In search of inspiration – Valdai Iversky Bogoroditsky Holy Men’s Monastery

The Valdai Iverly Male Monastery is rightfully included in the list of the main shrines of Russia. Founded in 1653 by Patriarch Nikonom (the author of serious church reforms that led to "Split"), Monastery for many years becomes (along with later built by Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg) the spiritual center of all of the North-West of the country.

How to get

Many mistakenly think that the monastery is somewhere far away, in hard-to-reach places. Partly this is true. The monastery is located on the Selwick Island of the Valdai Lake and until recently we can get here only on a boat AI on the pontoon bridge.

Now the island with the mainland connects the stationary bridge and a decent road. But, go from Valdaya to the monastery will have to take a taxi, personal car or fellow.

Before Valdaya, it’s enough to get enough. It is located on the Valdai hill, almost in the middle, between Moscow and St. Petersburg. On a new, paid track, here 4-5 hours of a comfortable trip (a trip to 600-900 rubles will cost)

In addition, Moscow and Veliky Novgorod can be reached by the passenger train, and from St. Peterburg at the speed "Swallow". So, passenger buses go from St. Petersburg and Novgorod.

By and large, you can easily come here for one day, but we, of course, recommend to come to all weekend (at a minimum), so well enjoys local beauties.

From the story: the monastery was founded in 1653 by Metropolitan (then more) Nikon. During the next two years, Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich (one that "Tisheysh") Suppresses the monastery The richness of the neighborhood and the Borovic monastery. The monastery very quickly becomes one of the richest and well-known in the country. It was a real spiritual education center of that time

In 1655, from the territory of the coherent Belarus, from the Orsha Kutinsky monastery, from the persecution of uniats, the extensive monastic braith moves here and starts a book printing on the territory of the monastery, as well as developing artistic crafts (the manufacture of colored tiles and wood carving).

Monastery typography becomes innovation for Russia, t.To. before that there was only one printed yard – "Sovereign", in Moscow. Under Peter I Monastery, with all its faults, "attributed" To the newly open Alexander Nevsky Lavra and remained this until 1730.

In 1927, the monastery was closed, and workshops were organized on its territory. During the war years there was a hospital. Later Disabled House and Children’s School for Children Patients with Tubekules. In the 70s, the recreation base was opened.

In 1991, at the insistence of the Archbishop of the Novgorod and Old Russian (now Metropolitan) of a lion and when supporting the patriarch of All Russia, Alexy II monastery was transferred to the church. By that time the monastery was in a deplorable state, and most of the buildings were abandoned. Only by 2007 the monastery was renovated.

REFERENCE: In the design and construction of the Holy Officer, the Patriarch Nikon himself, which possess large knowledge in agriculture. In the design of some buildings is very noticeable asymmetric style, fashionable at the time.

Where to eat

On the territory of the monastery you can eat fresh monastic pastries, delicious bread, own milk and wonderful tea. The rest of the publication is located in the village. There are several decent cafes from which we can recommend "I want a kebab" – decent cafe with wonderful cuisine and low prices.

The main temple of the monastery is the Iversky (Uspensky) Cathedral. It is here that the icon of the Iberian Mother of God is kept (a list with the Afonov Icons of the XVII century). Here, daily and festive services are held. Very often, Metropolitan itself serves here, the Metropolitan and Starus Lion, whose works and aspirations, the Holy Honor gained a new life.

We are extremely lucky. The tour of the story and modern life of the monastery for us was held by Ieromona (this is the monastic chin, giving the right to perform services) Father Pantheliamon. In the past life, he was a doctor in St. Petersburg, but for more than 20 years he lives monastuously.

It is remarkable that the excursion in the monastic life spent not a tourist guide (with their eternal traction to inventing myths and various fairy tales), and the monastery of the monastery, who knows his life from the inside. The story turned out permanent.

Panteleon’s father told us the official legend about the origin and the wonderful acquisition of the icon of the Iverland of Mother’s Mother and the history of the Valdai Copy of Athos Icons. On this story, you can easily remove an exciting feature film. Over the ages of its existence, the monastery worried ups and downs and once again increasing like a Phoenix bird from ash.

From the water, the view of the monastery is just wonderful and a small walk on the waters of the Valdai Lake stands without fail. Beauty on the shores are inaccessible, and the monastery itself looks majestic and unstable. Built as an impregnable fortress Monastery for all his history in hostilities did not accept participation. Only once, during the times of the Borivist Sprovers, Oboyel was "Oshyden" Hungry Bolsheviks (easier to select than to work).

With water stroke at the Iversky monastery a completely different look. It seems that he stood here forever, built before the creation of the world. And the first, guests are welcomed by the Church in the name of St. Phillip. Of that very, strangled smeared smear, by order of Ivan IV "Grozny". This during the transport of its relics from Solovkov to Moscow Nikona was a vision.

And the holy abode appeared. And the lake was renamed "Holy" (Remember "Midshipmen forward!" – "In Mekeshin, the Skit was taken to her, at the Holy Lake!"?). Now it is true, again Valdai. And I think that this is true. Let this beautiful lake be both Valdai and Saint at the same time. Everyone can find something in this place.

The next place of our visit becomes Choocolone XVII century. It has been preserved almost in priority and only the dome was restored at the beginning of the two thousand. All bells on the belfry "Novodel", T.E. Molded already in our times.

FACT: Tent bell tower of the Valdai Iversky male monastery is one of the highest all-west of the country. Initially, 13 bells were installed on it. Later their number increased to 17.

Now they are much smaller, but the melody did not become less solemn. From the end of the XVIII century, Valdai was famous for his bells with their raspberry chime. Although, as for me, this is usual "Marketing" the course of Valdai masters of that time and in my opinion the ringing of Valdai Bells is no different from the same Caslean.

The view from the belfry opens just a blessing (sorry that in my text so many epithets in an excellent degree, but I will not throw out words from the song). The entire monastery and the surroundings are like on the palm and can be seen in detail all the details, as well as, looked around the entire territory of the monastery, admire the greatness of the ancestors.

Every 15 minutes of the bell of the Iversky Monastery, the short chime be chopped off, and once an hour you can hear the intricate melody that worn in the distance. But completely different "painting" Waiting guests of the monastery on holiday and weekends.

And here, for "Chumany" The corps, on the opposite bank of the Valdai lake, is a government residence, built in the days of Stalin. And already behind it, one of the official residences of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. What do not say, but he knows the power to be arranged. Now I firmly decided to nominate my candidacy for the presidency of the Russian Federation :))))

Considering the bells closer, I am surprised to find elements of the Slavic-Celtic patterns in the ancient mythology in the ancient mythology. What do these patterns do on the bells of the Orthodox Church, we do not know and do not understand. Maybe you know and can enlighten us? We will be very grateful!

According to the monastery ringing, science is not complicated and he mastered her for the month.

– The main major melody to explore! And then – pure improvisation! – tells us this amazing and modest person. I think that in fact it is not so simple, but it is impossible to know this (without trying).

On the biggest bell is written "Dar from the slaves of God Alla". What is this alla? It remains only to guess. Though. Why do we need this information?

We go down the narrow and steep staircase (immediately it became clear why there is no full risking). The walls and steps breathe a story and it seems that now, because of the turn, a banging elder will be released in a well-minded contracting and blessings.

And again we are extremely lucky. We hit the festive liturgy. It was the day of St. Sergius Radonezh and the service served himself Metropolitan Novgorod and Old Russian Lion. By this case, the Assumption Cathedral was full of believers.

As you probably know, I am a man not to say that I would be much closer to a particularly believer and Buddhist worldview (so much that, by and large, I consider myself a Buddhist), but service, especially festive, in Orthodox cathedrals certainly cause delight and something such a delicate and Easy.

No wonder Orthodoxy was chosen by a new state religion, bypassing Judaism and Islam in the race (again Zhezh "Havor Pit. " – it’s our all).

In search of inspiration - Valdai Iversky Bogoroditsky Holy Men's Monastery

Metropolitan Choir singing solemn hymns, holy fathers in rich festive clothes, and over all these wonderful frescoes, adorning the colon. Smoke from smoking in the codilles of incense rises up and through it penetrated non-refined, but such long-awaited rays of the sun.

Ends service to the sermitch of Lord Lion. It tells simple and understandable to each language from the Ambon about the sins of human and instructs all those present on the path. The path in which there is no place for lies and cowardice, but there is an opportunity to improve yourself every day and the world around.

Communication with believers do not end and after service. After all, the help of suffering is one of the main tasks of the church.

In just a couple of minutes after this photo was done, Metropolitan Lion from his personal funds sacrificed a woman 4000 on a ticket home. And preceding the voices of dissatisfied – and you yourself did a lot today?

In the evening, we got the next question.

Where to spend the night?

With places in Valdai not everything is simple. For such a touristly promoted place of hotels here, they are not quite comfortable. EcoLub "Valdai", and couple databases are located far from the Valdai lake and the city (in the forest). You can only get there by taxi (not very cheap) or personal car. With hostels in general stress, so housing is better to book very in advance.

We were lucky – there were free places in the cozy hotel "Valdai Zori". Having been in it, we can safely recommend. There were no minuses. Some advantages: Located on the very shore of the lake (almost opposite the monastery), free breakfasts (with the possibility of ordering complex neighbor and dinner). Rooms with balconies from which you can enjoy gorgeous views and unforgettable sunsets and dawns. Beach and boats rental.

Yet one of the nights we decided to spend in the monastery. There are two monastery hotels on the territory of the monastery.

I will make a reservation immediately – the setting in the rooms for pilgrims Spartan. No TVs and other excesses. 3-4 beds in the room and shared shower and toilet to the block of two rooms. But, sorry, and what did you want to emery in the monastery?

But we walked around the deserted monastery at night, and to the four in the morning they rose to the bell tower. What to meet dawn.

The sun, going to warm up to its warmth, the clouds blooming the clouds bloody float, as if in the edification of us and the whole world.

The sun slowly rose over Valday and from here, from this height, it seemed that the whole world was filled with this heavenly beauty and the coming day would bring only good, and everything will work out in life and all dreams come true!

We descended only about five. Heavy morning fog "Plague" Corps (when there was a hospital for patients with Chuma and Cholera) and it seemed more sinister, worthy of his nickname.

From this building almost the entire monastery was like a palm. And in the morning the abode seemed more solemn and majestic.

From the monastery pier, all Valdai like a palm. Only early fishermen announced the surroundings with their replicas, interested in each other Kle.

By the way, pecks here well, and smoked carps just melted in the mouth.

In conclusion, several photos of the workflow. Photo by Dmitia Lysenko. My friend and colleague.

And a bonus, a couple of photos shot by Dmitry with a helicopter. But we will tell about this in our next report.

In search of inspiration - Valdai Iversky Bogoroditsky Holy Men's Monastery

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