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Visiting Nobel Museum has become a real miracle for me. The fact is that I had very little time, and I did not have time to change the money (euro for Swedish crowns). And in the museum everything is for crowns. But fortunately, when I bought ice cream, I received the euro, and the delivery was given in Swedish crowns. And that I just had enough (a ticket costs 30 kroons).

Museum Alfred Nobel is located in the building of the Swedish Academy of Sciences on Gamle Stan – in the Old Town – on the charming area, where the mass of the cafe.

In the museum you can see eight movies dedicated to the environment in which Nobel laureates live and work. Revolutionary achievements in the science, literature and protection of the world are represented in 33 short films about the laureates of the Nobel Prize.

Since 1901, the Nobel Prize received more than eight hundred laureates.

In the time exposure, to his surprise, I discovered materials dedicated to our Russian human rights activists.

The shop at the museum offers an exquisite range of literary works and souvenirs. Personally, I bought myself a medal of the Nobel laureate (of course, a chocolate copy, in appearance and format not different from the original), and now I keep like memory.

Still, it is nice to realize that both of my novels are kept in the library of the Nobel Foundation: Roman-study "Alien strange incomprehensible unusual stranger" and Roman-Free "Wanderer" (Mystery).

By the way, I recently received an invitation from Alfred Nobel Museum to the next event there.

It is curious that the "Death Trader", as Alfred Nobel was named unfriendly, remained romantic in his soul. Probably, therefore, in his testa, one part of the award was to get to "a person who created the most significant literary work of an idealistic direction".

This decision arose because in childhood Alfred Nobel dreamed of becoming a poet. However, all his life successfully engaged in entrepreneurship. And yet at the end of life, he remained faithful to his vocation and wrote the drama "Nemesis", having realized his dream to become a writer.

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was a citizen of the world living at different stages of his life in St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Paris. In addition to the incarnation of its inventions, he constantly sought ways to solve various problems. At sunset of his life, he came to the idea to establish a Nobel Prize.

In her will, Alfred Nobel wrote that every year for achievements in the field of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and protection of the world, winners should receive part of the revenues from his state. In 1968, an institution of a premium on economics in honor of Alfred Nobel.

The personal life of the Great Inventor did not work out; He was not happy. When Alfred Nobyl was 43 years old, he met a 20-year-old saleswoman of Sofia Gess Flower Store. And although she was in her daughter, their novel last 18 years! Alfred wrote Sofia 218 letters who, after the death of Nobel, put up for sale. Distribuses, wanting to avoid the scandal, bought these letters from Sofia for an impressive amount – she was always most interested in money.

I do not know if anyone has a happiness in his personal life on the Nobel Prize.

Someone said well about the writer Ivan Bunin, who received the Nobel Prize in literature in 1933: "He wanted love, and received the Nobel Prize".

Dramatically developed the life of Boris Pasternak after awarded to him the Nobel Prize in literature for ************* Zhivago ". As they have now found out, the publication of the novel "Dr. Zhivago" abroad without the permission of the author was well thought out and implemented by the operation of Western special services.

Many are still perplexed, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize First and the last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

Joseph Brodsky – a man who did not finish 8 high school classes – expelled from his homeland, received the Nobel Prize in Literature. Vasily Aksenov wrote that Joseph Brodsky – "quite a middle peasant writer who was once lucky as Americans say to be "At the right time in the right place".

If it were not for the position of the JP Sartre, Mikhail Sholokhov would not receive the Nobel Prize for the best sample of socialist realism (!) – Roman "Quiet Don" – which is now called the best novel of the twentieth century.

Case, of course, not in the Nobel Prize. Although only people disappeared about it, devoid of imagination. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1951, being in the camp in Ekibastuz, accidentally learned about the existence of the Nobel Prize, and thought "to receive it" (without having any printed publication!) And after receiving the Nobel Prize in 1974, Solzhenitsyn recorded: "Really, then in the seventy year, I would have left Russia from Russia, I would have lost my birthplace and could not return?"

Unfortunately, it is necessary to admit that the award is more often awarded for common merits in the field of literature, and not for the best work of an idealistic orientation, as the founder of Alfred Nobel. The literature premium is the most imjective, unlike premiums in physics and chemistry, which are given for recognized discoveries.

What should be literature worthy of the Nobel Prize?

Of course, not literature should be for a premium, but a bonus for literature. But if with prizes more or less clearly, then with the future literature of the ambiguities at least debug. As one of the members of the jury of one prestigious award said: We will find the money, but will find a worthy book, I doubt.

Russian literature has five nobeliates (Bunin, Pasternak, Sholokhov, Solzhenitsyn, Brodsky). Anna Akhmatova, Merezhkovsky, Lion Tolstoy and others were nominated.

Nobel Prize has not been awarded such outstanding writers as: Pearl Tank – Sherwood Anderson, Hasinto Benavent – Bertolt Brecht, Paul Geyse (Haze) – Paul Valeria, Karl Geellerup – Thomas Wolfe, Grace Deledda – Federico Garcia Lorca, Johannes Jensen – James Joyce, Josea Carduchci – Emil Zola, Eric Carlfeldt – Henrik Ibsen, Harry Sinclair Lewis – Franz Kafka, Gabriel Mistral – Joseph Konrad, Frederick Mistral – Margaret Mitchell, Henrik Pontopiddan – Robert Muzil, Vladislav Remontan – Marseille Prost, France Silanpa, Rainer Mary Rilke, Arman Schott Fitzherald, Sigrite Unset – Mark Twain, Werner von Heidenstam – Herbert Wells, Karl Spittelter – Robert Frost, Rudolph Eyken – Oldos Huxley, José Echegaray – Thomas Hardy (Gardi).

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I will not discuss the decision of the Nobel Committee. Who is interested in the topic "incorrect" The Nobel Prize in Literature, he can get acquainted with the works of Vadim Kozhinov ("Nobel myth" and others.).

But it should be given to the Nobel Committee, – they still succeed in maintaining the brand of the highest award in the world, and in monetary terms, and in the plan of prestige.

Li Alfred Nobel in vain money for the basis of award?

Personally, I believe that he spent no money that is not in vain, but the most exemplary indicative way. This is the best way to dispose of the accumulated: money did not dilute parasites, the heirs who did not earn them; and serve fund funds of the world and progress.

This is how it is necessary to dispose of the accumulated state – spend on encouraging creative activities.

Ask: why a premium that is unknown where leads?

It seems to me that the Nobel Prize is a vertex on which you need to navigate, but which is not at all necessary to conquer.

Getting the Nobel Prize can not be a motive and even incentive for creativity. The high level of claims and requirements, which the writer should strive to achieve in his work. Case, in this case, not as a result, but in the process!

What a literature, worthy of the Nobel Prize?

You need to write about the eternal, at the level of the "Divine Comedy" of Dante, and, of course, not for the sake of a premium!

Alfred Nobel wrote: "If at least one of the thousands of my ideas served good, I’m satisfied.

The main result of the lived life is not the number of written books, but the state of the soul on the threshold of death. It does not matter how he eaten and drank, it is important that I accumulated in the shower. And for this you need to love, love so much! There is nothing more beautiful love. And even creativity – just the replenishment of love. So I want to love, love to the full coil, without looking around, love so much.

Love is a feat in our difficult life, as, however, in the old days. Desperate calculation, living with a feeling of ukrizna, because for tover only life is given. To live for another, for others for free, giving everything without a balance, what you have, and sacrifice yourself without forced, – then you just say: "Lived not in vain!" Survival problems are not all compile. I want to live, and not . Do not survive. Love, even if you suffer. But to be or not to live – do not choose. About bread not worrying about the urgent, but about the soul – her holiday to create! Live every day, as if he is the last, and to give away to give, give. After all, tomorrow. tomorrow may not be. And therefore love, love, love! Through the vanity of needs to be aware of the main thing, why do we need life, and in every step the meaning of being comprehended, and the fact that overly there is fate!"(From my Roman-Bul" Wanderer "(Mystery) on the site New Russian literature

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