In the plenty of beauty with taste – where to eat atmospheric and inexpensively

One of our author explored almost the only tourist city in the Ivanovo region. Found a lot of beautiful species, attractions and a special atmosphere. Alongorally found out where to eat in the pop, if you came here to relax.

In the Plea there are several restaurants, which are catching up by the quality of service and a variety of menu (and some and in price are not inferior). Of course, I did not have time to eat in all Plesa restaurants, but in the most interesting visited. Now I’ll tell you everything.

I liked the most of all the restaurant "Castle", but it is not in the mold itself. About him just below.

Restaurant №1. Restaurant-brewery "Plesian Beer House", ul. Yuryevskaya, 4

About 4.5 balls from 5 in my personal rating received a beer restaurant "Plesa Beer House". He will conquer the heart of all beer lovers with traditional black drinks and beer for their own recipes. In addition to beer in assortment Meat snacks, sausages, cheese, vegetables snacks with interesting sauces. There are desserts, a large alcoholic card, coffee.

What good:

  • Large selection of both beers and snacks to him, a lot of hot dishes,
  • Free Wi-Fi,
  • Interesting interior,
  • Polite staff.

The main minus – prices. Cost of beer beer 0.33 l – from 120 rubles., 100 g of grilled veal with vegetables – 370 rubles. I took a beer, snack and meat, all this cost me 620 rubles.

Some visitors (I did not come across it) complain about the slowness of the waiters.

As a bonus, a beautiful view of the Volga embankment.

Restaurant №2. "Myassiedov", ul. Varvarinskaya, 18

The best traditions of European and Russian cuisine combines the restaurant "Myasoedov", which boasts its own tasting cellar, a children’s room, two cozy halls and a relaxing atmosphere.

Works at the hotel "Grand Owl". This establishment is one of the most luxurious in the pop. In addition to the beautiful interior, I was surprised by a huge menu:

  • Traditionally, Russian snacks,
  • First dishes, there are borsch, ear and even shrimp cream soup,
  • Cold snacks (Carpaccio, pickles, herring, Snacks from red fish, Salo and others.),
  • Hot Meat Dishes – Steaks, Cutlets Cooked from Veal, Pork, Poultry Meat, Fish Dishes,
  • Desserts and children’s menu.

Prices that seem too high for such a small town: Eggplant caviar ; 200 rubles., 200 g salmon steak ; 900 rubles., Spaghetti with mushrooms ; 420 rubles.

On average, the cost of lunch – 700-800 rubles., If you order the most inexpensive hot dish, dessert and small cappuccino. Glass of cheap white wine – 300-350 rubles., Lunch for a child will cost about 450-500 rubles.

But a high level of service, excellent room design, a large menu and a variety of drinks make this restaurant one of the best in Ivanovo region.

No. 3 ; Restaurant "Private Visit", ul. Mountain Sloboda, d. 7

Interesting place in the Pleda Territories – Ecoderevnya "Notable Father. With it there is a Russian-French restaurant "Private visit". Address: ul. Mountain Sloboda, d. 7.

In the plenty of beauty with taste - where to eat atmospheric and inexpensively

Here you can visit an excursion by ECoderevna, have lunch and buy traditional pickles and other goodies. The restaurant menu includes rustic breakfasts, lunches and dinners, which are prepared from farm products and Russian tea drinking.

In a "private visit", very clean, the staff is polite, the hostess pays a lot of time to guests, but the cost of food for 1 day will cost 7400 rubles., With tea drinking amount will increase by 1000 rubles.

I was in this institution only once. For lunch paid 2800 rubles., what, it seems to me, is expensive. I liked the local pastries, melting in the mouth, the magnificent feeding the simplest food and care of the guest.

Where to eat in the Plea delicious and inexpensive

Ples – Pretty Dear Tourist City. How to save on food? Eat shawarma – no way out. I can offer a good alternative – MON CAFE, Located in KRC "Ples". Address: ul. Sovetskaya, D. 39.

Cafe is located right at the water. Simple menu, prices compared to other institutions low. Of the disadvantages – slowness and inattention of the service personnel.

Restaurant "Favorit", ul. Soviet, 25A

In favorite, I was offered traditional Russian dishes. Ear with a glass of vodka – corporate dish, as well as Morse, Pozhal cutlets, simple and satisfying barns. Portions are large enough. Cost dinner with drinks – about 850 rubles. The restaurant is clean, there is a lot of fish dishes in the menu.

Restaurant "Castle", TK "Milovka"

I advise you to visit this restaurant.

Ples is focused not only on Russian, but also in foreign tourists, so there are many thematic Slavic restaurants here. "Castle" – one of them. Here, tourists are offered by the dishes of the original Russian cuisine: dumplings and handmade pies, Volga fish, buckhenin, cheese, pickled and fresh vegetables, pork dishes, meat of young lamb, natural drinks.

The menu and restaurant are decorated in Russian style. The restaurant itself is similar to the magic lock with the painting and preservation of the architectural features of the era.

Middle check for lunch: 600-750 rubles. (Crumpled Drink, Meat, Salad).

Let’s sum up

In the Plesian cafes and restaurants, prices are high almost everywhere. Here you will not find burgers, pizza, sushi, but you will be able to try cruising Morse, Russian pies with mushrooms, natural eggs and dairy products.

The level of service and the quality of dishes in some institutions is pleasantly surprising, but I would like this glorious Volzhsky town to give more choice and budget tourists.

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