In the north of Italy by train – a trip report

My name is Tatyana. In March last year, my husband and I went to an independent trip to Italy. Visited the cities of Bergamo, Marannello, Modena, Venice, Milan. I will tell about our route in Italy by train and how much we spent.

March for a trip to the north of Italy we chose because of the long weekend on March 8. The holiday fell on Friday, the official day off. One day on Thursday took the ran away. Total we had full 4 days for a trip – from March 7 to 10, 2019.

The idea to pass along the north of Italy by train came spontaneously.

This was accompanied by an additional weekend, the insane husband’s love for the Ferrari brand and everything is connected with him, the opportunity to visit Venice and cheap tickets to the plane, which we found.

Trud budget

Transportation costs

Plane tickets We bought 8 months before the trip. Therefore, they cost us everything € 130 there – back for two.

We took the cheapest tariff – without luggage. It was possible to take a manual sting – 7 kg per person. This is more than enough for such a short journey. The only minus – we could not bring home magnificent Italian wine.

We needed a lot to move around the country and we planned our route of movement in Italy by train. Tickets for Italian trains were also puzzled in advance. In early booking and here you can save well.

So, train tickets TRENITALIA Milan Modena cost us in € 17,80 For two, from Modena in Bologna – € 17 for two. From Bologna to Venice we took train tickets ItalotReno per € 28 For two, from Venice to Milan – € 34 for two, and traveled in the first class.

Bought all tickets in November 2018. If we take into account our movement on urban transport and minibuses (for example, from Milan to Bergamo), then all transportation costs within the country, including Vaporetto in Venice by € 7.50 per person made up € 150 for two.

Living expenses

Hotels booked also in advance.

First looking for a suitable option on booking. Then checked the price on the hotel itself. Sometimes you can save a little.

By the way, we already learned that you can not compare everything manually, but to search for Rumguru or similar to Hotellook. They themselves are looking for a hotel at once on several sites.

Our housing costs:

  • Apartment for 1 night in Bergamo booked for € 56, Paid on the spot
  • For the hotel San Carlo in the town of Mestre (10 minutes drive from Venice) for 2 nights with good breakfasts we paid € 72 (Book on Bucking in November 2018),
  • Super Hotel Maranello Village, fully stylized brand ; Ferrari ;, it was more profitable to book in advance on the hotel website. Night in it cost us € 47.

About this hotel I will write in more detail.

In addition to additional pleasant bonuses in the form of a discount on a ticket to the Ferrari Museum and free minibuses, buying rooms on the site was cheaper than on Bucking, subject to payment 3 months before the date of arrival.

We used this proposal.

Food costs

Food is one of the most expensive articles of our budget.

We did not attend expensive restaurants, tried to eat in low-cost cafes or bought cheese in the supermarket, Prostto, magnificent Italian bread, wine and satisfied the snacks in a hotel or in somewhere on a bench in the park while walking.

For the trip, we were preparing in advance, so they found some lifehaki on the Internet.

So, in the very center of Milan in one of the historical buildings there is a establishment in which the day there are lunches with the ALL YOU CAN EAT system (buffet). Entrance – € 15 per person. The price includes one small drink.

Assortment of decent dishes – Pasta, Polenta, Pizza, Salads, Meat Cuts, for dessert – Different baking and tiramisu. By the way, here Tiramisu I liked much more than in Venice, at the homeland of this dessert. What is interesting, cafe is located in a room that in the evening turns into a nightclub.

The whole budget of our trip with transport, accommodation, food and the cultural program was € 800. The impressions received on the trip fully justified the money spent.

Plan of our journey

Our route in Italy on the train began with a small town of Bergamo, because it was where our evening flight flew.

Our route in Italy was like this:

Our route in Italy by train

We spent the night in Bergamo and the morning of the next day was drunk at the city and drove on the train in Milan, where the evening train in Modena was waiting for us, and then the bus to Marannello. There, too, night, and in the morning we went to the Ferrari Museum, at lunch on the bus returned to Modena. Walked on it and the same evening went by train to Venice with a transfer to Bologna.

The next day and 2 nights we spent in Venice, and in the morning of the fourth day by train returned from Venice to Milan. The day was assigned to the inspection of the city, and in the evening on the minibus we got to Bergamo Airport, from where I flew home the morning flight. All our trip took 7 days.

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo

Bergamo is interested in the upper historical part of the city, where you can drive by bus.

From the hill, a view of the lower city was opened, on its numerous buildings in the medieval style. We have chosen the Basilica of Santa Maria-Maggore in advance. This is a completely unprecedented building outside, but hitting the spirit of the spirit of the wealth and beauty of ceiling paintings.

Marannelo City in the Spirit of Garcetic Horse

The next stop was in the city of Maranello, where we arrived late in the evening on the same day. Separate attention deserves a hotel in which we stayed – Maranello Village.

This is a paradise for auto racing lovers, Ferrari brands and everything connected with it.

At the reception of the hotel there is a real car, all rooms and buildings are stylized in the spirit of a gartsy horse. Stop in this place – Already a small adventure for Ferrari lovers. Highly recommend.

The only negative – to the hotel is difficult to get by public transport. We drove by bus from Modena, which stayed 2 km from the hotel. We had to go late in the dark in the dark along the route without equipped pedestrian walkway.

In the morning, we went to the Ferrari Museum, located in Marannello.

The entrance to the museum is worth € 15 with man.

Exposure is located on several floors. It includes modern cars Ferrari, retro cars, a hall of fame, where under solemn music surrounded by real racing cars on the walls show the records of bright moments of the victories of cars Ferrari on races and, of course, Michael Schumacher.

For fans of speed and acute sensations on the streets of Maranello there are many rolling offices that are offered to ride on real Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Of course, one behind the wheel of a super-expensive car will not be empty. All the journey passes along with the instructor that goes in the car. The cost of such entertainment is considerable – in 15 minutes drive must be paid € 90. The farther from the museum, the cheaper.

Council for those who go to this Italian town. Do not regret a couple of hundred euros and ride on legendary cars. To great unfortunately, our budget was limited. The husband still regrets that he did not drive behind the wheel of Ferrari.

Move to Milan from St. Petersburg and study in Italy

Medieval charm modena

By bus, we drove out of Maranello in a small town of Modena, which is full of historical buildings and literally satuned by the spirit of Middle Ages. The town is quiet and calm, the life rhythm of the provincial residents is measured and unhurried.

In the north of Italy by train - a trip report

We visited the Central Market Square of Modena, looked into the cathedral, walked around the local park, where in addition to the usual pigeons for the park, a small flock of chickens.

In the roadside establishment near the Modena Station, a wonderful Italian lasagna was assigned.

Italian city on Water Venice

Venice – the next item of our journey. We got by train to the city of Mestre, in which the hotel has been booked.

What is Mestre:

Venice is located on the islands, and next to it on the mainland is located Mestre. Those who want to save a little on the journey to Venice, I advise you to stop in it. Hotels and meals are cheaper here than in the Venice itself, and you can get to the city on the water can be directly tram in 15 minutes.

In Venice, we rolled on Vaporretto.

This is a great opportunity to view Venice from water and take advantage of such a unique view of public transport. Venice channels walk a lot of gondola, but their services were expensive for us. For half hour skating for gondola asked € 80.

Be careful walking by narrow streets of the city on the water. Tourists in Venice Darkness, on squares and streets Permanent Toltkulka, and this is used by local pockets. Carefully follow your things and do not take with you a lot of cash.

All details for traveling to Venice you will find in our guidebook

From Venice to Milan, we traveled by train. The road 280 km took 2 hours 10 minutes. And it’s with stops. And all because the speed of the train is 250 km / h.

Milan Cathedral

We arrived at Milan’s Central Station and went to walk around the city. If you are not a shopaholic or limited in the means, then I advise you to devote yourself to a cultural program in Milan and visit the Milan Cathedral.

This is a very spectacular structure.

It affects the grace outside and the greatness inside. At the entrance to the Cathedral there is a strict bandwidth with personal inspection and metal detector as at the airport. I had to stand a little in line to get inside.

Near the Milan Cathedral there is a famous shopping street with luxurious architecture and luxury shops of famous brands.

About Milan and his sights read here

On this, our journey ended. In the evening, we went to Bergamo Airport, where we were waiting for the return flight.

Returned home we are tired, but pleased.

Our journey in Italy was very saturated, literally scheduled for minutes. Very much we managed to see. For 4 days, several Italian cities visited, got a lot of positive emotions, new knowledge and impressions. Clearly decided, where we will not go anymore, and in what places you want to return. One of them – Maranello with his wonderful hotel and the ability to ride a real Ferrari.

Our route in Italy by train will suit active travelers who in a short time and a modest budget want a lot to see and bring bright unforgettable impressions.

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