In the country of good crocodiles

Siamese twins, Siamese cats, Siamese bay. It’s all there, for many thousands of kilometers from Moscow, in the kingdom of Thailand. The historical name of the kingdom is also siam. It was officially replaced by New – Thailand – only in 1939. Translated Thailand means "Land of free", And Thais are rightfully proud of this beautiful name: after all, Siam has never been under the Germans, nor under the British, nor under the French. Siam has always been the kingdom.

Today’s king – Bulp Aduvyads – the ninth king of the Chakri dynasty. The king loves and read with his people. And for the disgraced nonarark, the rude word, offering the honor of the king and his loved ones, can be in prison. This "little things" Many Europeans do not know, and therefore fall in Thailand in all sorts of unpleasant stories. "Rousseau Tourist" In this sense, no exception is rather the opposite. Do not be labeled before traveling to the distant country of the Indochinese Peninsula, familiarize yourself with the information about the Kingdom of Thailand, about its people, climate, traditions, local cuisine. Then your trip to Siam will truly enjoy.

So, the Council is the first. In summer, as well as early autumn in Thailand there has nothing to do. There are tropical rains. The thing is unpleasant. And from March to May stands the wrestling heat. Thus, the most golden months for a trip – November, December, January and February. And to meet the New Year in Thailand – this is a real fairy tale! Air temperature – 28-30 degrees. Water in Siamese Gulf Affectionate and Warm-Prepaled. Each hotel is preparing his own New Year’s program. It is clear that you will not find in the kingdom of the Christmas trees, but imagine how many toys can hang on the palm! And you don’t want to swim in the New Year’s Eve in the Siamese bay?

Acquaintance with the country is better to start from the capital of the Kingdom – Bangkok. It is truly a magnificent city. Some Buddhist temples in Bangkok – 300. In the kingdom itself, 30 thousand. Guides First of all, you will be lucky, of course, in the temple of the Golden Buddha. Golden Buddha affects its size: three and a half meters!

Pure gold in it five and a half tons. You will see the marble temple built of white Italian marble. Admire the Big Royal Palace with Emerald Buddha. By the way, the royal palace is covered with real leaf gold and colored glass. Spectacle fantastic!

Tip Second. If you have little time in Bangkok, and you want to see as much as possible, go on a river on a motorboat on the main river of Chao Praia. In ancient times, the river was the only transport artery leading to Bangkok. It is traveling by a boat, you can see the whole Bangkok as a palm. In the morning clock (from 7 and to 11), a floating market is opened on the Chao Praia River, where there is a lively trade in Thai souvenirs and exotic fruits. You can call – if there is also such a desire – on a snake farm, look at close range like "Hunters" Cobru catch hound bandages. Show you how the snakes are fed on the farm, how to produce poison. Of course, all these spectacles are not for the faint of heart.

Council Third. Night life "Cities of Angelov" (so translates the name of Bangkok) full entertainment for every taste. But before you go to adventures and adventures, carefully ask your guide, which area of ​​the city you can go to have fun, and in what – it is not worth. You, of course, will recommend to go to the Chinese quarter of Bangkok, where it is delicious and inexpensively. A good dinner for two is about 50 dollars, or 1250 baht (BAT – Monetary Unit of Thailand). Welcome guests and in the Japanese quarter. Japanese restaurants use especially popularity "Bitch", which are allowed to cook soup on their own, choosing only components and spices. And here is the time to give advice the fourth: before cooking like soup, ask the waiter, will your eyes get out of the orbits after cooking "Sukina" soup.

Next may happen that you – in ignorance – will find yourself in the Muslim quarter of Bangkok. There are also many restaurants and restaurants. But if you like alcoholic beverages, the fifth board – in the restaurants of this quarter you will not find them. Alcohol here stricter is prohibited. And if you bring, for example, a bottle brought from Russia, then the explanation will give the tourist police.

Tourists from Russia and Eastern Europe countries are usually loved to visit the famous disco "NASA". She starts working from five o’clock in the evening and lasts until the morning. A ticket to the disco costs $ 20. But the Council of the Sixth: Alone on such events, it is better not to be selected with unfamiliar Thai girls, it is better not to retire, for Thailand is hardly the first place in the world.

Seventh Council. Many of our compatriots as far as far aspage to get into the Bangkok to the market "Bobay", Gold tradling at relatively low prices. On "Bobay" You need to walk only with local "Guide", Otherwise, instead of gold bring home some piece of iron with a spraying. Souvenirs are better to buy in large shopping centers or market "Chatuchak" -It is there that are collected and objects of antiquity, and exotic.

Finally, imagine, you are tired of Bangkok, from his noise, Smog, Homon, then it’s time to Fatay, the Siamese Bay.

Pattaya’s current popularity is obliged to Americans. During the time of war in Vietnam, they founded a hospital in Pattaya for the treatment of their soldiers and officers. So a small fishing village turned into a small Las Vegas. Of course, with the whole set of entertainment. After Americans, the Germans pressed in Pattia and began to build hotels. It has passed some time and such famous firms as "Siemens" and "Hehst" Began to build pensions for retired employees in Pattaya. Didn’t this dream of pensioners of Magnitet or Bama? In the 90s, a Russian community appeared in Pattaya.

In the country of good crocodiles

Today in this resort town a lot of beautiful hotels and guesthouses. The most prestigious tourist complexes -"Royal Jomtyen" and "Ambassador". On the way from Bangkok to Pattya, it is worth calling a crocodile farm. Music shows with crocodiles last no more than 30 minutes. After watching the show, you begin to understand that, if today there were brontosaurs or ichthyosaurs, they would also be tamed by a person. But the Council of the Eighth – if you are a viewer, then in the puddle with a crocodile is still better not to climb. One thing – their constant mentors with scars, another thing we, tourists. Moreover, the crocodiles do not put the smell of tobacco and gin, as well as sharp movements and loud screams. True, not all this puffed lucky. On the territory of the crocodile farm there is a shop that trades bags, wallets, belts and even shoes from crocodile leather. Probably, these are those who have not learned to dance, smile and ask for a handle . The desire to become the owner of the bag or wallet from crocodile skin will cost in a round sum, but as good and, most importantly, they are durable.

However, it’s time to Pattya. Closer to the warm waters of the Siamese bay. All Pattaya is located right on the shores of Siam. And hotels, like beads on a thread, stretched along the bay. Pattaya – what sin to conceal – known in the world as a resort, where you will be offered a complete set of sexual services. And amateurs of sharp sensations pulls in Pattaila as a magnet. Meet and ours, so to speak, "Exotic". And again – by ignorance – exactly our "Sex Marathonians" Find here in the most tragic situations. After the end of the presentation in famous in Pattaya "Tiffany Show" and "Alcazar Show" "Girls" (Men who outstand themselves for women) get invitations to sit down for a table with guests. Two Russians from Neryungri and without realizing who in front of them were invited "Girls" to my hotel. At the hotel with Neanungrins there was a fit. Thus, the ninth council is called: do not change your wives and girlfriends in Thailand.

By the way, in Thailand, parents gladly belong to the birth of her daughter and very frowning – to the appearance of a son. Why? Daughter (wife, sister, niece) happens, feeds the whole family. And nothing shameful Thai does not see. As a rule, all beautiful girls posses themselves or German, or English. They say some have already begun twitter and in Russian.

A few words about the so-called coral islands, which are 40 minutes away, if they go to them in a powerful engine boat. It is best to go to the coral islands in the early morning, in order to catch the sump and tide. On the island you can go deep-water fishing. All you yourself will catch, can be fried here. But if you want to stroll through the coral island, then be careful: there are many marine heroes. They painfully stuff. About the hedgehog guides for some reason silent. This is the tenth council.

Council eleventh. In the shops on the coral islands it is better not to buy anything. All souvenirs here are two or three times more expensive than in Pattia and Bangkok.

And the last advice, twelfth: Orchids. Buy these amazing flowers only at the airport "Don Oang". They are sold packed in elegant, bright boxes. Price? From 25 to 100 dollars. Such orchids will stand in winter Moscow more than 30 days..

In the country of good crocodiles

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