In Tunisia independently

It is difficult to fly to rest in Tunisia yourself, and not on the way? Is it possible to save it so? What nuances need to be considered in this case? Read the answers below.

Is it easy to go to Tunisia without a trip?

It is difficult and expensive to fly independently, and then there are no problems. Tunisia is the most educated and progressive country of the "Arab world". It is quite safe here, the transport system is developed and works on a schedule, there is no difficulty with food.

Visa to Tunisia Russians is not needed, they are allowed for up to 90 days, without any vouchers or additional documents. Details in our article "Visa in Tunisia".

How much to fly? What flights are better?

The most unpleasant news. Still (March 2020) Regular straight lines Flights from Russia to Tunisia. But the departure options still exist:

Option 1. There are charter flights, there are many of them. Tickets for these flights You can buy through Skyscanner, Aviasales, Avia.Yandex and similar services.

Unfortunately, prices for these tickets Astronomical. For example, Spain is located from Moscow about the same distance as Tunisia. At the time of publication of this article, you can fly to Barcelona for 20,000 rubles, and a ticket for a charter in Tunisia – 30,000 minimum!

Option 2. Flights with transfers, which is always long, uncomfortable and expensive.

A relatively cheap fly to Tunisia, you can: with a transfer in Paris, Airlines AirFrance; with a transfer in Frankfurt, Lufthansa airline; With a transfer in Rome, Alitalia airline.

At the time of publication of this article Ticket there – back costs 20-25 thousand rubles. Fly to the capital airport TUNIS-CARTHAGE INTERNATIONAL.

Option 3. To buy the most cheap junction exclusively for the flight. But it is extremely rare to buy a ticket cheaper than the airlows. Look for hot tours, special offers and promotions.

And so it was always

This situation with flights and prices has been established for a long time, and rather, it was always that. Over the past 10 years, nothing has changed, only to buy charters to buy it easier. Now they are publicly available.

Probably never change. If regular flights still appear, we will write about it.

To better navigate further

Detailed map of Tunisia with resorts, cities and airports are looking for in the article "Resorts Tunisa".

Transportation from the airport

There are no problems here.

If you arrive at the Monastir airport, then sit on the local train Metro Sachel, you can quickly reach Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse, El Cantaui.

If you fly to Enfida Airport, you can take the train main railway branches and get to Sousse, Hammamet, Yasmin Hammamet, the capital. About this thread read in our article "Trains in Tunisia".

If you arrive at the island of Djerba, then you can take a taxi to any hotel the island, the price of the trip is within 30 Tunisian Dinaars. The actual course in our article "Tunisian Dinar", tariffs in the article "Tanki in Tunisia".

If you fly to the capital airport Tunisia-Carthage, then you can get to Hammart, La Marsa, La Guellet, Seddia Beach. Taxi travel price – within 25 dinars.

To get from the capital to the resorts, you need to get to the railway station or one of the bus stations (southern or northern). Route, read our article "From Tunisia Airport to the City". From the North Bus Station, you can leave to Tabarca or Bizert. From the South Bus Station, you will be able to go to Hammamet, Yasmin, Nabel, Sousse, El Cantaui.

Booking a hotel

All hotels available on Booking.Com, Hotellook and other sites.

However, there is a nuance – in large hotels All Inclusive accommodation with independent booking will cost more than if you go through the trigteler.

Small hotels, guest houses, guest houses, apartments and villas available only when independent booking. Course here do not sell.

The main output

In Tunisia independently

If you go for the sake of the beach, the sea, the sun and all inclusive. Then forget about the independent trip. Save so much will be able to save.

If you consider the average figures, the independent trip will cost 20-25% more expensive than the way.

And who is comfortable to drive on your own?

There are several categories of tourists who will be more convenient to go.

First, these are those tourists who want to live on removable villas or in the apartment.

Secondly, there are travelers who rides a tour of the country. People stop for several days in different cities, watch everything interesting. In this case, the pauding is unprofitable, as such tourists will not live in a paid hotel.

If you treat one of these categories, then take tickets to the charter (or with a transplantation) and a happy way! We have written a lot about Tunisia for our part. Both about transport and resorts and attractions. Read our interesting articles, full of their list will be after the text of this article.

Good to know

– You can book a hotel at a discount, if you go to the holy month of Ramadan. At this time, Muslims are not accepted to ride in hotels, so hotels are empty and reset prices. Details in our article "Ramadan in Tunisia";

– And immediately behind Ramadan comes the holiday of Al-Fitr (holiday talking). On this holiday, the rooms in hotels are revived on the contrary. In the ID al-Fitr hotels crowded. Details in our article "Holidays in Tunisia";

– Do not forget to buy insurance. However, remember that not in all cases insurance covers medical expenses. Details in our article "Insurance in Tunisia";

– If nevertheless decided to go to the tourist, then use our search tunis to Tunisia.

Read our interesting articles about Tunisia and Tunisians (List of articles below).

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Hello, and tell me whether you can only find hotels from tour operators, we are very often not satisfied with the quality of airlines from them, so we buy air tickets independent always.

In Tunisia independently

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