In the spring of 2021 in Kemer will open a new Suite Hotel NG Phaselis Bay 5 *

April 2021 will be marked by the opening in Turkish Kemer (Antalya Province) of the top hotel Deluxe level NG Phaselis Bay 5 . The hotel offers will be present in the range of Russia’s largest tour operators and all tourist operators of Turkey.

In the place where the hotel complex is preparing for the opening, until 2015 was the Phaselis Hill 5 *. He closed, because the owners could not settle with debts. The territory remained abandoned for quite a long time, although the place — One of the most successfully located in the city. It is on the cape between Kemer and the village of Gainuk next to Fun hotels & Sun Miarosa Ghazal Resort, as well as Club Med Palmiye.

New Premium Hotel

A year ago, the plot found his investor. They became a group of NG Hotels, which already owns three luxurious hotels for 4 and 5 stars. In Kemer, the Group will open its fourth complex.
Marketing and sales will be engaged in experienced professionals in this direction, which are familiar with Russian tour operators. This is Ahmet Sarika — Queen manager and marketer’S Park Hotels, as well as Mutlo Sugzozl, Starlight coordinator & Sunrise Hotels and Gloria Hotels.

New owners did not put in order a dilapidated hotel fund and decided to build everything from scratch. For the NG Hotels group it will be the first in the region. At the moment, investors have already invested in the construction of more than 100 million dollars. Construction moves to the final stage. More than 70% of the necessary buildings are erected, finishing work is actively underway.

What to wait for tourists

According to Mr. Sariika hotel complex will not be just a five-star. It will become a lifted lifexe lifestyle resort. Vacationers will meet three new buildings, water park, divided into zones for children and adults, zone with villas. Own beach hotel has a length of about half a kilometer. It is dumping perfectly pure bridal sand, entering water — Small pebbles. The complex will serve tourists from April and until the end of October.

According to insider information, 7 villas will be located on the territory (in the forest area), the main building and two mountain buildings of 240 seats. The whole complex must accommodate 1230 vacationers.
The VIP hotel will offer 13 categories in the license plate:

  • Superior for 30-35 kV. m;
  • In the spring of 2021 in Kemer, a new suite-hotel NG Phaselis Bay 5 will open
  • Deluxe — 60 kV.m;
  • Suits with 1-3 bedrooms, from 95 to 215 meters square;
  • Villas 250 squares each, some of them — with pools.

Service also promise excellent. Free number will be provided with expensive numbers. As a compliment, entering chocolate, strawberries and champagne. Kids will get a jam baby food, all children will be provided with bathrobes and slippers, their moms — high-quality cosmetics, and t.D.

Principle of operation of the future hotel — All inclusive premium. Vacationers will be able to receive dietary food, the cafe will be offered ice cream and pastries, on the territory of guests from 9 bars and 6 restaurants. Imported drinks will be offered exclusively in glass containers. The youngest guests will supply mixtures and baby food Hipp.

Hotels comparable to new, in Kemer only three: Maxx Royal Kemer, Nirvana and Rixos Tekirova. Therefore, there are no problems with selling places in this segment. Tour operators do not see. Of course, the pandemic imposes his imprint on the reservation and behavior of tourists, however, the premium segment of Russian travelers will surely pay attention to the new complex in Kemer. Moreover, the city itself is very beautiful in terms of natural landscapes.

Prices for accommodation

Pre-accommodation in the room type standard for two weeks week will be about 2,500 euros, if we talk about the beginning of the season. Subsequently, the price tags will be adjusted, because the new player will exacerbate competition in the Deluxe hotel market. Especially hot battles, as a rule, affect the prices of villas.

We will continue to track the situation with the construction of the hotel and will keep our readers in the course of news.

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