In the house on wheels in Bulgaria

If you like to travel, you will understand me. Closer to the 40th anniversary I had a dream ; Move around the world in the house on wheels (DNA), keep a nomadic lifestyle. I did not know how to approach this dream. Voiced to her husband. And he says: Come on for a start, renting an autode for a short time, and then decide how to be.


DNA is also called a camper, an autodomome, cottages on wheels, autodagist, auto-calm and RV. According to the principle of motion, trailers are distinguished for which the tractor is needed (car), and autoomom – car + residential space.

Trailers equipped for life trailers are much cheaper by car (can be found for 3-4 dollars), but with Kazakhstan roads – this is a game of Russian roulette. Safety is more important than money, so the trailed version I dropped immediately.

Autodoma are four types:

  • residential (for visits on the weekend, there are only two beds, and therefore for our family does not fit)
  • Integrated (such an autodoma cabin is built into residential space, these autodoma ; High-class machines)
  • half-integrated (most maneuverable from all DNA)
  • Alcove (Alca is located right above the cab and serves as a small bedroom, suitable for large companies ; Up to 8
  • man, which means you will have to nourish children, or wait for grandchildren).

I did not find rental options in Kazakhstan. There were two Sales Sale Sales DNA ; In the first case, an autode cost 10 thousand dollars, the owner was going to acquire a new DNA. In second ; about 25 thousand dollars, but this house is so house, everything in it was beautiful. And several suggestions of new DNA dubious production.

Ultimately, we decided to rent DNA in the near travel country. We traditionally spend the summer holidays in Bulgaria. So why not rent DNA from Bulgar? We did not find specialized sites, so I booked the only option on AirBNB ; Cumper named Beluga.

Travel route

Travel duration ; 5.5 days
Start ; Burgas
The ending ; Sofia
Length ; about 1000 km

It was difficult to plan something global for this period, so we just went to those places that we like, and at the same time visited where it was not possible to call it and which we recommended.

The route was built like this:

1 day: Saint Vlas (rehearsed by its own way) ; Burgas ; Billik-Tash ; home in Saint Vlas to spend the night and because from there it is more convenient to go to Varna
Day 2: Saint Vlas ; Ancient fortress Vicha in the town of Byala ; Varna ; Camping Kypinovsky Monastery next to Veliko Tarnovo
Day 3: Camping ; Veliko Tarnovo ; camping
Day 4: Veliko Tarnovo ; Plovdiv
Day 5: Plovdiv ; Asenovgrad ; Bachkovo ; Plovdiv
6 day: Plovdiv ; Sofia

First difficulties

Very quickly we discovered that the journey in the house on the wheels ; it’s not quite simple)

We had to ensure that the car did not hurt the branch (and avoiding it is actually impossible) so that it goes everywhere in height (due to alkalo and solar panels on the roof of the car height 3.5 meters).

Start where you want, also did not work because of the limiting signs and large dimensions. In cities you can dwell only in parking lots of shopping centers, hotels, parks. Because in Bulgaria their campers are not so much, then the campgrounds too.

We are great by Google Maps Navigator. He showed one time and distance, and in fact it was much larger. And sometimes he is routing wrong.
Given all these restrictions, it is difficult to plan a clear route in advance. You can just schedule some reference points. So on the first day we wanted to get to Varna, but did not have time and decided to go home in the Holy Vlas and spend the night there.

Advantages of Cupper

What is the charm of the house on the wheels? In the fact that you can get into those places where excursion routes are not laid and where public transport does not go. So on the first day we visited the Bilik-Tasha, the ancient Thracian rocky sanctuary.

Another advantage of DNA ; adjust the route at your own request. So on the way to the city of Varna, we saw a pointer to the antique fortress Vicha and drove into the village of Byala.

But in Varna, we decided not to linger, it was too hot there. Although initially there was an idea to walk around the city park and look at the exhibition of dinosaurs. On the way to Veliko Tarnovo (the ancient Bulgarian capital), we drove sunflower fields. We arrived at the campsite late ; already stemblly. And if we were not in DNA, we hardly managed to get into such a place: plain, surrounded by a headquarters and wooded mountains. To get more pleasure from camping and Veliko Tarnovo, we decided to stay here for another night.

From Veliko Tarnovo, with adventures in the evening I drove to Plovdiv. There we spent two days, visited the Bachkovsky monastery, drove through the Asenovgrad and went to take DNA to the owner in Sofia. And Plovdiv and Sofia ; cities that need to look if you are in Bulgaria.

DNA travel specifics


In Bulgaria, as it turned out postfactum, camper is easy to rent. Only for this you need a little bit know Bulgarian. Drive in the search for "Ceper under Nam" and WU-A la! There are many resources for renting and selling highways of all kinds.

At cost, too, you can find much cheaper than our option: from $ 50 per day, if you rent for a long period. Say, three weeks or a month. Deposit from 300 US dollars.

Should noted that the Bulgarian autoomom ; Some of the most inexpensive in Europe. Therefore, if you have a Bulgarian multivisa, you can go to Romania, Serbia, Macedonia. And if Multi-Schengen, then boldly go to all European countries.


Roads in Bulgaria good. Not super-highway, but not off-road. The asphalt is constantly repaired: the tarts are poured into the cracks, put patchwork. On all rouses there are pointers, so you will always fall into the rightmost locality.

Paid routes are. They are called vignettes. But it is not worried about them, it is not worth it: the hosts of the cherry pay a certain vignette tax, after which
A special glass sticker is issued. The same sticker is presented and road police in case of stop. In addition to stickers, the owner gives you a package of documents, among which a technical support for a car and insurance policy.


On the roads of Bulgaria, in most cases, you can stop anywhere, simply by moving from the road to the roadside, as there are no special road markings on many roads.

And to stop unambiguously wants ; From mid-May to mid-June, pink fields bloom along the roads, and from mid-June ; Sunflowers and lavender.

Maybe you just like the view of the village at the foot of the hills? Or some Bulgarian city, where all houses are sustained in a single style: whitewall walls and red tiled roofs?

In cities with parking harder. We were recommended to stop at large shopping centers, where there are no interference from above and DNA dimensions do not be afraid of anyone. You can park in the parks, in the parking lots of water parks. Having stopped into the city, the camper is best to leave on a suitable parking and move around the city on foot or by public transport.


In 2017, a ban on "unorganized tourism" appeared in the country. The legislative framework is now being developed on the issue of "Camping". Every year of campgrounds and caravangings appear more and more. Only on the coast I counted 73 camping.

Quite many caravanga zones in the central part of Bulgaria. There you can find bases with houses and platforms where Campers can be parked. In popular campsites in the seaside zone overnight will cost 30-50 lion (15-25 €). Discounts can be applied to longer stay.

Below links with information about the location of Bulgarian campgrounds, stays and prices:

pochivka.BG – list of campgrounds with location on the map and active links to sites
Camping.BG – Interactive Campgrounds of Bulgaria, News, Useful Information on Bulgarian and English – Campgrounds and parking card
Masismobile.EU – Bulgarian company that reworks minibuses to campers


For how much you are ready to remove rental housing abroad, if you decide to come there for a week? For me, this amount was essential. The only thing that I soothe myself is that this money is spent on the dream. We still saved a little: on average, daily DNA rental in Europe ; 120 euros plus pledge 600 euros, and we spent 91 dollar * 5 days (rent) + 54.5 dollars (AirBNB services). And pledge a little less turned out ; 550 Euro.
Pledge, by the way, is absolutely justified. In the way it can happen anything or I will decide to give DNA dirty ; how to compensate everything, as not from the amount of collateral?

Laying of our current expenses:

Diesel fuel 150 €
Veliko Tarnovo (2 nights) 15 €
Plovdiv (1 night per parking near the hotel, 2 night for free) 10 €
Food (products on the road Plus Lunches in Means and Restaurants) 150 €
Small troubles75 €

TOTAL: 508 dollars + 400 euros. I do not consider the deposit yet, it’s later

But there are still many expenses that I know, but I can not imagine their volume.

In the house on wheels in Bulgaria

Expenses for the scenes (for the owners of the campaigns)

Annual Full Insurance Casco
Trucking tax
Vignette or Road Tax ; Roads in Bulgaria are partially paid and to move quietly on them, you need to glue the glass on the glass ; Sticker on the payment of road tax, which depends on the volume of the engine and the mass of the vehicle. You can pay it monthly and quarterly.
reagents for toilet, toilet paper, dishes Pleasant addition to our products (vegetable oil, salt, pepper and t.NS.), antitomarius agents and other
Bed linen, blankets, pillows, etc.
All you need for a comfortable stay in Nature: umbrella, table, chairs, volleyball ball, etc.

About unforeseen expenses that I called "small trouble"

Carelessly gone to the roadside, we broke the wheel. With the owner of the car we could not contact, so they independently replaced the wheel and found tireage. The cut was laterally, and they could not repaired. Then we bought there more or less suitable rubber from which we were built. All-about everything spent 25 € and three hours. If you managed to contact the owner, we would kill the whole day and would not have spent a penny: insurance would be going to move.

When renting the machine, the owner was not happy with the punched wheel, but he took money for him – suddenly it would work out, but the scratch on the side of the body cost us at 50 €. Pierced Wheel I compensated later. We have written off with the owner, I learned that he had to acquire new tires, and from Kazakhstan sent 50 €.

Total total budget amounted to: 508 $ + 450 €.

Engineering and Technical Questions. DNA device

Before the trip to DNA, I had a question why the rent is so high. But he disappeared when a sightseeing tour was held for me.

Residential part of DNA compact and ergonomic. Differently in any way. The table and two sofas are folded into a double bed. There are also three bedrooms in Alcove (if we compact ; four). All furniture is built in and equipped with blocking handles so that when moving, lockers did not open. A refrigerator and gas stove are also built-in. Toilet ; He is shower. Inside the toilet, sink. If you want to wash yourself, you are soldered from the toilet bowl with a curtain. It is important to ensure that the water tank is filled. The roof of the Host DNA equipped solar batteries – so electricity is always.

About maintenance of all systems

Outside there are compartments with tanks for drinking water, used water and wastewater, for storing a gas cylinder and compartment ; Warehouse of useful things. Water on household needs can be replenished in camping and also, they say on gas gas stations. We visited a couple, we denied the water. Gas consumption is small. You can only fill the cylinder on the same gas stations. Used and wastewater, and these are two different tanks, merge in campsites in specially reserved places, t.To. In the tank with drains add reagent.

And every morning it is necessary to include the compressor and create the desired pressure in the wheels, because shock absorbers are not provided for them. This is all besides ordinary machine cases such as gasoline refueling and oil check.One of the important warnings received from the owners was to follow the height of the tunnels and all sorts of high-altitude obstacles. Due to Alkova, DNA height is about three meters.
Here video 1 and video 2 on DNA device. Very amateur. But you can see all that I wrote now. Wise owners put a tablet with the 60s of DNA Care Instructions. Sometimes it was very by the way.

How to avoid problems and get the maximum pleasure from such a trip

Get ready for a large gabarities of Avtomoma

Almost all autooms with a manual gearbox. I personally do not fear mechanics. But if you take back, and the car is on the hill, for me there was a big problem to make it so that it does not rolling, like neither balancing with gas and clutch. Just heavy machine. In addition, large dimensions create a lot of difficulties in the way ; It is necessary to think not only that on the side, but also that from above. In addition to tunnels, it is also an elementary branch of trees. They just forget about them, but when you pass and hear how they are grooming poor solar panels, the blood in the veins is still.

Therefore, the recommendation number one ; Take with you on the road of an experienced driver who can cope with a heavy and overall vehicle. Otherwise, the trip will turn into a solid stress. On my happiness dad went with me, and we were separated by only the demolished side window.

Take into account the specifics of large cities

I assumed that drips in the autodomome will help us better see Bulgarian cities. Wrong. Will not help, only the problems of superfluous will create. Parking in big cities of Bulgaria paid. Places to find difficult. Especially for such road monsters like DNA. As mentioned above, it is necessary to park in the cities somewhere in the parking lots of shopping centers and large supermarkets and further around the city on foot.

Do not think to look for parking in the historic part of the cities. The stupid navigator led us to the very center of the old Plovdiv, where the narrow streets and cars are parked almost to each other. How we returned from there all, I still don’t have the mind)

Choose "Right" Places for Overnight

Place for the night is very important for campers. From him, in essence, it depends, the stop of great luck or great disappointment will be.

We spent the second and third night of our journey in Camping Kypinovsky Monastery under Veliko Tarnovo. It was a great experience, in campsite provided for everything: laundry, restaurant, pool, shower, toilet, drinking water, Wi-Fi. And the fact that the campsite is located in the mountain gorge and there you can walk a lot, pleasure indescribable. Yes, and sleep in nature in the auto house very nice.

We spent the fourth night in Plovdiv at the parking lot in front of the hotel Ramada. Dubious pleasure. I felt as if I came to a party in pajamas, where everyone else was in ballroom dresses. On the fifth night we came up to stay in the city park, hoping on peace, comfort and nature. But on this day there was an urban holiday ..

Purchase a local sim card

It would seem that this is the obvious council, but you will have a more reliable local Internet and the opportunity to stay around the clock in touch with DNA owners.

How to plan a route in Bulgaria

Plan your route in advance. If you can’t plan the route before the trip, consult the DNA holders, where it is better to go and where to stop overnight. With a very large degree of probability, they will help build you the best route. They will tell you where to stop in big cities.

For our part, we do not recommend spending the night not in the places provided for caravanning: rodents and snakes can be found in the fields, and in the forests you can easily damage the car. About city parkings mentioned above)

When planning, consider time for unplanned stops. Bulgaria is an ideal country for long-term photo stops: Dumping Selvia, Fields of sunflower, lavender, roses, corn on the background of bizarre cumulative clouds ..

If you decide to life on wheels ..

This paragraph is not just about travel, but about the nomadic lifestyle. DNA will require constant investments. Life on wheels ; This, of course, adventure, but at the same time it is life on a financial powder barrel. You never know that the car can throw out, even if you acquire a lot of necessary and useful things to live. Choosing a version of life or a very long trip in the house on wheels, you need to immediately think about how to generate money in the way or have a passive income that will cover the costs of an autode and leave something for life.

Conclusions and sensations

Now, a year after the trip, I think: I would repeat this experience again? And is it ready to lead a pilgrim life for a long time. Experience would repeat. I think a month or another could be an indicative period. Would you have enough? Do not know ; Life will show!

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