In Stockholm not only Carlson lives on the roof

In the middle of Stockholm, where there are shopping areas, there are smaller houses on the roofs of large houses. Straight for Carlson, which, as you know, lived on the roof. In the new year, except Carlson, there will be aware of Svensson, Yuhhanssons and other residents of the Swedish capital. Propellers, however, they have no. But there are tight stuffed wallets.

Free land in Stockholm to build residential buildings and end the housing problem, not enough. So the city authorities decided to build flat roofs of buildings in the block of bloman. Keys from new apartments on the roofs will receive (more precisely, they will pay for rent) about hundreds of families.

Now climb the roof of one of the houses where they will settle "New Carlson", and see all with your own eyes, it’s not a simple thing. Construction is in might and main, and dried up and down the elevators are clogged with barrels with paint, cafeter, plumbing and other. It would be time to use the Motor Karlson’s Motor.

Below "Dominics on the roofs" In Blomanene look like toy. As if built of cubes "Lego". In fact, it is a two-story, with a single roof, mansions, lined with beige or brown tiles. Yes, and apartments in them are not small – two-level of four rooms has an area of ​​at a hundred square meters. But there is a choir and more – sixcomers. The most miniature apartment has a room and kitchen. But on "Khrushchobu" she doesn’t look like.

If we talk about prices, then it is better not to look at the price tags, clogged. For example, renting a mentioned four-room apartment will cost a month of $ 1500, and one-room – it all depends on the area – from 750 to 850 dollars. I note, Apartments in Sweden give up "Full construction", when they are already equipped with the so-called "White Two" — Refrigerator and stove, as well as kitchen furniture kit and built-in wardrobes.

When I put in Blomanne, in order to look at what, "White twos" Just hoisted on the roofs. Hefty crane raised upstairs "Made with mind", As stated in advertising, refrigerators and firm plates "Electrolux". By the way, small squares and playgrounds with carousels, swings and sandboxes will appear on the roofs between the houses.

Now – about security. First of all children who sometimes, if mom or nanny turn away, love, throwing toys, walk in themselves. Roofs of buildings will naturally be fenced with railings. Yes, and get to the roof will not be easy – only knowing the lock code at the bottom or having a special magnetic card.

And yet I managed to go to the roof. Conduct B "hiking" Office with Urban Erling, Chef for the Company’s Property Management "Vilborgs". "In Sweden, "he says, no one has built on the roofs at home. The idea belongs to Holland and Japan where a free land is very little. The project was engaged in five years. But costs should pay off a hundredfold. 80 percent of apartments will rent Stockholm. The rest of the area will occupy employees of foreign companies".

I repeat once again, the housing problem in Stockholm is perhaps the most acute. And fathers of the city, despite their party affiliation, – whether they are social democrats or someone else – not one tooth broke, trying to solve it. Queues at housing, as in congestive times, we are painted in Sweden for many years ahead. However, construction comes with numerous norms and rules in order to preserve historical monuments – and this is almost every old house in Stockholm. No one will easily cut the prospectuses through the old part of the city.

The top of the metropolitan perfection is the Superior District of Hammarby in the plates of Lake Mallren, where there used to be an industrial area. Now here is built and submitted by the residential complex. It is considered one of the world’s best samples of modern housing architecture and infrastructure.

Interior decoration of environmentally friendly materials. Glass walls – unusual for us, but habitually and prestigious for the Swedes that are not shy of their life, and sunlight are ready to catch in any way. Soundproofed bedrooms. Vacuum garbage collection system. Of course – separate, what the Swedes have been accustomed for a long time: the remnants of the clashes go one route, metal banks – others and t.D. Two-storey apartments, as a rule, with a kindergarten balcony.

When you walk through the streets of Hammarby, it seems that you are in the southern resort, and not in the northern capital. Between the banks of the Pole runs the ferry to which the computer manages. No machines – they are on underground parking. They say, it is planned to introduce public cars so that there is no need to buy a personal car to every resident. For a moderate fee, the district control will give the keys to the car on which you can leave to the city and there to leave it there, because it may need your neighbor who has the same keys with a pager keychain – a message will come to it where you can If necessary, take the car.

Swedish socialism, in one word. Although the idea of ​​a solar modern town came to mind not by the Social Democrats, which led to Sweden to special socialism. Stockholm traditionally thought "Votchina" The bourgeois opposition is a moderate coalition party, the rival of socialists who were fairly criticized by the collapse of the municipal housing policy.

On the one hand, the construction of Hammarby is great, modern and convenient. In Swedish. But in which the socialists were right, this is in the material side of the question: Apartments in such houses can purchase or rent only people with prosperity above average.

In Stockholm not only Carlson lives on the roof

Not surprisingly, the housing issue in Stockholm was almost the main thing in the elections to local governments and the capital government of September 15. This time the Social Democrats won, which promise cheaper accommodation in Stockholmts.

But just like this problem the Swedes can not cope. After all, here, for example, there are norms according to which Sweden is obliged to take several thousand refugees annually from different countries of the world, and everyone who has passed the slingshots and the obstacles of the migration service. Naturally, they left a large proportion of cheap housing, which is built in the suburbs.

There was a paradoxical situation – the indigenous population is almost impossible to break through the cheap apartment, and there is no longer enough of the funds. It does not add the spirit of internationalism Stockholmtsam. However, being law-abiding, they openly do not rotate. It would seem that the authorities needed a richer to behave with immigrants. No, the Swedes are very afraid that they can be reproached to undemocratism. Do not do this, they are the same goat. And therefore it is necessary to create a good attitude to the authorities for those who are only included in the Swedish society. That is — "green light" in everything.

For example, now immigrant organizations have staged a question: why our seasure only in the suburbs? And the center of Stockholm for what? And the authorities seriously needed to consider how to place new fellow citizens in those areas where the Swede today get an apartment is simply impossible.

However, in the Swedish capital, the problem is not only with housing for Stockholm. Today in almost a million city with neighboring suburbs – approximately 12 thousand hotel sites – from the cheapest to "Penthouses". Any major international congress becomes for Stockholm with genuine victim.

The last example is the World Congress of Phthisiators in September. All places in the capital’s hotels were busy, because the number of participants noticeably exceeded ten thousand. And on last year’s Congress of cardiologists, for example, more than 20 thousand guests visited, and it is difficult to imagine how they are still placed. It should be noted that major events are held here very often, because the exhibition complexes the Swedish capital is equipped with the highest category.

Unable to radically solve the housing problem for the previous authorities of the city before the elections developed for the near future the construction program of not only new hotels, but also houses on the roofs. Although after recent elections, new people came to the cabinets of the Moscow government, to cancel and cross the programs of their predecessors they are not going to. Moreover, the largest construction company in Sweden "Skanska" infected the idea to overstubly all the roofs of Stockholm. For three to five years, no many 10 thousand apartments rebuild. And all on the roofs of the capital buildings. If, of course, they will withstand. So Carlson, before landing, will make something to choose.

In Stockholm not only Carlson lives on the roof

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