In Senegal, the juice of Baobab is treated

Chief National Symbol of Senegal – Tree. And not just a tree, but baobab. Foreign tourist stupns on him, barely leaving the building of Dakar Yof Airport – Fat, wide and clouded, it stands on a round area in front of the airport entrance. Baobab is acquired by a cast-iron fence. Cracked near the marble plate with gilded letters says that this tree has a width of seven meters and age fifty years. She also warns that Baobabs are protected by law, and their deforestation, as well as climbing on them without a special permission of the authorities, prohibited.

On the prohibitions of Senegalents in general, spit. By baobabs without any permits from morning to evening Local boys crawled. They entertain tourists, jumping off from branches on a branch, and some kind of a coin. Tourists, mostly the French and the Germans, clap their hands and leave in dust a handful of trivia. Russians in this country are very little. And in vain. Senegal is waiting for tourists from everywhere. Including from Russia. In Moscow, there are already several travel agencies who are ready to send us to this sultry, smelling the country. True, so far only individually.

Senegal is located on the western tip of Africa and, in African standards, is a country very calm. Tourists may feel in full security and enjoy almost European comfort. The proximity of the islands of Green Cape and the Canary Islands, where (in particular, on the island of Tenerife) five times a week airplanes of the Senegal State Airline fly, make Senegal to a convenient starting point for the study of Island Archipelago Eastern Atlantic.

Twenty-minute drive from the Senegalese capital Dakar is one of the best resorts of the country – Les Almandi. The name is French, not Senegal, but there is nothing strange in this. French, although they and former colonialists, are still respected here, and therefore, after finding independence, the authorities did not rename many towns and villages who received their names in the colonial period. In French, any representative of the local services sphere speaks from the hotel’s administrator to the coastal waiter. Know, however, English, and German.

In Les Almandi Hotels level from two to five stars are built along the beach. Among them are many mansions in colonial style. Mostly owned by French and Italian hotel systems. Service, in general, at the global level. And breakfasts and lunches from the buffet, according to the stories of wearing, so abundant that you can satisfy two days ahead. Have to force yourself the next day to go to breakfast, and then to dinner. An even greater power of will is required in order to dare to dinner after all this in a palm tree.

Food, which is served here, will no longer meet you anywhere in the world. (Even in Paris there are only three real Senegalese restaurants.) Local cuisine is not served on plates, but on special boards with depressed in them. Of course, you can ask the waiter to put Senegalese MAFFE – the meat baked in a special pit, laid out by the leaves of the Sagovye – and in the ordinary porcelain plate. But the taste will not be at all. African Caidou fish soup is also served in a special: in the clay, rough pottery, a pot sealing from corn flour cake (so that the fragrance does not destroy). Soup sharp, satisfying and very tasty. Cooks in Senegal restaurants argue that this is the soup in the last century, the French colonialists were treated from a tropical fever. And he cured it seems to be many. True, only those who believed in his healing force.

In Senegal, the juice of Baobab is treated

Sweets and baking Senegalents are not so much. In the hotels, of course, dozens of types of cakes, cupcakes and cookies prepared in French and Austrian recipes are offered. Each 4-star hotel on the Senegal coast has its own European-style confectionery. But local guides recommend nevertheless to lean on berries and fruits. And the most delicacy is considered to be juice baobab. It is squeezed out of the fruits of this tree, resembling very large rosehip fruits. Juice turns ruby ​​color with a completely unique taste. In coastal hotels and on the beaches, special trays are installed, on which black bartenders are cooked, cooled and bottled this amazing drink. Baobab juice enjoys even more popular among resting people than beer, gin or yard.

The list of mandatory excursions usually turns on the ride to the Retba Lake. From alumina water in it has a reddish tint. It helps well from diseases of the joints. Local travel agencies also organize excursions to Savannah. There, thousands of flamingos nest on the marsh meadows, the herds of wild buffaloes and gazelles graze, even lions and leopards are found.

Senegal coastal waters rich in fish. There are thousands of passionate fans of fishing come back from Europe to hunt for some Marlin or to catch a pair of Sardin to spinning. Near all hotels (from four stars) there is a fishing club. When club – high-speed boat and all necessary equipment. Fishing can any hotel guestroom. Three hours "Training" fishing hotels usually offer their guests free of charge. This is an impeccable advertising move. I glowing three hours in the ocean and caught during this time mackerel weighing in powder and ten "small" (weighing to one kilogram) fish, the most distant from fishing man becomes an enthusiast of this case. Just lying on the beach then you will not forget.

In Senegal, the juice of Baobab is treated

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