In the last car before the new year

In the last car before the new year

According to the service "Yandex.Flights », Russians begin to think over New Year’s holiday options in the first two months of autumn. At this time there is an active search for flights for December-January. But the closer than the new year, the less chances of finding cheap flights to popular destinations, and the ability to plan in advance is not available to everyone. How to leave the city at the last moment and do not devour the budget – in the review "My Planet".

Andrey 55 Cognac, wine + winter (completely different!) Sea + snow-covered mountains (beauty) + clean air + swans that go there for some reason wintering + little people. In general, my choice on NG and the beginning of January is Koktebel! Already drove two times, now I will go for the third time. Five to six days to spend among deserted landscapes – the most as an alternative to New Year’s holiday in the near Moscow region, for example.

Alexey_Moskva We were 18 years old. There was no free apartment for meeting NG. Then we decided to go to St. Petersburg and celebrate the New Year in the train. December 31 at 22:00 the train moved. In the carriage besides us, two more such companies are still on the same company (that is, specially bought tickets to celebrate on the road): from three and five guys. And lonely granny. She intended to sleep at night. Here it is lucky! By 00:00, everyone began friends (except Granny). All conductors and conductors also celebrated NG, gathering in some car Gorn. On some deserted station jumped out into the street, for some reason began to yell, that this is a pain. Apparently because it should be somewhere between Leningrad and Moscow. First, they began to throw in each other in each other, and then in the Babulki coupe window with the screams of "Granny, get up! Walker cleaner!"Somewhere about an hour still slept. At 6 am woked up the conductor. So at 6:30 pm on January 1, we first found themselves in St. Petersburg. We are located in the building station for a standing table, laid out the remaining supplies and brandy, have breakfast and went to inspect the local metro. Just went where the eyes look. Then some trolley buses, buses, somewhere on foot and beer, beer, beer. Somehow got back to the station, and at 12.00 We already had a train back to Moscow.

Chikungunya Everything turned out even better than I thought: by coincidence, we came to register among the last. And we have not enough space in economy. And even in business, not enough. Because we are seven, and because of all the pre-New Year passenger delays on the flight Moscow – Beijing turned out to be more than it should be. And while the representatives of the airline Air China thought it was to do with us, we were in order of nonsense offered them to send us directly to Hong Kong, flight Hongkong Airlines, registration on which was parallel, in neighboring racks. And they were delighted! After short negotiations with representatives of the Hong Kong AK sent us a business class. Miracles happen! So, instead of the tedious flight, Moscow – Beijing and Beijing – Hong Kong, to which we are preparing, we got a fabulous new year at an altitude of 10,600 m. Fireworks are visible from above! The whole earth just sparkles! At 12 o’clock in the morning, Tyumen time we flew just above the Urals, and we did not need to have other evidence that the new year came. In half an hour before that, a specially cooked pocket Christmas tree was dressed, the stewardess brought champagne, from the backpacks were pulled out and gifts were handed. And then everyone was put on violet pajamas and went to sleep. Children said it was the best new year from those that they had a chance to meet.

Mary J. Sergeeva We once threw away at the last moment and went to New Year to meet in a tiny house on the shore of the lake in Lochier – to the "Personal Finnish Gorodishko". So, except that it was one of the best meetings of the new year in my life, we found a garbage reserve for almost a nearby field, a binal with apple wine (the most delicious of those that I tried), and at the refueling in Karzhalyokh, the post office turned out to be Where I sent a friend in Vietnam Book on January 1. I took the book with me in Finland, because before the new year in St. Petersburg there were no brands on several mails in the Central District.

How to save on New Year’s travel, if you have not planned it in advance – the tips "My Planet"

Car journey is especially convenient for a large company – in this way you can save on fuel. Routes are not limited to one Russia. Four European cities in a radius of 1100 km from Moscow – Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki. You can get to them for 14-18 hours. And if you rent a house on wheels, savings will also be on housing. This option is often chosen by snowboarders and skiers who are not afraid of a long road to European resorts.

Railway ticket prices are not so strongly susceptible to oscillations as on flights. Additional bonus – the ability to sleep well at night and beautiful winter views outside. Thus, the train is convenient to get to the same Baltic countries, Ukraine and in the city of the European part of Russia.

Low cost airlines begins to Russia. AIRBERLIN AND GERMAN WINGS, NIKI, EASY JET and WIZZAIR fly from Moscow. Main directions, respectively, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Hungary. From there you can build a further route in Europe and not only. Of course, ticket prices from Russia are significantly higher than on flights inside the EU – for € 10, it is not possible to determine anywhere, but interesting offers are still periodically found. Do not forget about the sale and special promotions, which periodically spend not only low cost airlines. Even more louxers flies from Kiev.

Get a visa at the last moment, and especially when holidays are coming – not the most successful. Failure to visa threatens the breakdown of the whole trip. Instead of running with documents on foreign consulates, you can choose the country to enter which the visa is not needed or it is placed on the destination. Currently, Russians can visit more than 90 countries.

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