In San Remo not for songs

It would seem that Italy our tourist is outproted along and across. Beach holiday lovers ride mainly on the Adriatic coast (Rimini, Ancona, Lido Di Jesolo and DR.). But there are places, almost completely absorbed by our compatriots. This, in particular, the Ligurian coast, called the Italian Riviera (North-West Italy) and is a natural continuation of the famous French Riviera.

True, and prices are not much less here than in the French Cote d’Azur. And all because among the European elite, Ligurian resorts are not less popular than Nice or Cannes. Casual tourists here do not drive here – the audience is more and more chosen, value-value comfort and sophistication. The chain of resorts stretches along the coast of Liguria from Bordiger in the West to Chinkwe Terre in the East. Beaches here are not so wide and there are not much of them, like, for example, in Rimini. Sea, narrow strip of pebbles or sand – and immediately mountain. So the huge crowds of holidaymakers there just do not fit. The people on Ligurian beaches are not enough for them all the same chosen public. In addition, most of the beaches are charged with elevations and the entrance charge is charged. Only some hotels have their own beaches, free for living, but not for outsiders. Free beaches for all very few.

In addition to the fact that most beaches are paid, we will have to pay for the amenities that are relying on these beaches, that is, for an umbrella and a chaise longue. On a private beach it will cost 20.000 lire per day (almost $ 12), on public beaches, and they are quite a bit, – $ 5 (for comparison: in Greece – $$ 1.5-2, in Spain – about $ 3).

The most elegant public is found mainly on the east coast of Liguria (Nervi, Portofino, Riomagzhori, Santa Margarita). Lovers of gambling are most suitable for the oldest Ligurian resort – San Remo, well-known with us as a place of the famous Festival of Italian Song. There is a casino here, and if you wish, you can smear to the neighbors – in Monaco or Monte Carlo (only half an hour of driving). In winter in San Remo prices are even higher than in summer. The best hotel in San Remo, and all the coast – Hotel Royal. It is located 20 meters from the sea, in the heart of the city, and is surrounded by a subtropical park. But San Remo is still a city with car noise and other "Charming" Urban Life. In general, no calm place.

The most exquisite and prestigious is the rest in Portofino – a small town in a secluded cove in the east coast, where Arab sheikh and other bourgeois rests on their yachts. Motorists will have to pay to Santa Margarita, leave the car in the parking lot and go to the city by bike or on foot. On machines, ride is prohibited, because – concern for ecology. And if the pocket does not allow you to stay here for a week or another, you can just spend a few hours in this beautiful place. True, if San Remo and the neighboring Bordeger have long spied with the influx of tourists, then the little Portofino is still trying to burn out the surrounding world, protecting the cream of society from curious eyes. This is perhaps the most expensive place on the coast.

Now about the service. Here you used to work with the Germans, and the commitment of the Germans is well known. Therefore, the Italians are trying in the way: the menu in German, and the staff speaks German. True, it basically refers to the west coast. French and the British rest on the East, as well as quite a lot of rich Italians from the north of Italy – from Milan and Turin.

Those who love entertainment is best to choose Santa Margarita. There are two elite discos – "COVE DI NORD EST" and "Karlion". And in the Chirial, for example, there is a water park. Calm and privacy can be found in a highly or in Chala Ligure. However, in almost every coastal town you can find everything you need for a pleasant stay. Bars, discos, hotels, as a rule, are right on the shore, and not in the mountains. Assortment All sorts of water entertainment. Not everywhere, however, you can do windsurfing – on the east coast the sea is not too calm.

Climate of these places – warm and soft all year round. The mountains protect from the cold and winds in winter (the snow falls very rarely), and in summer – from the exhausting heat. For example, in Florence and Rome, the temperature can reach 38-40 degrees, here above 27-30 degrees does not happen, and at night even cool. So the lack of air conditioners in almost all hotels should not confuse – they are simply not needed here.

In San Remo not for songs

Despite the fact that the Ligurian resorts are an order of magnitude higher than in Rimini, and here there are still places for people who do not swim in gold. This is primarily the western coast of Liguria with its sandy beaches, which was chosen by tourists with average sufficient (San Remo, Alassio, Spotry, Albisola Marina, Peter Liguri, Varaz). Very good and, most importantly, an inexpensive resort – Arena 10 kilometers from Genoa. Rapallo, Santa Margarita, Lavana – Resorts are also inexpensive and also with a very clean sea.

In principle, nothing will prevent (except for the lack of money) to travel around the coast, wherever you settled: all the coast of just a length of 300 kilometers. From San Remo to the capital of Liguria Genoa, for example, less than two hours by train. Faster – by bus, but by train more convenient: cheap, trains often go, service at the level, and the road passes through the most beautiful places – than not excursion? The car is very expensive there, and not in all the towns, by the way, the car traffic is allowed.

Recently, Russians started talking in Liguria: a domestic tourist went. Russian-speaking guides appeared. According to the Italians themselves, the Russian tourist is special, he has its own requirements. For example, it is very precisely suitable for meals: He needs as much salads and fruits as possible, but as little macaroni, and necessarily sausage and cheese for breakfast (that the Italians are not always clear – they are for breakfast they drink only a cup of espresso). True, the Russians do not refuse to taste and typically Ligurian dishes. Ordering the hotel in the agency, be sure to make a menu (for example, buffet).

In addition to resting on the beaches, the Ligurian coast offers a lot of sightseeing routes. First, Genoa is a city of palaces and port zucchini, the city of Christopher Columbus and Niccolo Paganini. Despite the abundance of monuments of architecture and culture, Genoa turned out to be as it were in the second plan after Rome, Venice, Florence. And many believe that in vain it is accepted so. During the excursion you will spend on narrow "sausage" The streets of the old city (winding and long, they really resemble sausages), show the palaces of rich Genoese merchants and the miracle of the preserved facade of the house, where Columbus was born. Happy children go to the most modern oceanarium in Europe.

Especially for Russian tourists are organized excursions to wine plants. From Liguria, you can go to other areas of Italy – there are tours for two days in Rome and Verona or Venice (about five hours of driving). By train three hours to Florence. In general, in Liguria everything is ready for reception of guests from Russia. Case only for guests.

In San Remo not for songs

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