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Everyone is brought from travel impressions. On the architecture of a medieval gothic, adjacent to technocratic skyscrapers, about mentality, the businesses and habits of local residents and an unforgettable flavor of their kitchens, about the emerald glaroids of the ocean and purple sunsets. Behind all this, as a rule, memories of hotels remain on the backyards of memory, the main function of which, according to the majority, no more than a place of comfortable overnight stay. And few people know that there are travels of another kind, the purpose of which, along with sightseeing, is just a vacation in the hotel: underground or above ground, located in waters or in sands, salt or even ice. However, the top of all this hotel exotic is rightfully considered historical hotels – Genuine witnesses of the past eras and their zealous keepers.

Live in a medieval castle, who once belonged to the Kaiser family or powerful marquis or noble, to walk on the vaulted knightly halls, preserved the decoration of tapestries and ancient weapons, look into the wine cellar and discover the bottle of harvest of your birthday, enjoy from the balcony of a pointed flaglee spreading painting hills , vineyards and hunting grounds – what else can give the same rest from modern megacities, with their feverity and gas?

In addition to the feeling of respectableness, privacy and luxury given by the castle, each guest certainly wants to move to the time in the Middle Ages, in order to feel the last era, with its indispensable secrets, ghosts and spirit of chivalry. Therefore, it is true, the traditional visitors in the charts of Germany falls on such theatrical events, like knight and rifle tournaments, kimi-banquets, as well as, for example, in the evening of German gothic detectives "A La Edgar Wallace", The indispensable attributes of which is a corpse, an exciting crime plot, the search for a criminal, and in conclusion, no less mysterious dinner with candles, accompanied by the surprises of culinary, and not only, kind.

Therefore, it is true, historical hotels throughout Europe have recently become the most favorite shelter seat for thirsty-minded respectable recreation: whether France or England, Switzerland or Austria, Czech Republic or Germany. About the most unusual hotel castles of the Bundesland and will be discussed.

Schlosshotel Kronberg

Saforn English traditions on the shores of Main

Just 17 km from Frankfurt am Main and 20 km from his airport on the slope of Taunus Park, Kronberg Castle, whose visitors often are Frankfurt bankers and financiers conducted by seminars and congresses, newlyweds, with their guests, fireworks and splashes champagne, as well as golf lovers, the schedule of which is no less tight than the businessmen, with the difference that they need to have time and on the jog, and in the pool, and at the golf meeting, at the time looking at the evening and in the bar.

In the past, wearing the name Friedrichshof, the castle was built in 1889. According to the command of the Empress Victoria, the eldest daughter of the English Queen Victoria, the widow of Kaiser Friedrich III and the Mother of the last German Kaiser Wilhelm II. Although most of the life of the Empress lived outside of England, she managed to convey the architectural flavor of the epoch of the tudors, imprinted not only in the stone, but also in the English garden adjacent to the castle. The subject of the special pride of the hotel are works of art and library, personally assembled by the empress and consisting mainly of works of English literature and works on philosophy and natural science. Since 1954. The castle was given a new life of a business hotel, with like restaurant kitchen and maintenance. But the past traditions were not forgotten: the past English tea drinking in the library, accompanied by quiet piano overflows. By the way, at this time – from 15.00 to 17.30 Not only guests, but guests of the castle can make a tour of all his hidden corners. And going in the evening in American Jimmy"S BAR, you can not only taste a couple of fifty in the bar of varieties of whiskey, but also under the course of training the art of cooking cocktails at his Chef Luca Todisco.

Hotel accommodation from 216 to 1503€ Depending on the category: ranging from class "Comfort" And finishing "Suiten", furnished antique furniture, overlooking the park.

Burg Colmberg

Kill and eat

In the bed knight

The oldest Franconian Castle-Hotel Burg Colmberg is a beautifully preserved sample of medieval architecture. Surrounded by a powerful fortress wall with sentigious towers, the hotel is located on the Mountain Kolm, 16 km from the town-museum Rothenburg on der Tauber and 60 km from Nuremberg. The first written mentions belong to 1269 g.; At this time, the castle wore the name Cholbenberc, apparently due to the similarity of the fortress towers with pipes or pistons. And over the input portal you can see the coat of arms of Ma’olika Marcgraf Carl Friedrich, who acquired the castle in 1318 g. The inner courtyard of the Romanesque times with half-timbered buildings, balustrades and cesmon ceilings, the knightly hall and the Burgers Capella were built and rebuilt until the XVI in., carrying an imprint of shifts of styles and times. Until 1880. The castle was in possession of Nuremberg Burggraves Hohenzollern, and since 1964 he passed to the private ownership of the Unbahuen family, which was opened by the castle gate for tourists and visitors. Franconian and hunting dishes cooked in a restaurant "Zur Remise" From the game, caught on their own land – an excellent bait for true gourmets. In the adjacent reserve, you can freely meet not only wild boars and deer, but also graceful lanes, mouflons and raccoons.

Hotel cost of 79 -185€ Depending on the category and style: antique, rustic or modern.

Park-Hotel Wasserburg Anholt

Risen from the ashes

Surrounded by water Castle in the Baroque style, framed by a pair zone, no little in 34 hectares – a favorite vacation spot for solitude lovers. The hotel is located on the territory of the Anholt Castle, which from 1623 is a private residence of the Count Salm and Salm-Salm. The subject of architectural pride is the central tower XII in., Preserved in the priority and surviving bombing during the Second World War, which destroyed about 70% of the castle. After a detailed reconstruction in the sixties, on the initiative of Prince Nickolaus Leopold Zu Salm-Salm, the main part of the castle became a museum, and the hotel with a restaurant and a cafe settled in the building of the former economic building. To date, visitors are provided to accommodation services, corresponding 5 *. Lovers of pedestrian walks and golf and really have where to turn around: after all, in order to only bypass the surrounding territory, it will take a whole hour. And in the south side of the park area there is a reserve "Anholter Schweiz", In which feliefers of flora and fauna can meet freely walking animals living in the middle lane.

The castle is located 96 km from Dusseldorf; Hotel accommodation 75 – 295€ depending on the category.

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