In search "True tradition"

Moscow Travel Agency "Path to me" Forms a group that in late July will go to China, to Shaolinsky Monastery. It will be the first such journey not only for Russians. Perhaps the other travel agency in the world could have managed to make such a tour.

What is his novelty, correspondent "I" I asked to tell one of the organizers of the tour – Vice-President and Executive Director for Europe and the CIS of the Association of Shaolinsky Wushu, Vice-President of the Martial Arts Association of Russia, President of the Association for the Study of Shaolin Martial Arts, Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Maslov. (In addition to occupied secular positions, Alexey Maslov is a Shaolin monk of the 32nd generation (monastic name Xin Yin).

The origins of the wushu belong to the last millennium to our era. As the established complex, it occurs in the XVI – XVII centuries. Wushu in China is not just a kind of martial art, which it became known all over the world, and the system of human education. More than 80 percent of the Chinese brought up in schools. They were taught there to read, write, taught the art of communicating with people. Until the forties of the XX century, schools performed a very important social function.

Not everything is associated with the battle. There are aimed at spiritual development meditative species. In this, the main difference of wushu from Karate and Taekwondo, which are not species of religious practices. Wushu from quite a middle man makes not only a good fighter, but also developed personality.

Other Essential Wushu from other martial arts consists of the following. There is, for example, a general kind of karate. And although it disintegrates on various schools, they all are quite similar. In this sense, there is no single wush. There are weights of schools that are based not on general technology, not on the general theory, but on the personalities of teachers. The teacher is a carrier of tradition, a person enlightened, being close to which you can achieve enlightenment. Now in China there are several thousand large and small schools of the Wushu, which are reduced to about three basic directions. Schools of different regions are also different because the wushu is always based on worship by local spirits.

To study karate, it is enough to work in a good Western section. To explore the wushu necessarily need to be in China. Because in the west of the real ear not yet. Then the wushu, which is familiar to us by pictures and numerous films, this is a highly seasoned with Western myths, which has nothing to do with real ear.

In China there is a concept "True tradition". The teacher can have five, ten, one hundred students. The teacher can learn the whole village. Naturally, these are different people in their abilities, first of all, spiritual. From these hundred people, only one or two can not only master the technical skills and methods of meditation, but also get a spiritual impetus to the master. These two people are considered received "Truth" or "True tradition". Only such people can open their schools or simply teach people. And very rare cases when one of them goes to the West.

One of the largest and most ancient centers, which preserved all the traditions of Wushu and became a kind of Mecca for the masters of all martial arts of the world, is Shaolinsky Monastery.

He is located in the province of Henan, in the mountains of Sunshan. These places are distinguished by fantastic energy. Taoists always settled here, people who brought up immortality. Here they are in crucibles paid "Pills of immortality" – Silver alloy, mercury, gold, arsenic and various herbs. So that the pill is turned out, it was necessary not only to know in what proportions mix ingredients, but also be sure to pay it in a holy place. Such a pill accepted for several years was a very strong means of exposure to the body. She operated two. Either extended life (by the way, all the modern Chinese medicine is the echoes of those very pecilment of immortality), or a man died. But the degraded soul who lost his Broan Body acquired the ability to stay on Earth, to be wagered in heavenly spheres, descend into hell, put into other bodies, including in their own abandoned. Therefore, the pill was supposed to be paid in the place where there are no obstacles to move spirits. Perfumes, in Taoist ideas, move only in a straight line, and if they put an obstacle on their way, then begin "swirls" Spirit. And, as a result, there is a bad earthly energy. Spirit can be offended and send to the ground, for example, drought. Fairy tales fairy tales, but I witnessed how after spill "wrong" The pillar began rain. Therefore, so far, if the Chinese are going to build anything, they are checked with special tables.

Daoi after several years of life in these mountains acquired amazing properties. They, for example, could suddenly disappear from the visibility field, move over long distances for a split second. And now people who have lived in these mountains for a long time, begin to see at night as well as the day.

In III – IV centuries, the first Taoist herchers were created here, which were then turned into monasteries. Then there began to settle Buddhists. At the end of the fifth century, the famous Shaolin monastery emerged in the Sunshhan mountains.

Monastery attracting crowd pilgrims, very small. Now there lives only a little more than a hundred people.

Shaolin is not only the main center of the biggest school of martial arts, it is the place of origin of Chan Buddhism, which in the West is more known as Zen-Buddhism.

According to the legend, in the 6th century, the 28th patriarch Buddhism Bodhidharma came from India to China to preach Buddhism there. And saw that the monks misunderstand the Buddhist truth. For them, the main thing in Buddhism was reading and memorizing by heart Buddhist sutr. Bodhidharma began to explain that the main thing is not to memorize the words, but more to do meditation to awaken the Buddha inside. Because Buddha is in every person. It’s just hidden under different layers: layers of culture, experiences, passions. If a person from these layers is cleaned, then it will become indistinguishable from the Buddha. Bodhidharma said that the Buddha can "Become here and now", For this, it is not necessary to pass through many rebirths. Monks did not understand his sermons. Then he retired to a small cave, high in the mountains above the monastery (it was still preserved) and spent nine years in meditation, proving that this is a real way to wake up Buddha inside. On the wall of the cave, the appearance of Bodhidharma was imprinted, it can be seen now. It is closed with awesome clothes – a red-yellow monastic robe, which, according to legend, belonged to Patriarch himself. In the cave now few people rises, but there are many initiations. Our group will see her with their own eyes.

This is one of the saints of Chan Buddhism. The monks who saw the feat of Bodhidharma took his doctrine as the only true. And began to preach him. At the same time, the preaching began on the equality of spiritual and physical in man. Before that, Buddhism did a big focus on asceticism. The followers of Bodhidharma argued that a person is born as a totality of spiritual and physical, and during his life should develop both of these starts in itself. Then there were those methods of self-education, which then reborn in combat wush.

As a holistic system, Shaolin combat wushu is drawn up in the XIV century. Still a lot of wushu is kept by monks secret. The secret is not an appliances, but methods by which monks reach their skill. Mystery, for example, remains like a hanged person can coach a few hours in the loop and not suffocate. Or as a person with enough weak hands can peat a stone into powder. And it knows almost every monk. These abilities are achieved by special methods of inner art. The monk may not even know how to strike may not even know how to defend against impact. His art – in gaining high internal energy, thanks to which he becomes a martial arts master. This is not a shown, but absolutely internally art. Therefore, in Shaolinsky Monastery there are no competitions. Compete in such things meaningless. In practice, this should have ended the death of one of the opponents.

Some educational methods that were previously secret were gradually published. But not all. Monks give an oath, which will give knowledge only dedicated to the monk. And if the monk opens a school in the world, it will only teach some complexes of exercise, relaxation techniques, massage, acupuncture. To obtain the methods of achieving skill, you can only passion.

Monastery in the morning is open to visiting tourists. Any can buy a ticket and go inside, view sculptural images. Monks at this time are in the rear wing of the monastery, tourists are prohibited there. They never train in front of visitors and never show them techniques. At three o’clock the monastery is closed, the monks choose the courtyard, re-consecrate him and then they are already engaged in practice itself.

After Shaolin became legend in the West (thanks to the films with Bruce Lee), the mass of foreigners rushed here. And since no one’s unnecessary monks do not want to train, for tourists around the monastery, the mass of schools that have no relation to the monastery itself. The only educational institution in which the same thing is taught that the monks are learning, this is the International Academy of Shaolinsky Wushu.

People who will go with us will receive instructions in this Academy. No need to dedicate: I have already said that no one will reveal all the secrets of Miryanin. But they will learn the same to learn monks. The rules of Shaolin behavior are being studied, or rather, its foundations – entirely they can be comprehended for many years. First of all, it is taught to communicate with himself. This is necessary because a person is attached to complex and sufficiently dangerous technicians, and hazardous primarily in relation to oneself. If they are wrong to use, you can hurt the psyche. All this is included in the theoretical part of learning.

Practice at the first stage is reduced to the study of several basic complexes, methods of workout, body preparation, training, respiratory and meditative methods. When the student has reached some level, he is beginning to train work with weapons. With traditional (swords, halbards, knives) and so-called secret weapons. In such a weapon, almost any item can be, for example, eating chopsticks or monastic slippers, wet rag, fly swatter.

All secular training of Shaolinsky Wushu is divided by ten stages. The first is the easiest, tenth – the most difficult. People possessing the tenth degree are extremely few. The third degree can reach a person with quite medium abilities.

The level of preparation for the one who has never engaged in Wushu, and the one who has been engaged in them in Russia for many years, almost the same. Therefore, the child and the old woman in Shaolin will teach the same and from the same level. But the man who came to the monastery in the second or third time will be engaged at all in another group. At the Academy, the program has always been recorded by you. And when you come next time, your training begins with the next step. Reversals or jumps are excluded.

We are always prone to self-deception. I want to think: two weeks went and already know no. For this period, even the foundations can not be seized. Although you will learn, maybe ten times more than a person who has inspired ten years in Russia. You will leave Shaolin with a stock of basic knowledge. Any piece of Shaolin System is logically completed. And on the complex, mastered for six days, a person can live the rest of his life. Another thing is that its progress will be much less significant than the progress of who engaged in the year.

Out of ten days spent in the mountains, six fall on very intensive training. Other – excursion program.

Sunshhan Mountains are not limited to Shaolin Monastery. Seventy kilometers from the monastery is the famous city of Luoyang. This is the first and most famous capital of Buddhism in China. Here in the second century of our era brought the first sutras of the monks from India. And founded the first stue in China, called a drink of a white horse. Luoyang – not only the place of worship of Buddhists, but one of the most beautiful cities of the Far East.

Other Pearl Sunshany – Famous Taoist Temple Zhuunu Miao (Middle Peak Temple). This is the largest Taoist temple. Naturally, acting – in China does not happen. It is built on the place where spirits are most often people. Here are the rituals of purification from evil spirits. Clemented bypasses around the chicken (where, by the way, the pills of immortality were smelted) under the noise of Petard, in the screens and in smoke. Chinese, and not only Taoi, still come here to clean.

The third of the most famous places is a small complex of mountain temples, not even temples, and altars, where in antiquity Great Daists and the Great Warriors received dedication. Each altar is dedicated to one of the world’s spirits. Pregnant women who asked the perfume came here and pregnant women that the Son was born by the warrior, which was considered very honorary.

For accommodation we offer one of two hotels. The first, more expensive, the level of European three-four stars with two- and triple rooms. It is located fifteen minutes drive from the monastery. In it, European service is combined with Chinese traditions. Fresh jasmine tea and Shaolin mineral water served every morning. There is a telephone and TV.

But personally, I recommend living in a less equipped hotel at Shaolin Academy. There are also double rooms with a telephone and a TV, but smaller. And everyone in the hotel is a little more compromised. But it is located close to the monastery itself, and it is here that Shaolin monks come from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Hotel is equipped with a special training room. Here you can join the environment for which they arrived.

Do men and women will be together. There is nothing strange. The fact is that Chan-Buddhist monks even marry allowed. But only on the Buddhist. And only if they swear to devote to monastic ministry. There are two kinds of monks: "Living in the mountains" and "Running from the mountains". "Descended from the mountains"- these are monks who keep all the vows, but come out of the monastery, settle on the races and marry.

It will be one of the first delegations in the world that will come not just to lay on the monastery, but to learn. And it is precisely the real monastic art. Who have reached heights, enlightened monks.

In search of true tradition

There is a reasonable question: if the Shaolin monastery does not let outsider, why monks need some disciples? The main reason is their desire to inform about yourself the truth. First, refute the opinion that the Shaolin monks is not engaged in Europe. Secondly, to show that Wushu is not what they show in films, not what is taught in numerous Western schools. What is spiritual art who needs to be trained as any spiritual practice.

There was such a case. One of the most famous Shaolin monks arrived in the USA with lectures and shows. The Americans listened carefully, and then they said: "You know, we don’t really need it. We have already already thirty years in every quarter there is a school of Shaolinski". It is clear that it has nothing to do with Shaolin. For monks such profanation – tragedy.

We included in the program only stay in Shaolin. Of course, in China there are plenty of interesting places. At first we wanted to take two days to Beijing. Few people know that Beijing is one of the few cities in the world built clearly on the energy lines of the Earth. Say that if you go through Beijing, you can extend your life for five years. But Beijing is a completely different culture layer. It’s hard to digest so much for one trip.

China generally affects the fantastic density of spiritual culture, and culture is completely unfamiliar. Europeans get tired of this. Tired of the brightness of the paints, from the overaction of sensations, from the unusual sounding of the language. After the trip, there is a feeling that I saw everything, but I did not remember anything.

Therefore, we intentionally excluded some interesting places and focused on acquaintance with the Mystical Culture of China. We must once visited this country to understand that much of the West written in the West on East Mediasis – to put it mildly, fantasy. If a person is really interesting to East, he must come, and not in Shanghai and Beijing, and in the mountains of Sunshan.

And now several practical advice gathered on a journey.

It is necessary to take a simple sports suit for classes and light sneakers. In the summer in China, large temperature differences – the day is hot, and at night it is cold. Therefore, you need to take with you not only T-shirts and summer shirts, but also a sweater, and a light jacket. No parade things need.

Do not take no boiling. In China, always twice a day in the room brings a thermos with hot water. And take the camera (films can be bought already in China).

Photos can be photographed. Shoot on video too, but only with special permission. Allowed almost always, but if you take secret, there may be great troubles for the whole group.

Monks for learning money do not take – earn money on teaching is prohibited. It’s like taking money for the preaching of Christianity.

But the Chinese love gifts. And they are better stock. A gift should not be expensive, it is rather a tribute to. The main thing is that it is functional or edible. The Chinese love samovarschiki, Russian painted saucepans, ashtrays (although the monks do not smoke, in China ashtray – also the subject of the interior). Do not carry Russian vodka, because the Chinese do not like her. They prefer their own. Meaninglessly carrying laughter and painted spoons.

Chinese village very patriarchal. You need to remember this when you communicate with the Chinese. Be sure to show respect for the elder. If the master shows something, you do not need to ask additional questions. It is indecent because the master says exactly as much as it considers it is necessary to say. If he even slapped you on the shoulder, it does not mean you made friends. It’s just approval: senior instructed the younger. If you want to ask something about something, then it is better to do through the Chinese row to you. In Shaolina, many young people, so there will be no problems.

Russians sometimes allow themselves to be drunk abroad. Here it is better to refrain from this. Seeing a man drunk, the Chinese will not say anything, but to communicate, as with equal, will no longer be.

There may be problems with food. There are wandes – forks may simply find. Of course, not everyone is used to eat iguan and bamboo with meat. But if the Chinese will see that you turn away from the plate and do not eat what he eats, you will remain a stranger to him, to whom he will tell nothing. If we eat the same thing, then we, on Chinese concepts, – brothers. In addition, no indigestion from local food with Europeans will not happen.

Do not try to experience the Chinese fighter. In the monastic charter, the monks do not have the right to enter into duels with the laity, except in cases where their life is threatened with danger.

Comply with these rules is not so difficult, although for some it represents a certain difficulty. But only living according to the laws of Shaolin, you can touch "True tradition".

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