In the edge of three lakes

In Locarno in 1925, a sadly famous pact was concluded – one of the fatal mistakes, which led to the Second World War, in Salo, the Liberated Mussolini created his puppet "Republic", In Cadenabbia, every summer rested German Chancellor Adenauer. Politicians at all times attracted three Italian lakes – Garda, Como and Lago Maggiore – with their historical villas, luxurious hotels and picturesque landscapes.

Every summer 2.5 million tourists "Voting legs" For the lake edge in northern Italy. They are waiting for tens of thousands of places in local hotels and guesthouses, green mountain slopes and bottomless smooth lakes: Garda depth – 346 m, Lago-Maggiore – 372 m, Como – 410 m. Water, as homeopaths consider, has a memory: it retains the properties of solids dissolved in it, even if there is no longer a trace left.

Sweet cable flavor of power reaches over these places. Winston Churchill Molecule, Atom, Henry Kissinger, left at Villa D’Eeste (Lake Como). Cruppers of world domination was mothballed on Isola-Bella (Lake Lago-Maggiore): There is no poorer Napoleon in furniture furniture.

Now we proudly processing on this palace, keeping the head under the dome of the Big Hall (23 meters above the Sistine Chapel) and reflecting in the mirrors Anfila. Or in shorts and sneakers are wandering around the polished mramor of the quay of fat, and in the evening poke yourself with a cocktail in Romantik Hotel Laurin. Once Mussolini took it under his "Ministry of Foreign Affairs". And now here we are squeezed – under the high ones, as in the cathedral, vaults, in front of decorated curls, porcelain and burning candles in glass caps – their flames pegs the wind from Lake Garda. Smear and trying in mouth Rolls with eel and white mushrooms in lemon marinade, risotto with shrimps and saffron, carp and Millefori fillets with forest berries. Pouring white wine, we continue to reflect: what captivates us in this edge?

Mirror waters? ROOM and wide, spreading the limits of the soul? Funnels Lakes who delay all that beautiful that descends from heaven? Or steep shores compressing in the north of Garda Lake in the semblance of fjord?

Above this land is the spirit of Alessandro Volta, a native of the city of Como. In 1800, he invented the electrical battery, the so-called volt pillar – the first source of direct current. Perhaps this is the reason – in some mysterious, power fields hidden here?

We float on lakes on catamarans, on surfing boards, on two-candy ferries. Past of restaurants on embankments and yellow houses with wisteria in balconies, past cypress groves on sheer cliffs. Drivers of boats shout sonicity: "Brisago! Tremetso! Riva del Garda!". So the butler on the court balas were notified of the arrival of high guests. And we blossously lean on the backrests of the seats.

In the XIX century, another fan of these places – Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote that beauty is "Higher sign of power", Pleasure is "symptom feeling reached power" And even the absorption of food expresses "Will to power". On the lake Garda, the most prominent democrat turns into a descendant of Roman patrician and begins to majestically look around the surroundings from the table on the open terrace of the cafe.

He sees the Venetian fortress on the top of the Rockwette cliff. In front of him a fired glass of wine, from somewhere there are gentle sounds of Aria. He throws a favorable look at the mosaic of the tiled roofs of the town of Riva, where Nietzsche stopped, and on tanned caretakers in sunglasses, with the magnificent advantage of the disposal of the beach -. They also look aristocrats, heirs of the dukes of Wisconti, Este and Vitani.

In their eyes, surfers, new knights of our time, fight with the southern wind of the Ora and the mountain wind of the tramontana. (Nietzsche wrote that the will to power can only be expressed in resistance.) Surfers try to stay straight, but curses are broken from their mouth when they fall from their smooth and flat horses.

Here you master the irrepressible desire to overcome the earthly attraction. This desire drives tourists to plexiglass booths, which raise them by 1600 meters – from the Malcesine to the Baldo Mountain Baldo station. This aspiration makes us climb on Monte Sacro, which I was appreciated by Nietzsche, and wander around the mountains of the West Bank of Lago Maggiore – here the sump German philosopher spent three weeks in "The most beautiful place of Riviera".

We are taking up and down the stairs and hills of the town of Gardone-Riviera, according to his imperial parks, past the darkened walls of the poet and adventure lovers of Gabriel D’Annzio. 10,000 Dikhani are stored behind them – Madonna, Buddha and Pullen Bright Fruits from Murano Glass. We rise to the top of the cliff, where it relies on the granite supports of the tomb of the poet. And again down – to the tower of San Marco on the shore. From here, they say this aristocrat of the Spirit was sent to iron the lake in the personal torpedo boat donated to him by the command of the Italian Navy.

In the edge of three lakes

Now summer nights in Gardone Riviera drinks champagne new elite. Smoke cigars, wet wind, tango sounds, full moon, dancing on the waves of a boat. On the dance floor of the Lord in cream flax costumes and ladies in brilliant dresses show class. They dance with a missing view, gently curved as a 23-meter bronze statue of St. Carlo. This persecutor of Protestants also took place from the ruling family Borromeo. You can climb on it: the one who will rise along the screw staircase to the eye will see what power is from the inside. She is empty.

And we move along the streets of Stresa, paying attention to the bottles of red wine in the windows (on the labels, the portrait of Mussolini and the inscription: "History will give me merit!"). Or on Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees, where the 50th anniversary of the Bilderberg club celebrated last year – "world government", Closed community 130 most influential people in the world. Here they are, the rusties of power.

In 1990, the hotel rebuilt. Now the baroque angels so far under the ceiling, one floor is decorated in the Renaissance style, the other is stylized under the Villa Pompeii. Paul posted a mosaic, the statue of Caesar on the road to the toilets, according to the owner, new, but dear.

Guests from the Persian Gulf countries with Chads and households look at the lake, to the isola-madre isola, Isola-dei Pescatar and Isola Bella with the Borromeo Palace. Since the XVII century, this family owned Lago Maggiore – a large piece of shores, islands, an anger fortress and an expensive leading to the Massarone massif.

In the Museum of Contemporary Art Assonia, a conclusion of a certain Dr. Hanzen. It says that the local mountains is distinguished "Elevated magnetism", a "Ascona is the Bermuda Triangle of the Spirit".

Maybe it attracts representatives of power here? On the magnificent villa of La Collill, they, as before, inhale the smell of jasmine and oleander, throw balls, playing in a barch, and in the evening, the fireplace problems are discussing world problems. Or, groachty, climbs 118 stairs to the park in the park and look at the snow-white ridge Greaga. Her foot sheltered Bellagio’s town with Meltsi and Serbelleon villages. Their white buildings are like playing bones that brought a player winning – once and for all.

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