In the footsteps of Odyssey.

The first famous European traveler who discerning the Hospitality of Tunisia was Odyssey: Returning from Troy to his native Ithaca, he walked the wind on the island of Djerba. The legend says: "There was a palm tree palm trees grew, whose rejuvenation, people refused to return to their homeland". No doubt, the glorious hero would stay in "Earth Paradise", If it did not pull him to the hot loved penelope. Check the accuracy of the beautiful legend and feel the charm of Tunisia in the present spring will be able to live in Latvia, for which the new charter program starts on April 17.

Yesterday and today

It is reliably known that Tunisia attracted ingenians from time immemorial. Back in the XII century to n.NS. The finicians founded here on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the colony of Carthage – a new city. Perfectly realizing that it is better to trade than to fight, they lived in a relative world with local Berbers a thousand years old, while Rome did not come to the world stage. "Carthage must be destroyed", – Words of the Katon of the Elder Steel Epitaph New Corner. His stones were scattered, and the Earth was agreed by salt.

However, Rome was not eternal. In the V century.NS. Tunisia falls under the power of vandals, then – Byzantium. At the end of the 6th century, Arabs-Muslims conquer him, and he is part of the Arab Caliphate. Visited the country and as part of the Ottoman Empire.

From 1881 to 1956 Tunisia – French Protectorate. The French, by the way, left the country bloodlessly, the locals still remember their kind words. And that say: excellent roads, developed industry, universal primary education, wide network of first-class hotels – all this was laid on "Colonizers".

Modern Tunisia – almost the richest Maghriba country (this is called the Arab states of Africa). She is not engaged in great politics, no one will fight with anyone and does not find out relations with anyone; religious fanaticism here is also not observed, crime is close to zero.

The current president of the Republic of His Excellency Zin El-Abidin Ben Ali is confident: years after fifteen-twenty Tunisia as an international resort can become "African Spain". And for this there is every reason.

Local nature is unique in its own way: most of the climatic zones of the continent are represented in a small area, there is no jungle. The climate is soft and gentle: when in Egypt the thermometer raises over a mark of 35 degrees, in Tunisia is only 27-28.

Hotels are famous for good service and spacious territories. Even "three star" Located in large blooming gardens of several hectares, which favorably distinguishes them from the hotels of this category of Turkey and Europe. At the same time, prices for accommodation – one of the most democratic on the Mediterranean coast: according to experts, now the North African country competes with such a recognized leader of affordable and high-quality rest like Turkey. You can say Europe is experiencing the Tunisian boom: for example, only from Moscow comes here weekly seven charter flights!

Sousse – "Pearl of the plains" – Discussed on the seashore in the picturesque bay of south of Hammamet, is the third in the meaning of the city of Tunisia and one of the most important tourist centers. It is believed: this settlement of the ancient Carthage. Large mosque, museums of archeology and Islamic art, remnants of Phoenician tombs, Roman homes and Byzantine fortifications. In the Sousse there is a yacht port, amusement park and great many restaurants, shops and shops. The city is cheerful, noisy, part, and his dynamic youth will appreciate.

In the footsteps of Odyssey.

Monastir is near Sousse. The resort is surrounded by a serf wall with small square towers. It is worth looking at the Great Mosque, built in the 10th century.NS., And the fortress-monastery Ribat. The colorful appearance of the monastiter attracted the attention of cinematographers – the scenes were filmed here for several historical films that received world famous. And modern tourists it offers a variety of entertainment in restaurants, cafes and nightlife, where everything is somewhat calmer and measured than in the Sousse.

Hammamet – the most respectable and european resort, especially good for family holidays. Here are the magnificent centers of Thalassotherapy Bio Azur (in the complex with three hotels of Bel Azur, Sol Azur and Royal Azur), Vital Center Thalgo at Hasdrubal Thalassa and Nahrawess, the newest and grandiose on the Mediterranean. It is impossible not to mention the tourist complex "Yasmin Khammamet" In the southern part of the resort, claiming one of the largest in Tunisia. Today it includes about 30 hotels. The complex is built on the principle of integrated territories: there are several beaches, a port at 740 yachts, leisure center, casino, children’s town, various entertainment centers and a luxurious city park.

Even if you come to just sunbathe and buy, you should see at least Carthage and Mirage. The first is to come to life school memories, the second – so that the Eastern fairy tales heard in childhood. By the way, Miragei, or Fata-Morgana, it is better to watch Schott-El-Jerid – the endless salt plains, stop in the heart of which is included in the program of two, three-day safari on the bus or jeep.

In an amazing journey, in addition to the greatest in Africa Solonchak, tourists will see the lunar landscape of Matmata, where the cave berrs live (and where Stephen Spielberg took off "star Wars" and "Looking for a lost ark"), look at "Gate Sahara" Duz, visit the sacred grove Keebo – the main center of the oasis archipelago in the ocean of sand, admire the waterfalls of the Celebration and Tameris, whose mountain trails still remember the powerful flow of Roman legionnaires, will be enjoyed by the wisdom of Arab fairy tales in the museum "1001 night" In the touler (a kindly disneyland on the eastern manner). And at the end, Cyruan will visit the fourth city of Islamic world, where the very first mosque in Africa and four pilgrimages in which are equated to one in Mecca.

For the most inquisitive and active travelers, a group tour is offered throughout the country "Breathing Tunisia", Combining six days of excursions and then rest on the Mediterranean coast. This amazing trip will reveal a lot of secrets of the ancient Earth and African nature.

In the footsteps of Odyssey.

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