In the capital of the Celts love old stones

For the real estate market of the Irish Republic, the last year and a half have become a real star. Buyers are even debugging, prices are growing, investments are beneficial. The massive return to the mass return to "roots" descendants of Irish emigrants, expansion in Dublin branches Hewlett-Packard and Intel, and finally, interest in this colorful country from foreigners. Newspapers joyfully report that the difficulties of a peaceful settlement in Olster guests are not frightened from abroad. Evidence of this was several applications for the purchase, which came from distant Hong Kong, Cape Town and Moscow.

The main European event of 1998-99 should play its role in the influx of foreign money in this not the most warm country. After all, Ireland, unlike his neighbor of Great Britain, in the next winter season intends to join "United Europe" with all the resulting currency consequences. The main one will become "Equality" On the state of financial affairs in Germany and reducing mortgage loans, which are currently at the level of 7.5 percent.

Times when the house under the straw roof in Ireland could be bought for 15.000-20.000 Irish pounds have long ended (Ireland pound – IEP – a little "easier" English pound sterling, but weighing dollar, IEP1 is 0.8762 pound sterling or $ 1,43). The scatter in the value of the objects sold these days ranges from IEP40.000 to IEP3.000.000. However, the villas whose price is expressed in millions, the owners change relatively rarely. For example, more recently for $ 1.001.000 was implemented an inexpensive residence of the Danish ambassador. Once a fashionable singer, Anna acquired in the town of Killiney Castle for already for IEP2.540.000, from which the agency mediated in the transaction now makes advertising fetish. In the medium, the cost of the new housing sold in the country is now approaching IEP80.000, and the price "Second Handa" in general passed for IEP90.000.

The highest price last year increased in Dublin. From 3.5 million. The population of the republic almost a third concentrated in this city and its surroundings. Apartments in some local residential complexes in the last twelve months went up by a third. The average new apartment in the Irish capital is now sold for IEP102.550, individual houses – by IEP106.279. But on the secondary market, Dublin housing is somewhat more expensive – order IEP118.301.

The attention of the passage buyer is also worthy of cork in the southern coast (unlike the capital, new homes here are more expensive than old – IEP78.413 and IEP74.614, respectively), Limerick in the south-west (IEP76.978 / IEP66.244), Galway in the West (IEP94.673 / IEP85.298) and Waterford in the south-east (IEP74.216 / IEP64.347). If you prefer not urbanized landscapes, the most beautiful landscapes are famous for those of 26 counties that have access to the sea – West Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal.

Acquire the Irish Earth to the property without any restrictions, the law allows only residents of Ireland, as well as citizens of the states of the European Union. The rights of all other persons living in landowners are decorated with some restrictions. Fully disposed of purchased solid – that is, lay it, to rent and alienate – can, firstly, foreigners who have lived in Ireland for the last seven years, or buying land in production purposes (for any enterprise, except for agricultural). The arrival that does not satisfy the names, when buying a plot under housing, will have to be content with small: non-residents of the Irish government permits to acquire no more than 2 hectares of land.

The cost of one acre (approximately 4.000 square meters) Soils in the village of Rustic location ranges from IEP4.000 to IEP7.000. Registration fee for the record of the transaction in the land committee is almost ten times higher than the registration of the contract of sale of housing (IEP250). Fee for guiding certificates in the register of previous owners and operations with a plot is IEP68.

Buy real estate in Ireland in several ways. Of course, the easiest of them – look into the agency. Although the activities of the brokers in Ireland and are licensed, the government itself does not guarantee the government. But B "Professional fraternity" realtors, which has been operating in Ireland for more than 75 years under the name Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute, who did not accept. For joining it, not only work experience is needed, but also 3-4-year experience of studies on the profile, plus certificates of successful exams. If the majority of specialists of any agency have membership tickets IAVI, then "trade union" Take all enterprise.

However, belonging to the All-Terrto Realtor Guild is not only a guarantee of high professionalism. First of all, it is a guarantee of the preservation of 5 percentage, which you will bring during the negotiations. Even if in a couple of weeks the agency will overtake some force majeure, IAVI will be built with you or the buyer. Money into account Bankrupt agencies will be returned from "Touch", or Deposit Protection Fund (Deposit Protection Fund). It is formed from a one-time contribution of members of the Union: by IEP150.000 from each of the 500 agencies and IEP50.000 with individual brokers. Although valid members "Institute" At the moment, no more than 63 percent of all practitioners of Irish realtors are listed, 4/5 transactions in the country passes through them. This indicates that the renter with exams is not at all fiction.

Another possible way to decide on the purchase is to participate in the auction. Interestingly, any real estate specialist, even directly related to such events, is called in Ireland – auctioneer (Auctioneer). No more than 6 percent of the entire housing stock are exhibited at the country’s auctions, however, large-flip headers that announce the public about selling with a hammer are invariably bang on the main Irish newspapers – in the Irish Times on Thursdays and in The Irish Independent on Fridays. From the point of view of the buyer, the main disadvantage of the auction procedure is that the deposit is to be twice the greater than when ordinary purchase. In the event that your bet was the maximum, the return path will not be: it is necessary either within 5-8 weeks to provide the remaining 90 percent of the amount, or forever say goodbye to the deposit.

A foreigner who came to Ireland in order to buy a house on the inspection of the objects selected specifically for him takes no less than a week. If we take into account that a wife rinate with him as a counselor, then "Related" Buying expenses will be covered in a round sum. In addition to air tickets, IEP250 will be required for a breakfast stay, IEP200 will leave for lunches and dinners, IEP200 you pay for the weekly car rental, plus IEP50 on gasoline. And all this does not guarantee that at least one of the houses offered by the agency you will enjoy.

It is not surprising that the client-businessman mired in the affairs is pleased to leave unnecessary options without leaving their native places. Demand gave birth to a service. Recently, experts introducing you to the goods in absentia in Ireland. Property trade "on the couch" are engaged in firms that do not have a real estate license. Legally, it is not required. By mail or via the Internet they send you a video with some of the selected and detailed objects described. If you "Overall" On any of them, the second series is sent: a step-by-step bypag of the house by the operator with the surgery of the lens in all secluded corners – "You will feel as if you walk around the house".

In the capital of the Celts love old stones

Unlike huge overhead with a personal visit, the correspondence visits to the cottage or apartment will require a minimum of capital investments: according to IEP10 for each run the goods shown, plus IEP150 for detailed bypass. The company guarantees that in the event of a purchase, these dear pennies will be reimbursed.

Real estate agents in Ireland usually represent the seller who himself and pays. The soul of the buyer will warm the fact that for his search and the belief in the need to make a purchase of the seller sacrificed a considerable amount. Mediation in housing transactions paid in Ireland is an order of magnitude more expensive than when selling pub or office (2.5-3 percent against 1).

"Related" Transaction Expenditures also assume the payment of notarial (approximately 1.09 percent), registration (IEP26) and stamp fees. The system on which the latter is calculated, causes a lot of complaints from Irish buyers, however, no one is going to change it. Sliding scale is such: if you managed to find a cottage worth less than IEP60.000, with you by poverty Irish state will not take anything. For the purchase of housing | Price from IEP60.000 to IEP100.000 You pay 3 percent, from IEP100.000 to IEP170.000 – 4 percent and so on up to the maximum 9 percent, which are subject to newly minted homeowners of buildings from half a million Irish pounds and above. In all respects, and not looking at the price, it is beneficial to buy new housing with a total area of ​​less than 125 square meters. Its owners of the stamp fee do not pay under any circumstances.

Real estate tax itself in the country of Celts is 1.5 percent, however, the final amount is adjusted every year in accordance with market realities. According to the legislation, "froze" The cost of the object is made every year exactly April 5. From this amount and the state is calculated "interest". The value-added tax for the owners of residential premises does not have a relationship, but 20 percent entries with capital growth are possible if income extracted from the living space. In order not to get under the tax knife, you should consult with the local accountant.

The less the density of urban development, the more prestigious in Ireland becomes the quarter. It is not surprising that for example, in Dublin, residential complexes are included, located 30-40 minutes drive from the center. High hopes Mature developers are now pinned at Alderbrook, a complex of 189 residential houses in the style of a tuddor area from 120 square meters. On half a century of land, there are only 6 buildings here, while in other suburbs Dublin is crowded reaches 20 buildings for hectares. Hollybrook – Another Silent Quarter, applying for a fashionable place. This complex on Blubell Avenue consists of only six townhouses and three separate houses. All this has just been built, finally and is currently waiting for its buyer.

Although with the word "Ireland" Most Russians are associated either frames of the Olster Chronicles from "International Panorama", either beer with liquors, in fact the country is peaceful and in general safe. Passion will be raised on the other side of the border with the UK, and you can move on the night dublin without nursing. In the dark, the Irish Police (Gardai) recommends avoiding the party except that the northern part of the metropolitan street Ohconnell. Well, naturally, real estate is better not to buy. In all other places Irish regulars of pubs in general, peace-loving and for homeowner, not seeking adventures, the neighborhood with such a institution is nothing wrong with.

In the capital of the Celts love old stones

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