schedule.

– Fuh! Purser! Next there is a supermarket to-market, up to 9 pm! – We reliefly exhaled and not really trusting the navigator broke down to the store for yummy.

In Europe on weekends, small shops do not work, and great supermarkets, often work only hours until 14-15! And the only opportunity to buy at least some products are shops for gasoline. Now the situation in Europe is gradually changing and more and more supermarkets (small everything is also prohibited!) get the right to work on weekends full day. And even around the clock. Another 10 years ago it was even imagined. So appreciate Russia with its widespread shops with a free schedule of work 🙂
Road to Vantaa Airport
It was our first night in Finland, before that we usually came to the fins or for one day, or directly to the flight. The house itself did not differ in the research and appeared look like our village houses. The first floor was inhabited by the owners, and the second was divided into several guest rooms. The only but very significant advantage of the house was proximity to the train station, literally 5 minutes on foot.

– Zhenyk, and maybe him, and tomorrow to the airport at the locomotive?! – asked Julia, thoughtfully chewing Caesar salad. – All that could, we already looked today. Back after all on the same road to go?

– Yes, but. – I swam in response to a jar of beer and a rustle local chips. – There, even with a big desire, you will not change the route.

– Here and I’m about the same! So can well. Tomorrow and so the day is to be saturated, why wonder the strength to spend! Butter you will be?

– Yeah, come on! Well, I’m not against, you only need to deal with tickets, where and how to buy them. Well, the schedule to know.

– Ok, under the pivassik with chips of what not to see 🙂

Tickets for train bought in the evening by using the HSL mobile application (Android and iPhone). A distinctive feature of public transport tickets in the European Union from tickets in Russia is that they need to be composting in the validator (piercing the time of the start of use) and they have a limited time of action, there is also division on zones A, B, with. Buying tickets through the application can be immediately set in the settings from what time a ticket will start: from the moment of purchase or with a deferred start. Trains connecting Helsinki and airport walk around the circular route. I and P are denoted, differ from each other by the direction of movement. We spent the night near Puistola Parkstad station (on the right of the first station in front of the C), and the airport is Lentoasema station (Zone C), so you bought a ticket. And sat on the train with the letter I.

All the way from home to the airport took 25 minutes!

In the airoport

We had to fly at the British Looker EasyJet. With you, only manual sting – two backpacks 6 and 8kg. Instead of paper tickets, electronic in the application on the smartphone. No registrations and queues. For the sake of interest came to the calibrators of the carrier’s baggage and made sure that our backpacks with a huge reserve are placed there. From this airport we have already fly out, so the luggage inspected and without wanderings passed, our Gate was found and after a short expectation, they safely plunged into the plane.

Fasten seat belts. Handle. Runway. Jerk. Foundation. Climb. Goodbye Finnish Earth, we go to Berlin.

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