In the country house next door to the gods

Rest – Case Serious. And family holidays – business archival. After all, if adults calmly change the situation, then the children do not always like it. Children love everything according to the rules – life should flow on a clearly established schedule, like at home. During vacation in another country, it is quite difficult to do it. But only not in Greece, where, as you know, there is everything. Even your own houses for tourists.

I was woken by birds. It was so quiet that their cheerful chirping, rushing from the yard through an open balcony, has worn better alarm clock. I went to the balcony, reached out and deeply inhaled the morning air. It is a delicious glow of the sea, whose waves with a quiet rustle rolled on the pebbles 20 meters from the house, strong coffee from the coastal tavern, blooming oranges, growing right with us under the balcony, and tart mountain herbs. Birds continued to threaten to different voices. From their choir, a monotonous Wuhan of the local cuckoo. I remembered that somewhere in these parts lived a famous biologist Gerald Darrell, and decided to make his contribution to the study of local fauna. "Cuckoo, cuckoo, how long do I still work in the log?" Little bird snapped a couple of times and silent for a long time. I was offended and went to get acquainted with the neighbors. . Our family chose Corfu Island after a long discussion of various vacation options. And so, "In the days of painful thinking" About our fate from omit, I met my long-time friend. Having learned that we are going to travel with two children, Alla strictly said: "Only on Corfu! This place is ideal for family holidays. Wheel once, then go to the second and third". Alla always gave a delight advice, and we went to the road.

. In the village of Kalyami, where we settled, it was a little. Several dozen locals working in restaurants, shops and tourist offices, and about a hundred tourists. The latter lived not in the hotel, but in separate houses scattered in the thickets of olive groves, so they met each other mainly on the beach or in taverns. All this very much resembled a country lifestyle, only without induction of potatoes and endless construction works. People here gathered spiritual, prone to calm contemplation of natural beauty and unhurriedly pleasure to the joys of life. Yes, and that’s right, to hurry, if in two weeks it is possible to urged, and tanned fine, and wander around the mountains, and all local delicious tastes, and the whole island is driven.

Yellow, Red, Blue – Choose yourself any

I was abroad many times and stayed in a wide variety of hotels and apartments. But in his own house there lived for the first time. Similar vacation options for Russia are still rare. Although foreigners have long missed his charm. After all, at all time of vacation, your chosen house is really your home. Every day you are tied to it more and more. You begin to notice that you want to come not only to spend the night or disguise swimsuit (as in the hotel room). By the end of the holiday, many tourists literally fall in love with their homes and the following year require the company’s employees to certainly settle them in the same place.

You ask me, and how are there with amenities, what category of hotel "star" They correspond to. Amenities almost the same as in the usual city house. All necessary furniture, air conditioning, iron with ironing board, kitchen utensils (pans, forks, openers, plates, glasses, tiles, refrigerator). In the bathroom – sink, shower, toilet (soap and paper). On balconies and cozy terraces, seized by wild grapes – a complete set of country furniture, so they are equally convenient to take sunbathing and admire the stars. Once a week change bed linen, once every three days – the rooms. What’s not in the houses? Hair dryer and TV. So hairdryer to capture with you (by the way, the sockets in Greece are the same as in Russia), and the TV – well, why do you need TV? You came to rest, and not follow the next bad news from homeland.

In all villages there are dry-cleaners and laundries, and if any economic question arises, the Russian-speaking representatives of the company will always help (they work on Corfu all summer season). They also contribute to the rental of a car, a motorcycle, mountain bike, yachts or boats, will commission an excursion, tell all about the beauties and sights of Corfu and will solve any other problem.

How to eat? You can cook yourself – in stores full of products, you can eat in taverns. I recommend breakfast at home (unusually tasty local yogurts, goat and sheep cheeses and a wide variety of sweets are ideal for this), and for lunch and dinner in turn walking in different taverns (a good feast with wine on a family of four will cost about $ 50). For a variety, arrange a picnic in the mountains and take a trip to some nearby village.

In some villages there are free pools, but for the beach equipment will have to pay everywhere. Sunbed and umbrella will cost $ 3 per day each. However, in local shops are sold inexpensive mats that are well replaced by sun beds.

Those who prefer silence and peace, recommend the cord and kalyami. These small villages from all sides are surrounded by mountains, and they are never too noisy and crowded. Lovers of nightlife better settle in Cassopy. This is a larger settlement in which there are many restaurants, bars and shops. Corfu can choose accommodation for every taste. There are houses with three or two bedrooms, living room and kitchen (ideal option for five people), there are very small, but no less cozy (bedroom + kitchen).

Every house has its own face, and none does not look like a neighbor. Some of them are very small, others – solid. Some with a delightful view of the sea, others – with an orange garden under the windows, third – with their own swings and a huge lawn.

Last fugitive to the north

Peaceful rest on the seafront, admiring landscapes, hiking in the surrounding mountains, riding on "Banachs" and eating oranges (right from the tree) – all this was wonderful. But the traveler’s nature took over, and we decided to see how people live in other corners of Corfu. Rent a car occupied 5 minutes, and adventures began. The northern part of Corfu (namely, the villages of Kalyami, Cassiopi and Caminas) are especially picturesque. Winding roads will go around the mountain Pantokrator, and passengers captures the spirit of delight. If you stubbornly go to the mountain, then in the end you will get to the male monastery, where seven monks live. From above visible the whole island. It looks like a green fluffy pillow (these are the crowns of olive trees), in some places puzzled by the peaks of cypresses. Olives – the main wealth of Corfu. They are more than 4 million of them, and they cover all the space of the island, even the coolest mountain slopes. When the harvest is coming, special grids spread under the trees, and the berries themselves fall on them. True, together with olives fall and leaves, and besides, crawling in the mountains, spreading and collecting networks, pretty hard. Therefore, to say that this gift of the gods (and if to be historically tedious – then the gift of Venetians) gets in the inhabitants of the island of gift, it will be incorrect. But the trees themselves are very unpretentious and do not require special care.

Another good point to love with landscapes – Bella Vista Place Not far from the mountain village Lakones. From here, tourists overlook the Paleokastrian monastery and two rocks near the island.

Monasteries Corfu- Special conversation. They are on the island everywhere. In the mountains, on the plains, in olive groves, near the water edge. There is even a monastery on the tiny island of Pantikonissi (mouse island). In addition to the monastery, there is no one else on the land of sushi in the middle of the sea, and in the walls the monastery lives only one monk.

From any monastery you will open extraordinary beauty views of the sea and mountains, exotic plants will bloom everywhere, fragrant orange and lemon trees. Involuntarily grazing the remote thought is that these abode are rather like luxurious villas, and Greek monks are much easier and more pleasant to communicate with the Lord than their brothers in faith from other countries. The impression of frivolousness is increasing because almost with each church has souvenir shops, where, in addition to icons, trades "Phanto", chewing, cigarettes and traditional baubles found in any souvenir shop.

In the country house next door to the gods

However, all this perhaps only a consequence of the special relations of the Greeks to life – somewhat frivolous even in the most serious things.

This frivolity is associated in part with an island way of life, partly with a wonderful climate, partly with history. Who only did not own Corfu over the long centuries of its existence. Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French, British and many other nations left their mark on the island. The influence of different peoples, cultures and traditions is especially well noticeable in the capital of Corfu – the city of Corfu (Greeks prefer to call their island and town of Kerkira).

This city absorbed a variety of architectural styles and cultural features of many countries. But from this Kerkira did not become faceless, and on the contrary, acquired even more charm. There is something to see – old and new Venetian fortresses, built on two Kerkira hills, the largest and one of the most beautiful areas of Europe – Spianada, numerous museums and churches.

Features of national character

Resting on Corfu, you need to be prepared for some oddities of the local population. Then you can not darken vacation.

Once, sitting on the beach, we noticed that we sailed the boat several times. His steering wheel in a very courageous pose stood a young guy. He crossed his hands on his chest, and the steering wheel was imperceptible to her legs. The impression was created that the boat sails by itself, and the captain wondered about something important. At first we thought he was looking out for tourists to ride them and earn, but the captain clearly did not make any effort for this, but rather conquered.

The next day we walked around the mountain road. The rotation of the motor ran from above, and two motorcycles left due to turn. On one, the helmets are legally inappropriate on the heads, two English women went carefully. The second ruled the young Greek. He put his legs on the steering wheel, and his hands under the arm. Motorcycle rolled on his own, at the same time managed to keep up with English. In the evening I asked the owner of one of the taverns in Kalyami, what is this strange person. "Yes it is kamaki! – Tomas laughed, – you understand when the tourist season begins, many guys start "hunt" For example girls. In Greece they are called "Kamaki", What means "Harpuncher". Kamaki choose a victim among lonely tourists, in every possible way they are cared, invite fun to spend time, drink wine or coffee, ride a yacht and t.D. But the ultimate goal of such courtesies is to drag a foreigner to bed. At the end of the season, the kamaki gather together, compare the numbers of their victories and thus find out which of them the coolest".

Greeks are very hospitable. They are glad to every new face on the island and will be happy to communicate with you. In any tavern on Corfu, if you like the owner, you will definitely coax, "Metaxoy" or Rakay. From the treats indecently refuse, even if you don’t want to drink. Greeks can be very offended if you at least not catch a drink. Especially since it is accepted here to offer a guest treat three times. And when you refuse, the owner may think that you do it just out of politeness, but not really mind drinking. And further. "Yes" Greek will be "not", a "No" – "Oh and". What can add confusion too.

I sat on the balcony and saw a recycle – dry wine with a resinous flavor. Full moon discarded the sea wide track. And thousands of tiny lights were flickering in the garden – with the onset of the darkness of the fireflies created in the kalya atmosphere of magic and fairy tales. I went to wish for children a good night and heard the voice of a younger son: "Dad, and why we are not the Greeks? Would live on Corfu always. "

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