In the vicinity of Geneva Lake

The Lake Geneva Region has absorbed all the best: nature, traditions and science. On the way along the lake east Switzerland opens from an unexpected side.

Geneva: Science and Diplomacy

Travel to Geneva – Chance to be in the center of the world. Her old town is small. Near the Ber de Four area of ​​attention requires St. Peter’s Cathedral, known as a place where the leader of Protestant Reformation preached. In Northern Nef, you can find Chaise de Calvin – a chair from which Jean Calvin read sermons. But Visit here – tribute stories. The future is born elsewhere.

The first of the most important places in the world – Palace of Nations. In a building equal to the Versailles Palace with a park in addition, UN Headquarters, UNESCO, IAEA and WHO are located. Excursants show offices in which the most important diplomatic decisions are taken, the human rights hall, where the ceiling decorated Michel Barselo, and the Hall of the Council, decorated with frescoes of Zhuzepa Mary Cold.

The second most important object of Switzerland is a little further of Geneva, on the border with France. In the midst of bucolic pastures is located European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN), Based place of the Big Hadron Collider, the Motherland of the Internet and the first web server. About 2500 scientists are constantly working here, and more than 8,000 of 85 countries are involved in experiments.

You can get to CERN and without defending the dissertation in particle physics – it is enough to book a three-hour tour through the site. One of the current employees of the Scientific Center will hold you on the collider management rooms, laboratories and cafes for employees, where at the checkout can be faced with the Nobel laureate (coffee and desserts, too, are not bad). If you fail to get on the tour, quite worthy of attention and permanent expositions "Universe particles" and "microcosm" with particle detectors models, a collider layout in the context, the world’s first web page and documentary tapes on the origin of the Universe and the history of CERN – the plots of both seem equally fantastic.

Lausanne: Old and Dancing

If Geneva is a city of a quarry, science and ambitions, then Lausanne – Land of students (more than 20,000 only in the two largest universities), emigrants (40 percent of residents) and parties.

Lausanne stands on three high hills and tiers descends to water. This topography gives clear landmarks: from one edge whites Snow caps of the Savoy Alps, under them – Hill of the Old Town With spiers and chimers of the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame, below – the hill of the corner of the same name, the most respectable part of the city, on the other side – the Lake Geneva.

Hills are combined with three arched bridges. When the city starts to get felt, stroll through the oldest – Grand Prix. In the program – sunsets and views of the old town.

If hungry, it is worth climbing the Le Table restaurant at Lausanne Palace with a panorama of the city and Mishlenian cuisine. Behind the mood of citizens and travelers Go to the Les Archess Bar under the bridge – there are cocktails and a pleasant public.

Below behind the bridge begins fashionable Flond area – An excellent example of how modern architecture in the old town is carefully woven, and fun – in the famine Swiss style. Previously, the surrounding quarters occupied warehouses, and now here settled art gallery, Designer Bureau, Bars and Nightclubs. You can go to a huge MAD with four dance floors and world famous DJs or D! with Live concerts every weekend.

Whatever noisy place you fall, try to look out at the beginning of any hour from 10 pm to 2 am. Cathedral comes with the Cathedral: "C’EST Le Guet; IL A SONN L’Heure "(" This is a night guard; clock struck "). Guardian in a broadband hat rises with a lantern 153 Stone Steps of the Bell Tower Notre Dame, to heal that in Lausanne everything is calm. The mayor’s office takes this tradition since 1405, "to save the story".

Montreux: rich and famous

Montreux – The famous resort of Geneva Lake. Due to the surprisingly soft climate, cypresses, palm trees, magnolia and almonds grow here, and in the "Beautiful epoch" mansions from the 19th century all the world’s light goes. Gogol worked here over the "dead souls", Tchaikovsky wrote a concert for violin with the orchestra, and Stravinsky – Spring Spring ballet ".

In the nearby place Vevey, Charlie Chaplin lived in the mansion of Manoir De Ban; Since 2016, there is a dedicated to the Great Museum. Another museum is open in recording studio Mountain Studios, where the latest Queen albums were created. Freddie Mercury’s three-meter monument stands here on the embankment.

In Montreux Palace, 17 years old rental apartments Vladimir Nabokov. Life writer led secluded, said that he prefers to communicate with the ducks of the Lake Geneva and the heroes of his books. Book number 65 (Nabokov Suite) with antique furniture, marble bathroom and balcony overlooking the Alps need for a few months. However, at any time you can see the pictures of the writer in golf and a saccha for catching butterflies or take a picture with a monument on the lawn of the hotel. The favorite confectionery Nabokova Confiserie Zurcher is now heading the daughter of the old owner, but inside the same as chocolate, and the orchestra plays on weekends. And ducks in place, fatten as insert.

Montreux stretched 13 kilometers along the lake. Walking along the embankment, it is easy to get to Shilon Castle. In the XII century, he guarded the path from Italy to Germany, then became the residence of the Counts of Savoy. Now you can see medieval chambers with marble columns and giant chandeliers, alabard and armor, furnaces and chests, frescoes in the front halls and graffiti of the prison in the dungeon. And back Buy wines with vineyard castle Clos de Chillon and touch the carved lord by Lord Byron autograph in the dunged, immortalized in the poem of 1816.

Raron: Wind and Light

Raman Commune – a town for 2000 inhabitants in an hour of the way from Montreux – in winter it looks like a box of chocolate truffles. Of the curious in the snow-covered Rarone – two churches: Gothic San Roman, Built in the XVI century On the ledge of the rocks over the city, and the modern St. Michael, in 1974, cut down inside the same cliff. In the first, touching and rural, smell like a tree of old shops. In high windows, the mountains are visible, the dome is painted with flowers, and even devils on the frescoes of a terrible court seem harmless, as if dodied evil spirits on a rustic holiday.

In the vicinity of Geneva Lake

Entrance to the modern church Located behind a narrow corridor, leaving in a cliff. This is a cave with white-gray crops and simple benches. When visitor appears, light and music are included, the small stained glass window is brightly highlighted. Inside solemn and strange. If you sit down and change for a while, the light goes out and the rock will swallow all the sounds.

Outside, South Wall, stands light, overgrown with ivy Tombstone Rainber Maria Rilke. The poet bequeathed to bury himself on a mountain near the church, where "first welcomed the wind and the light of this country". Rilke, who chased the "great loneliness of the Spirit" and having eased full privacy, could hardly choose a place more accurate.

From here you are visible Raron tiled roofs, Cypress and snow-covered mountains. According to rumors, conservative locals objected to the burial of a foreign poet, but now they are sitting in the main restaurant of Raron called Rilke. Tens of heads, dozens of goals come immediately in the sunny winter day to any incoming in the hall and are not watched without interest, Which fans Rilke Lovely cope with raklet and steak. On weekends, the main star of the village is represented on the billboard as Stewart from Chicago, plays Rilke Classic Rock.

Brig: Earth and Heaven

Stopping overnight stays better in a nearby brig, 16 kilometers from Raron upstream of Rhone. It is worth going there For the sake of shopping on Banhefstrasse, Restaurant Didier de Courten with two Michelin Stars and Baroque Palace Shtokalper, Monument to Human vanity and Sobless Hope.

Palace Built in the XVII century Local industrialist Kaspar von Schokalper. He first guessed to arrange the road through the Simlond Pass, Lead from Switzerland to Italy, and monopolized all the trade, including salt and snails. To store goods and demonstrate the peace of wealth, the shtokallper built the castle – 20 years. Monopolist believed: reached a lot on earth will be rewarded in heaven.

Alas, a year when the palace was completed, influential local families, most of whom turned out to be debtors of the stock, invented how not to pay on accounts. They accused their lender in fraud. Under the threat of death penalty The owner of the castle secretly fled to Italy on their own way. After six years, the power in the tree was changed and the Shtokallper was able to return, but the state lost and lived her days alone. Now the brig municipality is located in the palace, and travelers roam among Parisian tapestries.

Roll from the stock of the stock in Italy and Go to Mountain. The closest to the brig is almost three thousandths of hersthorn (2964 meters) is part Bern Alps. Even in winter it is not ignited, and you can climb on the comb without a guide – enough trekking boots and perseverance.

The popular walking route begins from Sstrolera – Dresses on a dozen houses for town Mund (1700 meters above sea level). Lift better quickly. When a tiny white chapel (Brestera Place) will seem on the road, wrap – Before you from a height of 2057 meters The panorama of the mountains with the running bottom of Ron. In the chapel window, forced by dried bouquets and pots of violets, also visible the mountains – spinning white and blue, bright, like a picture of Roerich.

Above the path becomes steeper and traffic jams are starting: shaggy black and white goats are marching along the path, unscrewing the noses and ignoring people, or jump on the stones, Overtaking Pattoos. To the highest point will have to go on a narrow rocky ridge, partially hidden under the snow. But the result will justify the efforts. From the top it seems that the mountains follow the ledge, one after another. Rhone Valley Covers a pearl haze, clouds hang over snowy tops, and it is furious that only space, joy and fondue with white wine.

In the vicinity of Geneva Lake

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