In the heart of Europe

You ever noticed that, browsing your photos from travel, especially made against the background of iconic attractions, often think: "God, what beauty! Really I was there and saw all this with my own eyes?" Such emotions arise not by chance: photographs that visually reduce objects, allow you to perceive them holistic, in harmony with the surrounding landscape — exactly how they were conceived by the great architects, whereas, looking at the details live, not all sorts into the power of folded separate puzzles in full picture

The greater the city, the hardest to see the same architectural ensemble and the unity of the composition. But Prague, with a very compact center, the old city, in which all major sights are located in step accessibility, allows the tourist to plunge into the era of the Middle Ages, inhale the old days, understand and love her. Therefore, acquaintance with the city can be started even from a trip to Weekend.

Three days is quite enough to take a walk through the historical center, visit several key tourist "Covenate", spend on souvenir shops and, of course, try the famous Czech beer.

Prague streets sleeping with all sorts of snacks, cafes and restaurants. It is said that bad institutions here simply do not exist.

Slightly hungry — Capture a wonderful fried sausage on Waclavskaya Square, tired — Pave in the cozy bar and distribute several varieties of delicious beer (will certainly try "evervette" and others unusual for the rest of Europe varieties of this foam drink: coffee, cherry or banana), you want to dine tight or dine —Go to any restaurant and order fragrant ribs and famous knee. Be sure to complete the meadow of Becherovka — Beautiful assistant digestion!

Gastronomic Prague —This is a separate topic for conversation, and you can tell about it infinitely. In the main tourist places, everyone can find a restaurant to taste and wallet, and not only with national cuisine. They are all united by three advantages —Always qualitatively, tasty and at an optimal price. But my advice: If you want to enjoy true Czech cuisine to fully, look for a restaurant in the distance from the center —prices will be slightly lower, but now — twice as much. Very love prazane a lot and eat well!

Move through Prague just — on the tram or on the subway. And if you decide to save and took the hotel not in the center (Prague is divided into areas, and Prague-1 and Prague-2 are considered central) —no problem. The main thing is that it is located near the metro station or the tram stop, and then a maximum of 20 minutes —And you are on the Wenceslas Square, in the place where all excursions start.

But with a taxi in Prague more difficult, it is not cheap pleasure, especially for tourists. Various tourist portals are sister by stories about how to deceive Prague taxi drivers. Therefore, try not to sit in cars parked at train stations or in tourist sites, — These drivers are only waiting for careless tourists and probably ask the amount several times higher than the real passage for. Best use a registered taxi — On his roof, a yellow beacon should be constantly turned on, on which the word Taxi on both sides is written on both sides, and the company name, license number and tariffs are indicated on both front doors.

It is better to clarify in advance, how much will the trip cost you if you stop taxi on the street, and even pay forward if the title price arranges. Ordering a taxi by phone that I strongly recommend, tariffs can be asked by the dispatcher.

If you are planning to spend more in Prague than one weekend, then be sure to highlight the time for the bus tour of its surroundings, the famous medieval castles Karlstein, Czech Sternberk, Orlik, Konopiste. To get acquainted with other popular fortress and castle complexes — Deep-over-Vltava, something resembling Windsor Castle in London, the architectural ensemble of Krumlov or the "Czech locks" Zvikov, — We will have to ride throughout the Czech Republic —they are somewhat removed from the capital. The approximate cost of such a group trip will be 40 euros per person, and it will take 10–2 hours depending on the program.

I also wonder at least a day to go to Karlovy Vary or Mariana Lazni. We will not have time to go, but try healing or raising the purest air anyway will be useful for health.

Such a bus tour for the whole day from Prague will cost 35–0 Euro per person.

Became like you the Czech Republic, everyone already looked, not a question —Combine with excursions to neighboring countries —Austria and Germany. Just a few hours by bus —and you in Vienna, Nuremberg or Dresden. Well, if you arrived in Prague for a long time, let’s say ten days or a couple of weeks, and have free time, it will be able to become a good starting point for a three-day European bus tour: Prague –Verona –Venice –Prague, Prague –Brussels –Amsterdam –Prague, Prague –Luxembourg –Paris – Prague, Prague –Switzerland –Prague.

In the heart of Europe

Good rates of Czech airlines allow you to cheap in Paris, Rome or any other city of Europe.

In addition to sightseeing combinations, it is popular and combining Christmas and New Year’s Prague with a ski program: Orlytsky Mountains are located in the east of the country, in the south-east — Carpathians in the north —Krkonosh, in northwest —Mountain massive is wet, and in the south and west — Shumavsky Mountains. The climate here is always a favorable, moderately continental, at an average temperature of +5 C-Winter and +20 seconds in summer; In some areas, highlands snow lies from November to April. Mountains, though low, but tourists such a winter holiday in the soul, primarily because the quality of the tracks surprises, fascinates nature, and, well, it is important, the service is always otmnaya.

By the way, this fact plays a decisive role in organizing the events particularly significant in our lives — Wedding Travel or Wedding herself. And here Prague can satisfy any of your whim, whether it is to hold an official marriage conclusion ceremony with the design of all the necessary documents or imitation of the wedding ceremony with the submerged attributes of the real wedding. The best places for the celebration in Prague itself — Prague Castle, which makes it possible to choose from a few halls, each of which is unique in its style (Wedding Hall, Spanish Hall, Rudolf Gallery), Starograde Town Hall, located in the very center of Prague, Palace Gardens, representing the park in the Baroque Park, where marriage It takes place in a stone gazebo, decorated with old paintings, Palace Kinski with the Baroque Music Room and the Palace of Aliprandi in the Renaissance style, located a few steps from Karlova Bridge.

Newlyweds, who decided to tie themselves with church marriage, will be able to organize a wedding in the Temple of Cyril and Methodius — In the Czech Republic, this procedure is legally pronounced, after it is issued a formal certificate of marriage.

The choice of recreation variations is so great that it is possible to go to Prague more than once: arrange a beer or gastronomic tour, romantic holidays or a serious excursion program. Yes, I almost forgot!

And shopping?! Where else are you buying such unique pomegranate jewelry? Yes, and ordinary shopping centers will delight European quality and good sails.

Prague – It is the city from which I recommend to start exploring Europe

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