In the footsteps of Liverpool musicians

A few years ago, the name of the Austrian Ski Resort of Obertauerna, even the specialists invariably caused the question: "Ober. – what? Once again by letters please!" Although today ORRTAUERN – the resort is quite new for the Russian tourist market, its popularity is growing with each new season. Thanks to the efforts of operators and a number of other reasons.

Obertauern is located in the Salzburg Territory, 90 km from Salzburg (250 km from Munich), and it can be called it with one of the most interesting ski resorts in this part of Austria. Despite the not particularly large difference of heights (1730-2350 m), there are extremely rarely problems with snow: in early December, there is already a full winter, everywhere you can ride, and about closing the season they begin to think only in April. In the snowy winter it happens in May. In February of this year, while other resorts are happily reporting about 30 cm snow in the village, in the wubwerne, they calmly state that the thickness of the snow cover at the level of the town itself reached two meters, and on the slopes – all three.

This resort is the obligatory place of the visit of lovers of the famous Liverpool Four Beatles, of which the wageeern in a certain sense also owes its today’s popularity. Old black and white photos on which Beatles are captured with their flubber shooting in the legendary film "Help!", Very often found in the design of local hotels and souvenirs. The fact is that many episodes of the film were filmed in the wubwerne, on the opposite slope from hotels 4 * Zehnerkar and Wagner.

Today, those BEATLES DUBERS (the British themselves do not know how to ski themselves too well) are owned by hotels and restaurants in the wubwerne. On the doors quite ordinary rooms of chic EDELWEISS 4 *, in which the Liverpool Four stopped, the names with names are hanging "Bitles", And for quite reasonable money you can settle in the nominal number McCartney or Lennon.

Herbert Lurzer, the owner of Edelweiss and a number of hotels in Obertauerna, with a smile will tell, as McCartney taught (which he duplicated in the cinema) Azam ski equipment. In another hotel, Seekarhaus 4 *, located on a wide sunlight above the resort, is stylish Beatles Bar. Smiling owner of the hotel Gerhard Krings points to the photo: "In my youth I was George Harrison". The bar menu is quite ordinary, but the atmosphere of the 60s is recreated great, not to mention the unique photos "Bitles".

However, it is not necessary to think that only Beatles fans need to go to the wubblerp. According to the style of architecture and an atmosphere, the overtaurun simultaneously resembles the Zelden and the best French ski stations: modern hotels look like a wooden chalet, and on the evening streets of the resort just a pleasant to walk. The resort can not boast of the abundance of boutiques, he does not claim the elititude of Ishloga or Lech, but in this case everything is enough. Excellent discos coexist with cozy restaurants, sports shops and souvenir shops, most of the category 4 * hotels have their own spa centers, and a very good level.

In the footsteps of Liverpool musicians

Most of the hotels, regardless of which part of the village they are located, is located so that they can be reached directly on skis (and they will climb up on the next lifts). Like many resorts on the pass, Obrantsuern stretches along the central street with shops, restaurants and hotels. And the slopes are on both sides of it – almost from anywhere in the village you can easily reach the lift in a few minutes. The system of lifts and trails is so thought out and it is clearly seen that even on the first day in the wubwerne you can ride without a map. Trails are connected to a single circular route, which can be riding clockwise, and against it.

In the description of the tracks of the overtaurun, for some reason, it often sounds that the resort is more suitable for experts, Freeride and Technical skating lovers. In fact, the complexity of local trails and the possibilities of oil skating are somewhat overestimated. OhRTAUERN – an ideal place for the middle skiing or snowboarder of the riding skier or snowboarder: Long "blue" routes passing in the forest adjacent to interesting, but not phenomenally complex "Red". Perhaps his reputation for the resort for experts Obertauern has deserved due to its "Black" Highway G-2, or Gamsleitenspitz. On this descent, it really has to work seriously, even very confident in its power skiings. The rest of the resort’s tracks are quite peaceful, accessible to children and beginners.

In general, on riding Obertauern (the total length of the tracks of 95 km) is great for family holidays and those who are not looking for daily tests and combat the mountain. Beginners will delight 56 ​​km "blue" Trails that are improved will also be satisfied – 35 km "Red" Trails are very diverse on relief and profile. For those who do not think of themselves without extreme, there are several "Black" Trails (just 4 km) and not bad, although not the best in Austria, opportunities for incorporate riding. They love this resort and those who most of all in Catania appreciate speed and wind: on the plateau of the wage, often you can often see more and more popular and snowkites – air snakes, which are drawn by a snowboarder or skier. The lower stations of the lifts have several schools of winter kiting, where you can rent a snake and get the first skill lessons.

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