In the rhythm of Ibiza

Ibiza – the third largest island of the Balearic archipelago owned by Spain and washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of Ibiza is the city of the same name, located on the southwest coast of the island. At the beginning and middle of the last century, Ibiza discovered the people of creativity – artists, writers, artists who arrived on the island from Europe. They founded a small colony here, unable to leave the island, once known its mystical charm and pristine beauty.

Today, Ibiza is popular among celebrities world movies, sports, musicians, artists, writers and journalists, as well as among club youth from around the world. A frequent guest on the island – Karl Lagerfeld, and Victoria and David Beckham and are at all admitted that in the Ibiza of their feelings every time a new splash. Walking along the coast, you can see Villas Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and others.

All club music lovers are known what Ibiza. These are the most steep disco in the world, it is an island, where millions of clubber from all over the world make a pilgrimage. Also Ibiza is magnificent beaches and landscapes. This is a paradise climate that stands on the island all year round.

Advice: Do not take to the island too much baggage. On the beach you can rent an umbrella, sun bed, chaise lounge. Most beaches on Ibiza (and there are about 18 km here) free.

Despite its relative isolation and small size (the length of the island is only 45 km long and 25 km in width), Ibiza has an impressive, modern infrastructure. Transport routes connect all corners of the island of Middle, the network has been developed relative to inexpensive taxis, there is a small airport. By the way, already on arrival you will plunge into an active club life: broadcasts from clubs go on monitors right in the terminal. Ibiza Airport is decorated in the style of beer Corona Extra, which is an indispensable companion of bright moments.

Night emotions

Island’s business card – this is his nightlife. Life in the epicenter of the head of Ibiza, the oldest district of the Citadel, running away from the old fortress, starts exactly at midnight. Lighted by yellow streets of the street floods golden youth, mannered transvestites and just curious tourists who arrived on the island of free love.

But the shocking of all the colors of the rainbow on the street is a judicial nonsense in comparison with what is happening in nightclubs. Three local clubs – Pasha, Amnesia and Privilege – endlessly compete among themselves at the global level, and the latter can simultaneously accommodate up to 10 thousand (!) guests. Therefore, competition in principle is quite conditional – the marriage is guaranteed to all.

Advice: Tips in Spain – a very long tradition, practiced in bars and restaurants, taxis, cinemas, hotels, although, as a rule, the service fee is included in the account. Titles usually make up 5-10%.

Movement in Ibiza clubs begins at three nights. For lovers of different music there are halls. Climbing Club Party – avalanche of soap foam, poured on the heads tired of the crowd dancing. The ritual traditionally happens at dawn, at six o’clock in the morning. Late in the morning, for all the rules of good tone of Ibiza, you need to drink coffee with milk and eat a warm croissant in a special cafe "Croissant Show", Just in the center of the island.

In the rhythm of Ibiza

Advice: Such a concept as a dress code, practically absent in Ibiza. In clubs it is better to wear light clothes, on foam parties – bathing suit.

Paradise for all

Walking along the coastline in the afternoon, you can see how the wealthy public on the two-candle boats and yachts move on the sea on white sand beaches. At night, restaurants on ancient pirate villas are open on Ibiza for expensive guests, like Elefanten. But, one way or another, all guests of the island intersect late at night in the citadel quarters. Someone will be brought for a table to eat pizza, and someone is aimlessly wandering along the streets of a cheerful and noisy crowd.

Ibiza takes less demanding guests. Tourists arriving at the island have the opportunity to stop not only in the capital or resort cities, but also in the original fishing villages that have arranged on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza creates wonders. Conservative British forget about their chipornia, economical Germans tranaging money to the right and left, business Americans disable mobile phones, and the diligent Japanese packed through the streets in absolutely insane outfits … What do our compatriots do on the island? You will tell you about friends by visiting the island. For each person, Ibiza is another, its own, the only one, native, so cozy and hospitable. Emotions not to find the limit!

In the rhythm of Ibiza

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