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A little only practical information from personal experience about the trip to Ireland. Attractions are greatly described in guidebooks (Dorling Kindersli, Petit Fute, polyglot, around the world, which used when traveling).

1. Obtaining a visa. Visas made themselves. All necessary documents are listed on the website of the Ireland Embassy, ​​the questionnaire is filled only online, in English. For other documents, translation is not required. Pay attention to the following: when booking the hotel through Booking.COM usually send confirmation in the name of who books and writes "plus 1 or 2 people" (how much will be accommodated in the room). At the embassy, ​​when you pass the documents for a visa, all the names were specified in the confirmation, to whom the visa is issued! We called the hotel and sent the appropriate confirmation. Visa issued for 10 calendar days.

2. Flight. Brew tickets with change. From Moscow to Dublin Air France through Paris. Reverse – KLM through Amsterdam. Direct tickets are more expensive than almost twice.

Sheremetyevo registered immediately to Dublin (respectively, when they returned from Dublin, they registered to Moscow). In Paris at the airport, Charles de Gaulle, on tickets, was allocated for the transplant 1 hour 5 minutes., At the same time, the flight from Moscow should arrived in the terminal 2e and from the same terminal flight to Dublin departed. Really, the flight from Moscow was late for 15 minutes. and sat down in the 2D terminal (in CDG it is in the order of things, the board may arrive in any terminal!). Moving to other terminals is simple, before boarding ******** the vessel declares, from which terminal connects connecting flights, there are signs everywhere. Between the terminals 2a – 2f, in the neutral zone (Shengen is not needed), two free buses (clockwise and counterclockwise, see the shutter circuit, the direction and time on the way). Interval for 10 minutes, travel time (to the very far terminal) not more than 20 minutes. In transplantation (after arrived in your terminal) you need to re-pass a pre-flight inspection (and there are queues! Shoes can not be removed if there is no metal). Arrived for the landing 10 minutes before departure, but there were a lot of transformers from other flights, which were also late and board in Dublin detained with a flight for 40 minutes. In general, we managed. In general, 1 hour for docking is risk!

In Amsterdam, there was 4 hours on the transplant, managed to eat in a restaurant, make purchases in Duty Free. When transplanting also re-pass the pre-flight inspection. Fluids purchased in the Duty Free in Amsterdam are sealed in special packages and can be bought.

Lord! Upon returning, everyone drives a huge number of bags, packages! In the cabin physically lacking places to accommodate it all. Take out in advance everything that is possible in luggage. Only all shelves will be clogged with packages from Duty Free.

In Dublin Airport, the information and assistance service is perfect. Dali city map, told how to get to the hotel, showed where the bus stop. From the airport to Dublin by bus to go about 30 – 50 minutes (depending on where the hotel is located). The bus runs every 15-20 minutes. The fare on the bus 6 euros (the bus is two-story, there are not many people).

Airport Structure in Dublin (Departure): Prelation Lookup, Duty Free Zone (Shopping, Restaurants, Bars), then pass through the gateway and get into the terminal with landing, there are only small kiosks and small bars. You can drink for goodbye Pintu Guinness or Glass Jameson (prices as in the city of 4.5 euros).

In the CDG, the trading area is located after the pre-flight inspection.

In Amsterdam (Schiphol), shops and restaurants are located in the neutral zone to the pre-flight inspection. After the pre-flight inspection, you get into the drive, where only chairs and toilet.

Interesting fact. When flying out of Dublin in Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Moscow, we have not passed anywhere in passport control (well, except naturally Sheremetyevo)!

3. The Fleet Street Hotel (Dublin). The hotel was needed only for overnight chairs, so they chose not expensive (and the prices in Ireland are high), but closer to the city center. About hotel.

– The building is old (the first half of the last century), heated is not very good and the rooms were cold (in January). But at our request immediately installed an additional electric heater and for 15-20 minutes. The room warmed perfectly;

– Rooms and furniture are slightly shabby, require repair;

– View from the window no (deaf alley).

– first and most importantly (which overlaps all cons!) – The hotel is actually in the very center of the city, at the beginning of the area of ​​TEMPLE BAR, O "Konnell Bridge. To all the main attractions of Dublin not more than 15 minutes. Walking (O "Konnell Street – 2-3 min., Trinity College – 2-3 min., Grafton Street – 4-5 min., Cathedral Crais Cherch – about 10 min.);

– Very good personnel. Helped in all matters;

– Shopping bus from / to airport 100 meters from the hotel (to the airport 35-40 min.);

– Squeezing staircase and a long corridor covered with a carpet, a big high bed – leave a pleasant impression of the antiquity;

– T.To. The windows overlook the alley, then the rooms are always quiet (not heard transport, streets, "ignitions" from neighboring pubs), you can relax well;

– Excellent price-quality ratio.

There is no breakfast at the hotel (in the room there is an electric kettle, bags with tea, coffee, sugar, cream without limitation), but at the pace bar (100 – 200 m. from the hotel) of restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, cafe, where you can order any breakfast from coffee with croissants to the traditional Irish breakfast. Next to the hotel (within 100 m.) Multiple stores where you can buy (in the room) Ready salads, hamburgers, other products, beer, wine and t.D.

The hotel was very pleased with the hotel!

P.S. In Ireland, special electrodes with three flat plugs (located triangle). The hotel was given an adapter.

4. Weather (January 5 – 12). The temperature was from + 1 to + 8, but sometimes windy and it seems colder. In the morning usually sunny. Out of 8 days that we were in Ireland 2 days after 17 hours. it was raining. In general, the weather is comfortable for excursions and walks around the city, you need to dress slightly warmer.

5. Dublin. The historic center of the city is small, all is within walking distance. There are two tourist routes (red and green buses), which circle all the sights of the city (there is an audio guide in Russian). Ultimate stop in the middle o "Konnell Street. A ticket is buying from the driver, costs 16 euros and acts two days (find out from the driver, to which the hodes will go buses, they have different hours of work and changing the seasons). At any stop (and more than 20), you can go out, and then again take the bus (your route). At the same time, bus tickets give some discounts when visiting other attractions (for example, a ticket from the Red Route gives a discount of 2 euros when visiting the Guinness Museum and T.NS.; Ask the driver).

For Dublin inspection, 3-4 days. T.To. The hotel was in the center, public transport did not use if they were relatively far (for example, in the zoo) took a taxi.

Subjective impressions. Be sure to visit: Cathedrals Crais Cherch and St.Patrick, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Church of St.Odean (XII in.). In the national gallery, very interesting works of artists of Ireland and Britain XVIII-XIX centuries. In the National Museum, a large exposition of ancient Ryarland gold products.

In the homeland of Guinness - Dublin, Ireland Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Dublin on the turmon

Museum of Dublinia (next to Cathedral Crais Cherch): In fact, the museum of wax figures dedicated to the Vikings, all audio and print information in English, French, German (first go to Duplication and take a ticket to the museum and in the cathedral, it is cheaper, in my opinion , for 2 euros).

Museum of Guinness (ticket 15, includes a mug of beer) did not excite: in my opinion, he is interested in professional brewers and fans of technical and industrial exhibitions. But in gravity bar on the roof of the building, with a review of the whole city, it is very pleasant to drink a mug of beer, for the sake of it it is worth going.

Liked the zoo (in Phoenix Park), Saint Stephens Green Park. Interesting monuments J.Joyus (on "Connelly Street and the Temple Bar), o.Wilde (Merrion Square), Molly Malone (near Trinity College). In Dublin, there is an Orthodox church of St.St. Peter and Paul (Google address).

P.S. When using published in Russia, guides should be taken into account that the work of museums, cathedrals specified in them. T.D. may not coincide with the actual! Specify in advance.

6. Cork. From Dublin to the crust on the bus, 4 hours went there, back 3 hours (I did not understand why such a difference), the bus departs from the central bus frame (Busaras), from 8 to 18 hours., Every two hours (in winter, in summer it is possible more often). Ticket price 22 Euro (there and back). You can drive by train: a little faster, but more expensive. Cork City is small, and 4-5 hours. It is enough to see everything.

7. People. Having been in more than dozen European countries, I want to note that the Irish will probably be the most responsive, kind, sociable. Always ready to help, tell! A pair of examples. In the evening they returned from the walk, it rained and we wanted to get by bus, but did not know what. The driver who stopped the bus found out that his route is not exactly where we need (turns on 200 m. before), the driver put and brought us without payment! We went to the Christmas service in the Orthodox Temple, it is located a bit away from the street, in the depths of the quarter, the taxi driver from his phone through Google found, how to drive to him, at the same time, when he stopped and searched, then the counter turned off. But! Russian language there do not know (for 8 days they met only one couple of Russian tourists) and if you do not know English, then it will be extremely difficult to communicate!

P.S. Among employees of service services (in hotels, shops, pubs, taxis) many people from African countries, South Asia, Eastern Europe.

eight. Shops, prices. Prices for food in pubs and restaurants high. Coffee 2.5 – 3.5 euros, Croissant – 2 euros, the main dish from 12 euros, Pint Guinness (or other beer) 4 – 5 euros, a glass of wine from 5 euros. A dense breakfast (for two) we managed from 16 euros (but you can and cheaper), lunch or dinner (for two, with beer or wine) in a pub from 28 euros, in a restaurant from 40 euros. "For tea" (in pubs and not "cool" restaurants) or rounded an account, or leave 1 euro. In *************** Guinness 2 euros, a bottle of good dry wine from 8 euros, whiskey (Jameson, 0,7) 24 euros, a large sandwich (with ham, cheese, vegetables), Ready salads about 5-6 euros.

Taxi. Take 4 euros for landing and 1 euro on the counter on the second passenger. Traveled from the hotel to the zoo (about 5 minutes.) 8.5 euros, to the central bus frame station (3 min.) 7 euro. The delivery is given to the cent, "on tea" do not take.

Souvenirs: Magnics from 3 to 5 euros, plate from 6 euros, beautiful coat of arms of some city on a wooden shield – 60 euros. On Nassau Street there is a shop with souvenir soldiers (from Viking to World War II), from 2 euros per piece.

Prices for clothes, shoes on the contrary much lower than in Moscow, especially during the sales period! Things (wool, leather) are very high-quality, not Chinese and not Turkish!

Shopping Areas: North River Liffi – Henry Street, South Liffi – Grafton Street, There are large shopping centers and small shops. Subjectively (for men) Grafton Street is better, t.To. there are a lot of pubs there and there is where to pass time while my wife goes shopping.

In stores it is necessary to ask Tax Free (in my opinion, when you buy from 50 euros), you can or immediately deduct tax in the store, or as usual Tax Free returns to the airport (only on a bank card, cash – no).

P.S. Banknotes of 500 euros are taken only in very large shopping centers (in small stores and in pubs do not accept), or must be swapped in the bank (we exchanged in the Central Bank of Ireland on College Green Street). As they said in the bank, ************** in Ireland almost do not appeal (*************** in 100 euros and less).

In one store, the seller has long spit 500 euros in his hands and finally said that he did not see this and does not know, it is true or not. What standing nearby resident of a foggy albion said: And you look at the light, there must be a watermark with the English Queen! English humor!

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