In Tunisia for 4 days: with reference, but without quarantine

From November 16, Tunisia introduced new rules of entry for foreign tourists, including Russians. However, these rules differ in those who fly independently and flying in the round. Independent tourists are attributed to the test and quarantine after arrival, and those who are in the round – need only a certificate. But provided you fly for up to 5 days. In this article, tell me how to spend time in Tunisia, even without the sea and the beaches.

Why December?

December – good time to travel to Tunisia. Day weather happens to + 14-16 degrees, and the sea has already cooled, so it can not be spent on it. You are waiting for comfortable clothes and weather to get acquainted with the country not only from the beach holiday.


In general, the winter period is the time of thalassotherapy in Tunisia. Be sure to choose a hotel with such a service – this is the best holiday after flight with transfers. In general, to spend the day in some Thala Center – great thanks to your body.

Thalassotherapy – Literally "Morce Treatment". That is, seaweed, sea air, sea water – in general, by the naval climate.

Ancient ruins

Tunisia is a story that we currently can collect only on the remnants. If you like unusual buildings or historical ruins, be sure to go to Carthage or Amphitheater in El Jime. Carthage – Ruins of the ancient city on the shore of the Tunisian Gulf, and the amphitheater is very similar to the Roman Colosseum. There you can even wander through underground corridors, and also climb the stands. Who has a good fantasy – imagines the battles of gladiators in the arena.

White-blue city

Come to the country and not see the city of Sidi Bu-Said – Crime. This is a city in white and blue tones – yes, that is the same with advertising pictures – standing on the rock on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is located near the Cartagen, so you can align both places to combine.


That for which partly go to Tunisia – the Sahara Desert. There are places where the episodes of star wars. But we recommend going to the desert only with a guide, he will tell and will be interested, and will ensure a safe road. Excursion can be found on the Internet or clarify at the reception of your hotel. But keep in mind that there are dozens of programs in the wilderness, and if you want precisely at the places of shooting – be sure to check the program in advance.

Cave city

Matmata – also the place of shooting of some episodes of star wars. This is such a cave city, with chalk man-made caves, dug in the mountains.

It was not just done so. The fact is that it was the only chance to hide from the unpredictable desert. Even when outside 40-50 degrees heat – in the cave, comfortable for accommodation 20-23 degrees are saved.

Djerba Island

Popular Island is located near the main mainland. There are also many amazing places here. For example, the village of Goncharov Gellal. At local masters in the bazaar you can buy products from clay and ceramics, and not abubs – and beautiful and high-quality.

On the island in the settlement of Er-Riyadh also hid one more popular landmark – Sinagoga El Mushroom.

You can get to the island in two ways, not counting the aircraft:

    In Tunisia for 4 days with reference, but without quarantine
  • On the water on the ferry from the village of JORF to the city of AJIM;
  • on a bulk roman road that connects the island with the mainland.

Transport in Tunisia

Inside the cities, the network of tram, bus routes, as well as taxi. Between cities run high-speed trains. Tickets can be bought at the station or online on the site.

From the city center Tunisia to Carthagene, Sidi-bu sida and La Mars walks the subway. Trains depart every 8-10 minutes, ticket price – 1.50 Tunisian dinars.

On November 23, 2020, 1 Tunisian dinar = 27.6 rubles.

Also in the city you will notice 8 local minibuses. With yellow and blue, the minibus goes around the city, with red – it means a long-distance minor.


Russians visa in Tunisia are not needed if the trip lasts up to 90 days. During the flight, they will distribute immigration cards to fill out, which will be taken after arrival.

What can not be taken from Tunisia?

Local currency. If you have dinars, exchange them at the airport. The course, of course, is unprofitable, but at least a fine will not pay for the export of local money.

It’s not all the delights of Tunisia, but for 4 days you will have enough of these adventures with your head!

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