In pursuit of a giant wave! Part one. Preparation.

For the first time, about Portugal, as an interesting land for the visit, I heard while studying at the Institute. Then my socketsknik said that he would like to go there, and I asked him "And what is there?". "What are you, there is the ocean. There Mountains. There is Portven. "He answered me. "Ocean, cool" I thought and did not really remember Portugal more.

Much later, digging into the internet came across the picture, where the giant wave went to a small lighthouse … It turned out that it was in Portugal, and then I thought it would be nice to stir the trip there. I wanted live to see gigantic waves that rose from oceanic depths and cause crushing blows on coastal rocks near the small Portuguese village of Nazare. The Internet told me that in the storm season, which comes from December-January, the height of wave-giggles can reach unimaginable 30 meters, and even above. How to miss? Must go. But, multiple "But" ..

After some time, I saw another random picture with a mysterious and charming beach under the mountain. It was Benagil Beach, which is located between the coastal towns of Armachao de Pera and Lagos. And yes, he, too, in Portugal … It became the last and decisive drop that fell on the scale of the scales "to be or not to be". Travel to be!

That’s how an incredible adventure was born to the edge of the world due to the fact that someone said something, yes pairs of pictures from the Internet 🙂

And how do you plan your trip?

Dates of travel 05.01.2020 – 18.01.2020

Already later, working on the route, we decided to visit the distant Azores, which are in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and America.
The route turned out to be saturated, with a visit to 5 countries: Finland, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Estonia. 4 European capitals: Helsinki, Berlin, Lisbon, Tallinn. And many other cities and villages: Faro, Armachao de Pera, Albufeira, Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Ribera Grande, Satadesh, Nazare, Sintra, Bergamo. As many as 6 flights, two of which are one day from different airports. And all this in two weeks ..

SPb➡️ Vantaa➡️ Berlin➡️ Faro➡️ Armachao de Pera➡️ Albufeira➡️ Lisbon➡️ San Miguel Island (Ponta Delgada Cities, Ribeira Grande, Site Sidadesh) ➡️ Lisbon➡️ Nazare➡️ Lisbon (visit Sintra) ➡️ Bergamo Tallinn➡️ SPb

Road map:

In order not to forget anything, a detailed roadmap with all movements and accommodation was drawn up in the planning process (all prices are in rubles and for two).

Currency – Euro.
Bus 235 LuxExpress
Date: 05.01
Time: 7:45
Places: 27, 28
St. Petersburg – Helsinki
Price: 4300R.
Accommodation: Fastbölentie, 00750 Helsinki, Finland. Station Pistola. Trains P and I. Ticket Vantaa Airport Single Ticket BC
Price: 2613R.

Date: 06.01
Time: 10:45 – 11:50
Departure / Arrival: Hel – TXL,
Flight: 5732
Terminals: T1 – with.
A / K: EasyJet
Reservation: Exk93QL
Price: 3762,67R.

Bus from TXL to Berlin:
TXL to HBF, X9 JetExpressBus (Airport – railway station).
Electric train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to SXF: RE7, RB14, RB22 (30 min). Ticket ABC

https: // www.BERLIN-AIRPORT.DE / EN / Travelers-SXF / To-and-From / Buses-and-Trains / Local-Public-Transport / Index.php
RE7: Dessau Hbf – Bad Belzig – Michendorf – Potsdam Babelsberg – Berlin Wannsee – Berlin Zoologischer Garten – Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Berlin Friedrichstraße – Berlin Alexanderplatz – Berlin Ostbahnhof – Berlin Karlshorst – Flughafen Schönefeld – Blankenfelde – Zossen – Wünsdorf Waldstadt
RB14: Nauen – Falkensee – Berlin Spandau – Berlin Zoologischer Garten – Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Berlin Friedrichstraße – Berlin Alexanderplatz – Berlin Ostbahnhof – Berlin Karlshorst – Flughafen Schönefeld
RB22: Berlin Friedrichstraße – Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Berlin Zoologischer Garten – Potsdam Hauptbahnhof – Golm – Flughafen Schönefeld – Königs Wusterhausen
S Line in the city S9, S45, trains once every 10 minutes.
S9 (Spandau – Charlottenburg – Zoologischer Garten – Hauptbahnhof – Friedrichstraße – Alexanderplatz – Ostbahnhof – Schöneweide – Adlershof – Flughafen Schönefeld)
S45 (Südkreuz – Neukölln – Baumschulenweg – Schöneweide – Adlershof – Flughafen Schönefeld)
Ticket ABC.

Date: 06.01
Time: 18:20 – 21:00
Departure / Arrival: SXF – FAO
Flight: FR 5791
A / K: Ryanair
Reservation: E668RT
Price: 4644,87R.
Accommodation: Rua Alberto Marques Da Silva 92 92, Faro, Faro 8005, Portugal.
Dates: 06.01 – 07.01
Time: Check in 15:00, Departure 13:00
Price: 2448.25r.
Bus N57
Terminal Rodovario Far
Date: 07.01
Ticket: 5.75 €
City: Armaasao de Pen

Accommodation: Urbanização Quinta Da Torre 6 3 Andar Letra B, Armachao de Pera, Faro 8365, Portugal.
Dates: 07.01 – 09.01
Time: Check in 15:00, Departure 11:00
Price: 2244.30r
(Second part payment 29.12.19)

Bus N51
Date: 09.01.2019
Route: Armaasa de Pera – Albufeira
https: // / horarios.php

6. Albufeira bus – Lisbon
Date: 09.01.2019
Travel time

In pursuit of a giant wave! Part one. Preparation.

3 hours.
Ticket: 20 €
Bus station on the outskirts of Albufeira. Arrival at Oriente Station (closer to the airport) or Sete Rios (then from the airport)

Date: 09.01
Time: 21:25 – 22:50
Departure / arrival: lis – pdl
Flight: FR 2625
A / K: Ryanair
Reservation: A8KS9X
Price: 6045.56r.

Accommodation: Rua Pintor Domingos Rebelo N50 9500-234, Ponta Delgada, Açores 9500, Portugal
Price: 6775.12p.
(Full payment 27.12.2019)
Bicycle rental San Island Https: // www.Carreiro.PT / EN /

Date: 13.01
Time: 06:05 – 09:25
Departure / Arrival: PDL – LIS
Flight: FR 2622
A / K: Ryanair
Reservation: A8KS9X
Price: 6045.56r

Date: 13.01
Route: Lisbon – Nazare
Station: Sete Rios
Travel time: 2 hours
Ticket: 12 €

Accommodation: RUA C 3, Nazaré, Leiria 2450-106, Portugal
Price: 3895.35p.
(Full payment January 4)

Date: 15.01.2019
Route: Nazare – Lisbon
Ticket: 12 €

Accommodation: Rua DOUTOR António Souto Lopes 13 1º Andar, Moscavide, Lisboa 1885-010, Portugal. Code from the front and apartment 58762. Room room 1.
Price: 3218.02
Date: 17.01
Time: 10:25 – 14:15
Departure / Arrival: Lis – BGY
Flight: FR 3961
A / K: Ryanair
Reservation: G3NFNZ
Price: 4653.31p.

Accommodation: Via Enea Talpino, 5, Bergamo, Lombardia 24125, Italy. 1 night.
Dates: 17.01 – 18.01
Time: Check in 15:00, Departure 11:00
Price: 2639.49r.
Date: 18:01
Time: 16:55 – 20:55
Departure / Arrival: BGY – TLL
Flight: FR 4764
A / K: Ryanair
Reservation: M9yc2x
Price: 5807.45R.
Bus Tallinn – St. Petersburg
LuxExpress 971
Date: 18.01
Time: 23:59
Platform 8

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