In the blue sea, to green land ..

* Want to ride in Europe on your own car;
* Prefer a comfortable trip to tiring flights with transfers;
* Love to combine traveling with entertainment and permanent access to Duty Free)))
* Afraid flying on airplanes (although you do not recognize this)))
* Or just want to "depart a Finnish visa service", not spending time in traffic jams on the border ..

… then ferries – this is exactly what you need!

For Russians, the most popular and most budget regions of traveling water is the Baltic Sea. In addition to already loved ferries between the cities of the European Union, a constant water service has recently been launched and with Russia, or rather with St. Petersburg. Therefore, now I can tell you not only about overseas seaways, but also about where you can go straight from our country. But first things first!

Without unnecessary modesty "Queen Baltic", you can call the most popular ferry company Tallinksilja Line in this region. With it can be reached:

* from Helsinki to Tallinn, Stockholm and Rostock (Germany, only until 08/12/2011);
* from Tallinn to Helsinki and Stockholm;
* from Turku (Finland) and Riga also in Stockholm.

In addition, it should be noted that all routes to the Swedish capital pass through the Aland Islands (Finland), where the ferries make a stop for disembarking passengers. The exception is only the route to / from Riga, which is directly in Stockholm.

Among the main advantages of Tallinksilja Line can be noted: – an extensive network of routes; – excellent condition of ferries and high quality service on board; – Affordable Russian-language interface of the company’s website.

You can buy tickets for Ferries Tallinksilja Line on the Internet on the official website of the carrier, as well as in its representative offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev or other countries of the world.

Tallinksilja Line Route

The second line of the Baltic Hit Parade is confidently occupied by Viking Line, which is famous for its democratic prices, but at the same time and a more modest level of the ferry park.

Viking Line carries out passenger transportation in the following directions:

* from Helsinki to Tallinn and Stockholm (with an attendance of the Aland Islands, Finland);

* from Turku (Finland) in Stockholm (also through Alands);
* from Tallinn to Helsinki;
* From Kapelfer (Sweden) to the Aland Islands.

Unfortunately, the Viking Line site does not have a Russian-speaking interface, but brief information about ferries, routes and many other things can be found in the Special section of the site in your native language.

Purchase of Viking Line ferries is carried out both through the Internet on the official page of the company and in sales agencies in St. Petersburg, Moscow, as well as other countries of the world.

Viking Line Route Network

And finally, the most native and close to us – the ferry company ST.Peter Line, which currently carries out a water communication between Petersburg and three Baltic capitals: Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. However, unlike its Western "sisters", the Russian company has not yet been able to establish a daily ferry message between cities, and therefore decided to limit ourselves to cruises.

Thus, today, from the Northern Capital, you can travel along the following circular routes:

* Petersburg – Helsinki – Petersburg (day in Helsinki);
* Petersburg – Stockholm – Petersburg (night in Stockholm, I don’t know who needs it);
* Petersburg – Helsinki (day in the city) – Stockholm (day in the city) – Tallinn (half a day in the city) – Petersburg.

For all the above routes, there is also an opportunity to purchase a ticket for a part of a cruise between one or more cities. However, consider that ferries go only in one direction, so, for example, it is impossible to get directly from St. Petersburg to Tallinn.

What else to say about this company? Unfortunately, thoughts come to mind only about her minuses. In addition to the rather strange organization of routes, ST.Peter Line is also famous for the frequent shift of the schedule and rates for cruises. For some reason, only they have very dependent on the ice situation on the sea, and the second – from the amount of demand for the proposed tours. The level of service and the general condition of the ferries, which noticeably lose their European counterparts. But there is nowhere to go: Today, from St. Petersburg, it is almost the only one affordable sea route to the countries of Northern Europe.

Purchase tickets for ferry st.Peter Line can be on the company’s website, as well as agents in Russia and other countries of the world.

Route Network St.Peter Line

Now briefly tell about other, less popular Baltic ferry companies among Russians.

A rather branched route network can boast Finnish ferries FINN Lines, which allow you to travel in the following directions:

* from Helsinki to Gdynia (Poland), Rostock and Travenda (both Germany);
* from Naantali (Finland) in Kapelsher (Sweden);
* from Malmo (Sweden) in Travenda;
* from Gdynia (Poland) to Rostock (Germany);
* from Lubeck in Ventspils (Latvia);
* from Lubeck through Ventspils to St. Petersburg.

On the last two routes, it is possible to enter the port of Zasnitz (Germany).

You can buy tickets for ferries FINN Lines can be independently on the company’s website (not on all routes, including not Russian). In addition, there is a possibility to send a request for a special form or contact agents in Germany, Poland or Finland.


There are also two modest companies, ferries of which run only on one specified direction from Finland:

* Ships of the Finnish carrier Ecker Line serve the route Helsinki – Tallinn;
* And RG Line ferries provide water communication between Finnish Vaasa and Swedish Umea.

Tickets are purchased on the websites of companies or in official offices (RG Line and Ecker Line).

Ecker Line Route Network


Scand Lines has been hosting at all in another region, in the south of the Baltic Sea, where its ferries run on the following routes:

* From Germany to Denmark: Puttgarden – Rödby, Rostock – Gedser;
* From Germany to Sweden: Rostock – Trelleborg, Zasnits – Trelleborg;
* From Sweden to Denmark: Helsingborg – Helsingør;
* From Germany in Latvia: Travemünde – Ventspils, Travenda – Liepaja;
* And from Sweden to Latvia: Niznesn – Ventspils.

Tickets can be purchased on the company’s website or in its official offices in some European countries.


On the line Sweden – Germany with Scand Lines competes the company TT Line, providing the ability to travel along two routes:

* Trelleborg – Travemunde,
* Trelleborg – Rostock.

You can buy tickets on TT Line, as well as using official agents in various countries.

TT Line Route Network

The company of South Baltic rivals also includes steams of Stem Line, which connect the following cities among them:

* Gothenburg (Sweden) with keel (Germany) and Fredrickshawn (Denmark);
* Frederixhavn with Oslo;
* Warberg (Sweden) with Grenaa (Denmark);
* Karlskron (Sweden) with Gdynia (Poland);
* Esbjerg (Denmark) with Harvich and Immingham (both – United Kingdom).

In the blue sea, to green land ..

It is impossible not to mention that Spena Line also runs in other directions from the UK: in the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Hook Van Holland), Ireland (Dublin, Rosler, Dun Laare) and on the inner route of the Belfast.

Buy tickets for Stena Line, as usual, can be on the website or through representative offices of the company in various countries of Europe.

Baltic part of the Stena Line route

In the head of the ferries Stena Line, DFDS Seaways, the official website of which offered me a variation even in Russian. The routes of this water carrier pass through the following cities:

* from Oslo to Copenhagen;
* from Klaipeda (Lithuania) in Karlshamn (Sweden), Zasnits and Kiel (both – Germany);
* and from Esbjerg (Denmark) in Harwich (United Kingdom).

It should also be noted that in the Arsenal at DFDS Seaways there are also non-union routes from Great Britain: from Dunkerk (France) from Dunkerk (France), from Newcastle to Amsterdam and internal to Belfast.

Check tickets more profitable only on the Internet through the online booking system (this section is better to go with the international version of the site), but if necessary, you can contact the company’s office.

Baltic part of the DFDS seaways route network

Since today we touched on not only the theme of the Baltic countries, but also of the whole of Northern Europe, then I think it is worth telling about the ferries that furrow maritime expanses on the other side of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

One of the companies operating in that region is Color Line. Her vessels run next routes:

* from Oslo in Kiel (Germany);
* from Larvik and Christiansand (both – Norway) in Hirtshels (Denmark);
* From Sandefjord (Norway) in Stonestad (Sweden).

You can buy tickets for ferries Color Line both on the company’s website and in official offices.

Color Line Route Network

For those who want to make their own journey through the fjords of Norway, the following companies will be suitable.

* FJORD LINE, carrying out ferry transportation in two Hirtshels (Denmark) routes – Stavanger (Norway) – Bergen (Norway) and Hartshels (Denmark) – Cristianasand (Norway).

Fjord Line Route Network

* Hurtigruten, specializing in a wide variety of routes, including cruises on Norwegian fjords (Oslo – Bergen – Alesun – Tronheim – Bodo – Tromsø – Honninsvog – Kirkenes).

Norwegian part of the Hurtigruten route network

However, it should be noted that the cruises of the last company will cost you weekly, however, like everything in Norway.

Well, since we started talking about non-budgetary water travel in Northern Europe, I will say a few words about luxury cruise liners. If you can afford such a trip or a chance requires, then you should pay attention to two companies that organize cruises with departure from St. Petersburg. MSC Cruises and Costa Cruise (yes, that is the most!) offer a large selection of water travel duration from 2 to 14 days.

The main directions from Russia:

* cruises through the countries of the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Germany to the Norwegian fjords;
* Travel around Europe, ending in the Mediterranean;
* Mini cruises on the capitals of the Baltic or Germany.

In addition, both companies organize a lot of other interesting tours with departure from various cities in Europe. However, before planning such a trip, make sure that without regret, you can part with the amount from 10 thousand rubles per person for the most modest 2-day cruise.

In the blue sea, to green land ..

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