In the rhythm cha-cha

You can truly see and feel Cuba only in Havana. The historic center of the Cuban capital is an excellent sample of Spanish colonial style. Millions of dollars are spent on its restoration, after which the old Havana was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In its central quarters, you can see a lot of baroque palaces, the extraordinary beauty of the old cathedrals and, so that absolutely unexpectedly, the Capitol is an exact copy of Washington, built in 1929 by the pro-American dictator of Herardo Machado.

Shady Jose Marty Boulevard connects Central Park Havana with Malecon Embankment, Semikilometer Arc Embiring Ocean. Especially good here in the evening, when her wind-overwhelmed houses are neldeled in the rays of the setting sun. For tourists, Cuban exotic is an atmosphere of universal carelessness, a unique socialist life and retro cars on the streets of the city – the real automotive museum in the open sky. Once new American cars – Lincoln, Cadillaci, Fords, Chevrolet instantly appeared on the island. But then the revolution was killed, the Americans fled, leaving their cars on the island. Called USA embargo closed access to Cuba American release machines later than 1960, but the Soviet Union helped his new Volga friends, Zhiguli and Muscovites. In the end, and this supplies came to the end. Now Cuban car enthusiasts remain anything else, how carefully holish and cherish their rarities. What goes today on the local roads is an amazing antiques, like which can be seen except in gangster films.

Cubans do not forgive America Embargo, and the only revered on Cuba American – Ernst Hemingway. On the wall of the Havana bar "Bodegita del Medio" What on Obpopo Street in a prominent place in the frame is hanging his autograph in which the writer, mixing Spanish and English, expressed his daily routine "My Mojito En Bodegita, My Daiquiri En Floridita" – "My Mojito in Bodgita, My Daikiri in Florish". Mojito (translated "Wet") – the oldest of Cuban cocktails: a mixture of white rum, mineral water and sugar syrup with mint leaves. Closer to the evening, Hemingway went to the bar "Floridita", Where I ordered myself daiquiri – a lot of Roma, some sugar, lemon juice and ice. About a hundred years ago, a Cuban engineer Pagluci and his American colleague Coke, who conducted inspection in the town of Daikiri, were invented, where they first came to mind the idea of ​​mixing the main ingredients in Shaker. However, Hemingway, stayed in the bar "Floridita" Preferred to do without sugar syrup, drinking to 15 glasses of your favorite cocktail. The writer spent the last years of his life in the Vichio estate 15 km from Havana, where personal belongings, books, hunting trophies, photographs caught fish. It was here that he wrote his famous story "The Old Man and the Sea".

In the rhythm cha-cha

In the evening, life in Havana hits the key and, literally, rakes in a night cabaret "Tropican" At the corner of the 72nd street and the 41st Avenue. In full accordance with the title, its tables and the scene are located in the tropical garden, among palm trees, highlighted with multi-colored spotlights. At one time, the famous cabaret served as a favorite place of leisure of American millionaires. And although he has already exceeded 70, insane nights "Tropicans" still worry, blocking blood, inspire and give birth to legends. One and a half hours of the play fly as one moment, and admiration seen never passes. Long-legged mulatto, everything as a selection, as if it is not an entertaining show, but the final of the beauty contest. The art of erotic dance they own perfectly. Under the sounds of Rumba, Mamba and Cha-Cha-Chase, literally, goes crazy from delight.

Dance, however, not only in "Tropican". Dance in Cuba where music sounds are heard. In other words, everywhere. Dance respectable matrons, hanging underwear, dancing seller of cigars, waiting for a bus People, dancing born juggling bottles. And what if the legs themselves are started into the dance, we barely hear a melody with rhythmic Afro-Spanish motifs.

In the rhythm cha-cha

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