Day 5: Trabzon and its surroundings. Panagia managed.

One of the most significant attractions of Northern Turkey is the Panagia Monastery managed. People from all over the world go to pilgrimage tours to visit this amazing place, see unique paintings and stroll through the churches, which literally hang in the air. Since 2015, the monastery is closed for visitors to the restoration. It was assumed that in a couple of years, restoration work will be completed and all this incredible beauty can be seen again, but, unfortunately, as of the end of September 2018, the monastery still does not work as a tourist place. We knew that it would be likely to get into Panagiya, I could not be able to go, but still decided to go and look at her at least from the side. We dedicated to this almost all day of our auto desk.

In the morning they woke up pretty early and already at 9 am were breeding and drove out of the hotel.

Let’s leave the hotel

From a cut to the monastery, Panagia managed to go only about 120 km – first along the sea to Trabzon, and then on a very picturesque road to the mountains. Despite the fact that the path does not cause any difficulties, but takes about 2-2.5 o’clock.

On the road to the monastery

The monastery is located on the territory of the National Park, for the entrance to which 11 lire will have to pay ($ 2) for the car. Despite the fact that the abode itself is closed for visiting, you can stroll through the mountain paths and admire the monastery from the side. Unfortunately, on the day of our arrival, it was raining and stood an impenetrable fog, so we could not see the famous monastery (but we will try again in 2019 – just once they promise to open it).

Ticket to National Park

Most tourists – Turks who have come to spend a good weekend despite cloudy weather. There are few Chinese and Europeans, but mostly – the local population. Most of the tourists stop at the bottom of the recreation area, where it goes to local restaurants or goes to the tracking to monasteries, but jumping on wet rocks in the rain with a five-year-old child seemed doubtful pleasure, so we are going on to the mountain. As it turned out, no vain – a small chapel of St. Barbar was opened at the top. She is very small, but at least something.

Entrance to the Chapel of St. Barbar

Externally, the chapel looks very simple and sophisticated tourists can upset, but if you plunge a little bit in her story, then you understand the importance of this small temple in the history of Panagius managed. During the persecution of the Pontic Greeks (1920s), it was under the floor of this chapel, the monks hid the main shrines of the monastery, including the miraculous icon of Panagia, the Gospel of St. Christopher VII century and the cross of the Emperor of the Emperor Manuil Comnina with a particle of an honest drove. Later already in the 1930s they managed to take to Greece.

Chapel of St. Barbara (Ayia Varvara)

From the observation deck next to the chapel in clear weather, the monastery itself is visible, but on the day of our visit it was very foggy and discerning something behind the clouds was impossible.

Somewhere there Panagia managed

To see the famous monastery to us, unfortunately, could not admire his beauties, we were able only to old photos and a layout presented in the Museum of Trabzon.

Photo Panagia Layers

We had the impression that externally, Panagia managed very similar to Greek Monasteries in Meteorakh, which we watched six years ago while traveling on cars in Europe.

Panagia layout managed to the Museum of Trabzon

After the visit to Ayia Varvaru and unsuccessful attempts to see the rock monastery at least from afar we went down. Natasha wanted to try to go to the monastery on foot one, but this attempt fell out, because the rain went with even greater force and the meaning of such a walk did not go to no.

Cliffs in the clouds

Trying the tracking in the rain fell

From the monastery, we go to Trabzon, in which we plan to stay at night. Remembering the difficulties that came up yesterday while searching for the hotel in a cut, we immediately decided to first pose a hotel, and then go for a walk around the city. As yesterday, we decided to look for available rooms. Circled hotels. I wanted closer to the center so as not to look for parking from museums in which we want to go, and not very expensive. &# 128578;

Somewhere on the streets of Trabzon

Yesterday in the cut, we faced the problem of parking in hotels, but it was just flowers compared to Trabzon. Here, in principle, hotels with Parkova is nonsense. But we were lucky – the very first hotel offered us a great room on three and parking space at the entrance and all this in walking distance from the city center. Today, our house – at the Hotel Cebeci Grand Otel – $ 35 per day on three times with breakfast.

Our room at Cebeci Grand Otel in Trabzone

After settling, we went to the city center, where there are several museums in the plans. The main goal is the Museum of Trabzon, which is located in the historic mansion of Kostaki. Here are beautiful exhibitions that are dedicated to the life and life of local residents, but, unfortunately, the museum was closed on the restoration and its exhibits could not see.

In Trabzon from Georgia for one day

Nevertheless, we saw two other museum. First – Football Museum in Trabzon. Considering that just a month ago, our team played from the Turkey team exactly here, then visiting the museum came out thematic. The museum is completely free and will be interested in those who are interested in football and sports. The only minus of this museum is light, with such lighting, the eyes get tired very quickly, and there can be no need for high-quality photos of speech.

Museum of Sports in Trabzone

The second point in our museum program has become the urban ethnographic Museum of Trabzon. The museum is located in a small two-story building. Exposure is very informative and covers several spheres at once: life of the residents of Trabzon, the architecture of Trabaend, Flora and the fauna of this region of Turkey. We really liked the museum.

Historical exposure in the city museum of Trabzon

Flora and Fauna Trabzon

After visiting the museums, we went a little walking through the streets of Trabzon, despite the rain and diverting weather – we liked it here. Cozy town with rich history and interesting sights that will continue to inspect tomorrow.

On the streets of Trabzon

On the streets of Trabzon

Walk through Trabzona

After the walk we have dinner in the local eatery and went to the hotel to play Domino and relax. Despite the fact that rainy weather resorted a day and did not allow to see the monastery Panago managed, we are still very satisfied with today’s day.

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If earlier the rain definitely reported that we were sitting in the hotel all day and do not put the nose to the street, now we correct plans, but still continue to enjoy holidays. Tomorrow, meteorologists have already promised cloudy with clarifications, and then good weather, and this means that our walks will become more rich and interesting. Do not switch – a lot of interesting and beautiful.

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