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Stockholm recently for some reason is considered the capital of free love. People from all over the world go to Sweden to see the victim, what is a "Swedish family", and are often disappointed.
Despite the widespread error, there is no abundance of sex shops in Stockholm (it seems, in St. Petersburg there are even more of them). Although on the map of the city I took in one of the cafe, I was surprised to find marked seeds of sexual minorities.

I loved Sweden at first sight. Acquaintance with this close and such a distant country began with the film "Ambassador of the Soviet Union", which necessarily led to watch all schoolchildren. From the film I found out that neutral Sweden during the Second World War was not so neutral.

After the defeat of the Swedes under Poltava, the maternity Sweden decided not to lead more of the ruin wars and took a reasonable neutrality.
Russia during the reign of Peter I lost every fourth inhabitant, but did not refuse war. Such is the burden of the Great Power.

For what criteria is determined by the greatness of the country? If in social comfort and life expectancy, then Sweden – the Great Power!
One of the indicators of civilization is the comfort of satisfaction of natural needs. According to the presence of toilets (including free) Sweden, perhaps at one of the first places in the world, which cannot be said about Russia.

Sweden is the most pure in the world’s environmental terms in the world. They say that the Mayor of Stockholm says that it can drink water from Lake Melarien, and fishermen can even catch salmon near the Royal Palace.
In Sweden, you can drink water from under the tap, because it is mineralized (even in the toilet). And everywhere in the toilets water to save automatic power on and off.

Unlike us, Swedish civilization is visiting Nature. Therefore, it is forbidden to break wildflowers, cutting trees, there are not gasped at idle and do not grow into nature.
Animals are forbidden to keep in cells. It is not even allowed to stop tails dogs.

In childhood, I, like everyone else, wanted to live on the roof along with Carlson. Then I studied the Swedes on the films of Ingmar Bergman: "Strawberry Poles", "Seventh Seal", "Fanny and Alexander", "Communion", "Person", "Person", "From the life of puppets". And now I am pleased to review these films that have become the classics of world cinema.

I like the nordic style – strict, weathered and economical, without grace and without excesses. I always enjoy visiting the Swedish supermarket "Ikea". How is everything there for people! And for children, just paradise – so many game sites and entertainment. Everything is so thought out and calculated that sometimes even disgusting.

If Russia is not peculiar to Russia, then for Sweden it is an integral part of the national mentality, the spirit of the ideology of Protestantism.
By the way, the King of Sweden Gustav Vaza in 1527 to abandon Catholicism in favor of Lutherancy for an prosaic reason – so as not to pay the debts of the Roman dad. The change of faith led to the enrichment of the king at the expense of the property of Catholic hierarchs and monasteries (in 2000, Sweden officially ceased to consider the Lutheranism of the State Religion).

Probably, the material prosperity of Sweden is due to the ideology of Protestantism, which directly connects ************************* on Earth with well-being after death; Once a person is rich, it means that it is the grace of God.

Against the background of their grace, our problems seem to be inconvenient. But who thinks that he should live in Sweden, those I advise you to watch the film Ingmar Bergman "From the life of puppets" – the triumph of individuality and comfort naturally lead to lonely existence. In a prosperous Sweden, one of the highest levels of suicide.

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In Stockholm solved the problem of cyclists and motorcyclists. Everywhere made special tracks. Even deputies prefer to use the bike, because it will get to work so faster.
In Sweden, if the vehicle is not inferior to a pedestrian, a pedestrian can cause a police that will immediately appear as if from under the ground.

Yes, in Stockholm is not bad. But we are gradually becoming not worse. So the native Petersburg is becoming more like an open world of the city Stockholm.
In Stockholm, as in Paris, you can get a map of the city everywhere. Why not do the same in St. Petersburg?!

Our happiness and our trouble – huge spaces that we seem to be able to master.
A small country, as you know, to manage easier.

Live in conventional countries of countries. But what will you live in our terrible conditions?
We, Russians, do not want to agree with the priority of material over spiritual, although it is not able to absolutely free from domestic problems. Survival by type "I will go on everything, but I will never hungry!"Alien to our culture preaching the value of self-sacrifice. Pragmatism has never been and will never be a feature of the Russian soul.

That’s the whole world lives the mind, only we have one grief from mind, – and all because the Russian has a heart! It is not a distinctive feature of our national nature.
If in the West people are more concerned about the idea of ​​personal happiness, then in Russia they are tortured by the idea of ​​universal happiness – how to make everyone else to make sure, even if it is necessary to sacrifice your own life.

We, Russians, all crazy, because not so normal as the Swedes. In us less than in someone, the spirit of pragmatism is developed. Russians are eternal dissatisfaction with themselves. We are, like children, are ready to listen to everyone who got into a teacher’s pose, and therefore representatives of highly developed countries think they are an adult. But the adultery is not determined by the ability to receive, but by the desire to give, and without any benefit for oneself.

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