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From childhood I remember the intriguing stories about the fantastic quarter of red lights. And of course, it was always interesting to visit this extraordinary place. It is curious that in Amsterdam in the quarter of the red lanterns we met a long-time friend.

In the quarter of red lanterns, it is strictly forbidden to shoot video and photograph. In the alleys there are surveillance camcorders. But I still ventured.

A quarter of red lanterns exists not only in Amsterdam, but also in Hamburg, and in other port cities. But the most famous is the Amsterdam Quarter Red Light.

From the 17th century, the center of Amsterdam had a certain glory, where anyone could find a girlfriend for the night. And still the quarter of the Red Lights is very popular, being one of Amsterdam’s attractions, the same as the Madame Tisso Wax Museum Madame. Although now, it seems, the edit light attracts more tourists than customers. Exists in Amsterdam and the Museum of Sex.

Back in 1911, prostitution in the Netherlands was recognized legally, although the borders remained outlawed. In 2000, the Government of Holland legalized prostitution, allegedly in order to make it easier to charge taxes with prostitutes and secure customers. Now the prostitute has the status of a private entrepreneur without the formation of a legal entity and pays taxes, receiving a license, strictly regulating its activities on the provision of sex services. In addition to regular compulsory medical monitoring, prostitutes must earn the shower after each client, and to throw out the underwear used after each work shift.

6 thousand prostitutes are officially registered in Amsterdam. Actually more. All of them are combined into a powerful professional union defending their interests. Amsterdam’s recent authorities decided to close a third of the 300 registered "showcases" and turn off the red lights.

Almost all "showcases" are a small room with a size of 6-8 square meters, half of which occupies a bed; There is also a wage, sometimes a mirror. The glass with a curtain is or sits a girl in erotic underwear, offering himself unobtrusive way.

Only a small part of prostitutes make up local citizens, mainly from *************** families and drug addict. Despite cases of violence from customers, still the conditions for the class of prostitution in Amsterdam are incomparable with lawlessness worked with us on Enlightenment Avenue.

In Moscow, 2-3 thousand were involved in the exercise of prostitution. Girls and 1-1,5 thousand. Boys. Number of children engaged in illegal activities (drug trafficking, forced labor, theft and t. NS.) is 6-8 thousand. human. Gazeta.RU, 27.04.2009 17:56

But in general, the attitude to sex is completely different – without stress of love! – Natural need how to go to the toilet.

They say the most beautiful prostitutes in the quarter of red lanterns are very often transsexuals – these former men change the floor and became women. They also say that the police often takes into the nearest mental hospitals who fell into the hysterics of customers-naturals, suddenly found that they were serviced by a man!

In many countries, prostitution is still officially prohibited, but the wishing sex can find what he is looking for, including us. In Paris, for example, on Pigal Square, where numerous sex hops and cabaret are located, including "Moulin Rouge".

As a specialist in crime issues, I can argue that prostitution is the most vivid example of the hypocrisy of our society. It is impossible to prohibit the most ancient profession, but also can not be allowed. It’s useless to fight prostitution, it’s like drowning the disease inside. However, you can and need to control it.

Prostitution has always existed, and will exist. This is ancient ritual. The temple prostitution was never considered a sin, and the incomes from the prostitutes came to the servants of the temple.

And in *********** Street prostitutes from prostitution in marriage, when young girls marry the "oligarchs" for mercenary reasons?

Opponents of the legalization of prostitution believe that her legalization will lead to an even greater drop of morals, and refer to the same Amsterdam, where, after the legalization of drugs, prostitution and same-sex marriage, the party of Dutch pedophiles "Mercy, Freedom and a variety" took an initiative to legalize the corruption of children.

Prostitudition legalization supporters believe that this would allow to keep accounting and control over the state of health of the priests of love and would help reduce the level of venereal diseases.

According to different polls in Russia "For" the legalization of prostitution about half, a third against, the rest did not decide. Some are offered to equate prostitution to private entrepreneurship, as in Holland. We have a prostitute – a man without a workbook, without a pension, without social subsidies from the state, without rights and freedoms.

100 years ago in Russia already experienced the experience of regulated prostitution. Problems All the same: distribution of venereal diseases, retracting powerless and juvenile, corruption.

The legalization of prostitution contributes to the growth of sex trading and spits the growth of children’s prostitution. And most importantly, women working in prostitution do not wish her legalization!

But still a part of uncontrolled prostitution, underground prostitution, for example, from women who have not received licensed will remain. It is they who will be a tallery piece – a source of bribes for inspecting organs.

While there will be demand, there will be a sentence. Why married men go to prostitutes, a separate question. Perhaps polygamy will largely remove the problem of prostitution. Not by chance in Islamic countries, prostitution is prohibited under the fear of death. The United Arab Emirates recently introduced the rule in which the entrance to the country is allowed to women only accompanied by a man with her name (that is, relatives).

The law adopted in Sweden, according to which the criminal is considered not a prostitute, but a client who buys her sex services. The consequence of this law was that wealthy men began to go to other countries where prostitution was allowed, and some of the men decided that they were not affordable.

In one of the alleys in the quarter of the red lamp Amsterdam, it seemed to me, I ran into Vincent Vega – "Our Man in Amsterdam" from the movie "Criminal Chivo". And hitting the dead end, I made it, I saw Marsellos, – of the one who threw out from the window of Antoine Rocomor only for the fact that he made a massage of his feet of his wife: black, bald, terrible ..

In principle, each wishes can take a job in a boiler for rent, and serve customers, having received all the necessary permits.

That’s just a pity for this girls for some reason. Many of them are beautiful, and many seem to be Slavic.

Not a desire to love, but the desire to have – that’s what could be read in these exhibited eyes for universal frustration. They argued their owners like this: "Once I am beautiful – and I am beautiful! – So, I have the opportunity to get everything I want from life ".

"I love" or "I do not like" turned into "ladies" – "not ladies".

Advertising brilliance of these kokotok did not even cause foreboding of love. It was only beauty, and nothing more. So little!

It was possible to admire the perfection of the lines for a long time, but never just did not excite the desire to love if there was no spirituality in it.

One of the girls in the "Showcase" showed three fingers – offered "on three".

Sometimes, looking at a beautiful woman, it seemed that this is love itself. However, the beauty and cleanliness never combined. Beauty could stimulate erotic fantasies, but love – as a sigh, frozen, – could only cause purity.

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Everyone wants purity, and especially those who wrapped in the mud. Beauty has long been turned into goods, grabbed sticky hands. Not only the body is sold, but also beauty. What then will save the world?!

At first I did not consider the girls in the "shop windows". But suddenly in one I saw a girl in black underwear, very similar to the one that was once hopelessly loved.

Prostitute anchored finger.

I stood like inserted, and could not imagine how it can be done with a prostitute. If only fall in love?

But for it you will remain just a client along with others. In world literature, sufficient plots. This and the "shine and poverty of the Kurtyzanok" Balzak, and the "burden of human passions" Somerset Maem, and others.

When in the school library, in the dictionary for the first time, I first read that sexual means "sexual", I unwittingly got into the scientists created by the perverted minds. understand the same thing that there is love, it becomes impossible.

In Russian literature, it is well shown, what the sexual relationships deprived of love. This is the story "The Devil" and "Creicerova Sonata" l.N. Tolstoy, Ivan Bunin has a story "Mitina Love", from the Kuhrin "Yama" and "Petersburg" white.

"At that time, when love has become an impersonation of hope for understanding, hypersexuality with its inherent force turned a fragile teenager to a parabolic antenna, accumulating all the forces of the soul and body in one beam, directed to the chosen object.

Instinct led by offering under the guise of love sex.

Sometimes he felt just a slave of sexual attraction, which could manage it at its discretion. It was difficult to cope with an exhausting excitement that only one required one, although the naked female body was more reminded of maternity than caused a tremendous desire. Even dreams were filled not so much sexy symbols as the same need for tenderness. Gradually came to the natural conclusion that sex is the need of body, and love – the need of the soul.

Experience suggested that in itself the satisfaction of sexual desire, not combined with the experience of love, will only strengthen the longing, and of course, it does not deliver the bliss that arose with the sounds of music. Once climbed into love, Dmitry could no longer be satisfied with the body alone, although he felt at the same time and the cold erotica, and the frying fire of lust.

However, the erotic herself was not capable of quenching the whole thirst, because it could not lead to love. Every time, when a collision with something erotic Dmitry felt, as if all he was narrowing to a certain desire, perceiving erotica as something sticky, which is better not to touch. Love arose from purity and existed solely in the purity of actions and thoughts. She stained with the paints of the joy of long-known sensations; In the experience of love there was an extension of the worldview, as if flat black and white square of the screen turned into a color stereoscopic image.

Love, erotica and sex felt like various survival layers in terms of sensitivity. In itself, sexual arousal could not satisfy erotic dreams, and love was unattainable for temptations of the body. Even experiencing an in-violent wisdom, Dmitry could not understand how to make love to "do", believing that you could love, but to engage exclusively. After the discharge of instinctive desire, there was a feeling of devastation, sometimes even disgust. Sexing has been painful squeezing pleasure. Sexy games could cause pleasure, but did not give joy. Erotic was perceived as a combination of sophisticated spiritual attitude and a rough instinctive desire. But if the instinct resembled a powerful stream, fixing to low-speed, then erotica – gentle splashes of waves; Love was similar to the movement of air masses, in which only you can fly!

Testing an instinctive need for a woman, Dmitry tried to avoid the opposite sex representatives, although he needed to release from the paralyzing will. He did not want to be disappointed in an ideal image that lived in the depths of his soul. Dmitry was looking satisfied, but love was afraid, she needed caress, but the sex was afraid. The need for beauty and tenderness was combined with the reluctance to enter into intimate proximity, after which the sense of defense did not take place for a long time.

Men invented themselves women! They invented stupid purity and stubborn loyalty. Germina, Hari, Margarita – all the incarnation of the dream. When the soul in the longing is forgotten, love you come in dreams. After all, in life you do not exist, you are all the reality of alien. But if you want, you will wake up from the fuss forget. You are all the dreams of my creation, autumn sadness and longing. Yours I hear the command believe love eternity. Let there be no Margarita in the world that Masters in Moscow found. When all the hopes are broken, death, maybe better than longing. After all, the image of cute margaritis is only the fruit of the Bulgakovsky Dream. In reality, we are killed by the betrayal of the native wife ". (from my novel "Alien strange incomprehensible extraordinary strangers" on the site New Russian literature http: // www.newruslit.nm.Ru

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