In search of Eidodo: Mexico – a country other than others

Probably lucky navigator Christopher Columbus was also an excellent storytellor. After all, it is his eloquent bikes about the irrelevant wealth of new lands gave life a legend about the Eldorado – a fantastic country in Latin America, where everything is made of pure gold. Thousands of conquistadors, dealers of adventure and light profit hurried to the land of non-PUB. The Spaniard Fernando Cortes, who, in 1521, was completely destroyed in the deception and robbery of the indigenous population, which in 1521 for the gold of Montesum completely destroyed the Aztec capital. According to one version, the unique products of the ancient tribes were coldly melted in chops. On the other – most of the Aztec gold invaders never managed to find. Therefore, the search for Eldorado continues until now. Only his estimated geography – Peru, Colombia. More often than others mention Mexico. And what are looking for our compatriots in a distant country, the reporter found out with the manager of a large tourist company Svetlana Konkova, who recently returned from Mexico. – I know that Mexico is a dream for many people. Most of our citizens can afford to Europe. And many of them can tell a lot about European culture. Predictability, of course, relaxes, but not impressive. With persistent Eastern mentality, we also got acquainted slightly, and the mind requires novelty. So, the Europeans are increasingly going to the countries of the Caribbean and especially in Mexico. There is nothing about Americans, Mexico is for them – as for Russian Turkey: nearby resort. From Frankfurt, 12 hours flew on a modern two-story "Boeing" And the plane was clogged to refusal, not a single free chair. In the appearance of passengers it was possible to understand that among them, of course, there are flying through the ocean on business affairs, but most are as relaxed, which is understandable – they are on vacation.

– Mexico becomes a trendy resort?

– For Europeans, she began long ago, but the Russians are still perceived by almost as aliens, with careful interest. After all, it seems, our people have already settled everywhere, but there is no Russian diaspora in Mexico. Little Russian specialists come to work under contracts, sometimes create their firms, but almost no one changes citizenship. (Recently, the Russian trading costs even eliminated here, it was probably decided that the representative in the singular will interfere with the cooperation of private firms less than a team of professionals.) I was accepted in Mexico for both the Frenchwoman, and for Italian, but the word "Rasha" From the mouth of the local population, I never heard.

– And as affectionately you met a new land?

– Not really. Nature on the Caribbean in October broke out by a real hurricane. Then I flooded Cuba, Florida, the most expensive Mexican resorts in the Caribbean and even the ancient city of Chichen Izu, where the unique Mayan pyramids are. But we must pay tribute to the diligence of the Mexicans themselves and foreign owners of hotels, they have almost restored everything and will take tourists again by mid-December.

But then, in October, instead of the promised landing on the Atlantic coast, it was necessary to relax on the shore of the Pacific. The difference in the local resorts, of course, is, but, as well as everywhere in countries, long-growing tourism, it is rather in the nuances. Service everywhere corresponds to the European. Well, for example, the most fashionable and expensive resorts cancun and Cozumel in the Caribbean – this is the embodiment of the American idea of ​​the perfect vacation. Beaches with white sand, luxury hotels, restaurants, large water park, Dai-Vinga schools (here the second largest after Australian coral reef), but there is no local flavor. But on the Pacific coast, in the same Puerto Vajart, and lower prices, and Mexico is felt truly. And well-known Acapulco – this is generally a national health rescue, of course, for the wealthy population. Since most Mexicans are forced to relax at the place of residence, where the greens of the mountains of the mountains are replaced by landscape city parks, and the sea – affordable pools.

– That, not only the Indians live here, but yesterday "Conquerors"?

– Everything is relative. If on Cuba, the average earnings of 10 American dollars, then the minimum is here 150-200. Mexicans – the people proud and never complain about their lives, especially foreigners. They are simply sure that things in their country go for a year from year all better and better. Maybe they are right, in any case, no crime on the streets. The guide receives us for his many years of practice was able to remember only one case when from a Russian tourist, there is no one as wages to work on the working outaw in two o’clock in the morning, they removed the gold chain. Here, even men on the streets get acquainted not as obsessive Turks, but as pupils of kindergarten with an English bias: – "Hau Do You Do". Maybe from the fact that they practically do not speak English, but express themselves on a difficultly pronounced Sew Spanish and Indian dialects? Explain the words here the problem even in large supermarkets, you have to connect your fingers, facial expressions.

– Surely a man here are all real macho, like filmmakers in Mexican TV series?

– It seems to me that they are not only not beautiful, but even displaced to the mid-level, too rude appearance, and even habit wearing dark clothes. And in order to remove the series, without dropping the prestige of the country, the local producers have to be pretty sweat on the casting. In the sea of ​​applicants at least one handsome man yes. No grace and dark wide-resistant Mexickens do not differ. However, external unattractiveness, in my, of course, taste is completely compensated by good nature and immediacy. On Garibaldi Square in Mexico City, we listened to the national pendaho singers. They are like European pipelists or our "Transitional" Artists. Sombrero on wider guys, guitars in the hands of large, voices – loud, not only hearing. Americans are serious, listened folklore. Europeans are silent, do not smile. And only our spoiled by the voices of great, overlooking in bewilderment. Using our confusion, the guide explains that these artists were hired to sing to the beloved under the balcony. And in gratitude for a non-stroke Serenade, the girl dropped down a flower pot. Yes, the song is worth! Although at the same time, if some opera celebrity or pop star arrives in Mexico City, tickets for a concert not to get. Most of all, they are listening here by Mark Anthony, Alexander Umbalgo and Singer Talia. Well, the famous and extravagant performer Caesaria Ivora, who at 50 suddenly suddenly fell by dense bass, just idle.

– Mexico City – the largest capital of the world. Honestly, it is even difficult to imagine how the metropolis with a 25 millionth population can live. We have Moscow and from 16 million chips.

– I do not know their internal problems, but from the side everything looks great, especially when the city is located high in the mountains, pour out the night lights. Hundreds of skyscrapers, giant shopping centers, wide straight streets, beautiful bridges, discos and entertainment centers literally at every step. Dancing in Mexico is not leisure, not a rest, but something like a universal means of communication. Dance everything and everywhere. Tourists can also master the salsa, meringues or rumb, if you believe advertising, in just three days. Dance schools offering individual lessons for beginners, many not only in the capital, but also throughout the country.

In a huge Mexico City from the Great to Funny and indeed only one step. Here in the presidential palace, that on the main metropolitan area of ​​Falcon, you can absolute-nobly view the magnificent frescoes of Diego Romery, illustrating the entire history of the Mexican people, which, in fact, is a series of wars of Montesums with the Spaniards. And not far from the presidential palace, representatives of the indigenous population, real Indians in small skirts and feathers on the head. Some of something is blindly protesting, others offer pieces of their history in the form of souvenirs: carpets, tablecloths, interesting shells. A lot of ceramics: green and blue frogs, caskets, iguana, cacti, colors Kala – Mexican symbol. By the way, the visits are very popular with headlocks with the image of the artist Frida Kalo, the beloved woman of Mr. Trotsky, tragically died in this country.

Mexicans – Very zealous Catholics, probably, therefore the previous Pope John Paul II The only country in the world visited five times. And it was Mexico. Here abortions and families are prohibited here, as a rule, have from 3 to 5 children. We watched, as in a 25 million mexico, a holiday was held in honor of the icon of some local holy. It was a huge led marathon, literally paralyzed traffic in the center. There are no official casinos and, fence, god, public houses, but, they say that all these benefits can be easily obtained on one of the numerous discos. In Mexico, for example, many employees in, service sector do not receive salaries at all, but live only on tips from guests of hotels and visitors restaurants. Therefore, it is considered obligatory to give them, but sometimes only 10 pesos (about 1 dollars). And for 10 dollars you can dine in a good restaurant, for 11 already get to "Official" Taxi from the center of Mexico City to the airport. On tiny private machines – even cheaper. On this earth, everything is inexpensive, the main thing to fly over the ocean.

In search of Eidorado Mexico - a country other than others

– And what does the country look like outside the metropolitan region, there is a real color of Mexico begins?

– We drove almost the entire country by car. Comfortable "Lincoln Aviator" Durble us with stops in the most interesting places from Mexico City to the Pacific Coast. Although usually use aircraft for so long. But from the Earth, we were able to see a real Mexican nature. Mountains covered with deciduous forests, something even similar to our, picturesque steppes. And after three hours of the road, we already found themselves in the rocky desert with huge cactus. These prickly giants in the country use one hundred percent. A strong Mexican tequila in Russia is already well known and drink in all the rules of local etiquette, with salt and a piece of lemon. (The best variety is considered "Don Julio Blanco", But it is not exported to us to our country). In addition, there are plates from the developed barrel of cactus, on which primitivistic folk pictures are drawing. The fruits of some cacti are reminded to taste Kiwi, and they are eaten by dessert. Gentle leaves of others are fry and served on a side dish for fish and meat. Cacti even soup. Cactus flour add to national pellets such and Kisadies. It removes it to pizza, only instead of cheese filling, more often from vegetables, covered on top of a spicy mold. There is this Mexican fast food, as well as everything that is sold in roadside cafes, it is quite possible. It is not recommended to buy food from Stools. Fraught "Montesum revenge", so here is figuratively called diarrhea. It is better to eat in decent restaurants, especially since it is not expensive.

– Mexico is interesting to travelers primarily as the land of Aztecs and Maya. How many monuments of the ancient civilizations have survived there?

– Fortunately yes. It seems that real discoveries are expecting ahead. Large and small settlements are scattered across the country, often high in the mountains, away from tourist routes. You can get there only with an individual guide or renting a car. Organized tourists are more likely to be in ancient Chichen-ICU, it’s near Cancuna, where Maya’s pyramids and a ball box have been preserved. I must say that, unlike the Greek or Roman, the gods of Maya and Aztecs do not resemble people. These are some extraterrestrial monsters. Here Jaguar devours the human heart, here the priest carries a chopped head in his hand. In one place the wall of the temple around the perimeter is generally decorated with turtles. Here, the unique Pyramid of the Kukulkan, an ancient Aztec calendar, who, as scholars found out, also borrowed from an even more ancient Mexican tribe of Almecks. The pyramid consists of nine platforms affecting its unearthly beauty; On certain days it descends or rises "Sunny snake", Indicating calendar time. Today this is so to the end and not solved solar effect with might and main use of the organizers of the evening laser show.

Simultaneously with this ancient settlement, there was a civilization of Teotiuokan, it is located next to Mexico and is represented by the pyramids of the Moon and the Sun, externally similar to the structure of aliens. Representatives of this civilization were, on the contrary, very peaceful, all the pictures left with them depicted flowers, animals, battle scenes not to be in risen.

– Americans and Europeans go to Mexico behind the Sun, Sea and Exotic. And Macho themselves where they rest?

– If you can afford it at all, then go to where there is snow. Norwegian fjords are especially popular. About cold and snowy Russia they still do not know anything.

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